Cannes Fugs and Fabs: The Cleopatra Premiere

Finally, Jessica Chastain makes an appearance at the festival that essentially birthed her. For that reason I think I will always be disappointed if she doesn’t go so big that Texas abruptly shudders with a sudden inferiority complex.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Ali

    I believe the necklace on Chastain is actually a Liz Taylor piece.

    • Danielle

      You are correct–Richard Burton commissioned Bulgari to create this necklace as a gift for Liz Taylor’s 40th birthday.

    • Danielle

      Oh! Also, the emerald ring she’s wearing in with the second dress is also one of Liz’s rings. Again, commissioned for her by Richard Burton during their affair while making Cleopatra. Tip: Read the book “Furious Love” immediately!

      • Megan

        ‘Pretty sure I read “Furious Love at the suggestion of the Fug Girls!

        • Heather

          Gotcha — a bunch of costumes from the movie were on display at the after party, including the necklace, so I assumed it was from the film.

        • Katie

          Read it on the suggestion of the Fug Girls and LOVED it.

  2. Heather

    Heather, girrl, Dita von Teese is AWESOME!

    •  Helen

      She just always looks great, to me. Nothing wrong with knowing what works for you!

    • Esme

      I find her to be such a huge bore–change it up once in a while, why not?

    • Claire1

      I love her too.
      Her look is her thing. To do anything else would be her trying too hard.

  3. Lori

    I read that Jessica is wearing Elizabeth Taylor’s actual Bulgari necklace, called a sautoir. It’s gorgeous, and I think the intent with her dress was to go super plain to show off the jewels. But it doesn’t quite work for me. It’s almost like you need a dress that can balance with the necklace, not just show it off.

  4. Other Emily

    I think Dita von Teese looks great. I like that dress by itself, but it really suits her and is nice against her dark, dark hair.
    I guess a girl could do worse than having Adrien Brody obsessed with her. But he does seem a little overly handsy in these photos. Maybe he’s trying to draw attention away from her unforgivably visible underthings?

    • BrownEyedBetty

      or perhaps directing attention away from his dyed hair…??

    • Esme

      I on the other hand can’t think of anything worse than having Brody pawing me in public (ask poor Halle Berry)–I think he’s overestimating his whimsicality.

  5.  Noodle

    I have no opinion on Adrien Brody normally, but he is kind of giving off a Tom-Cruise-loves-Katie-Homes-SO-MUCH vibe in those last couple of photos. (In spirit, obviously, not in looks.)

    And I think Jessica Chastain looks lovely. Also, comfortable. (I have no idea if that dress is comfortable, but it looks like it should be.)

    • Chasmosaur

      Dude, he bought Elsa Pataky a “castle”. This is a man who goes waaaaaaay over the freaking top on a regular basis.

      And since my in-laws live in the vicinity of the “castle” – and my husband had his first job shoveling out the stables there back when it was The Stone Barn – I will always and forever treasure that story. (And it was totally worth buying several original copies of the magazine from the London publisher.)

      My father-in-law reported at the time that Brody actually fit in really well and seemed nice enough. He said Elsa Pataky was so incredibly beautiful in person, it was hard to believe she was a real person though. Lots of staring going on.

      My mother-in-law reported that they brought all those furnishings in for the photo shoot and then took them right back out. Because at the time, there was still no plumbing or electricity except in a few rooms ;)

  6. ErinB

    I cackled at the “Princess Leia vibe” comment. Excellent!

    Anne Shirley would be pulling an Adrian Brody on Rosario Dawson’s puffed sleeves.

  7. MegaeraThe3rdFury

    I can never see puffy sleeves without thinking of Imelda Marcos. Never. It’s my cross to bear.

    • Lori

      Ouch! My 1992 wedding dress had sleeves JUSTLIKE those, and they were the feature that I most loved about the dress (okay, maybe the giant butt bow with flowery weeds hanging down was up there too. That bow was so big it had snaps on the wings to keep them from drooping). Those sleeves are like gorgeous cabbage roses for the shoulders. Still love them.

      • Jeanette

        My 1993 wedding dress had sleeves eve puffier than those! Very princess-y.. But on a sparkly evening gown that’s a no.

    • True_Blue

      Okay, I can see Imelda Marcos…but also Dynasty. I am sure Joan Collins wore a sparkly dress with puffy sleeves like that (or did I dream that up?).

  8. Jo

    ‘Nieto’ spelled as two words (nie to) is Polish for ‘not this’.

    Says it all really. Nie to, Lara.

  9. Jen

    Ha! Anyone else think at first glance that Milla Jovovich’s head was on backwards? Something about her posture and the funky apron-bodice.

    Lara Nieto sure does have a lot of hair. How does she grow it so looooong? I’m not being naive, am I? Those don’t look like extensions?

    • HKS

      I also thought Mila’s head looked like it was on backwards. I had to look over it several times to figure out the weirdness of that dress. And how she’s standing in it.

      And while I am not a fan of the shape of Aishwarya Rai’s dress and I hate her hair here – I like that pink lipstick on her. She has the coloring to pull it off and I think it nicely complements the color of the dress. And she’s wearing it on her “most beautiful woman in the world” face – but maybe that’s why I can’t judge it harshly.

    • Marnie

      The horrid apron proves that not only does she have no boobs, she is actually concave in the chest.

    •  Janice

      I get the impression Mila is super limber and yoga-fied.

  10.  M

    Li Yuchun’s red mess of an outfit is like Michael Jackson, Superman, Liberace & a Bee Gee had a baby!! I can’t…

  11. CakesOnAPlane

    well, I am glad that Chastain’s eyebrows reappeared in the second outfit.

    but seriously, eyebrows or no, her face is lovely. (but more lovely with brows).

  12. Nanny

    I think Chastain should have worn the Liz necklace with the 2nd white dress. It is still plain enough to be a backdrop for the jewel but the dress has more va-va-voom, which is obviously more in the Liz/Cleopatra spirit.

  13. filmcricket

    That is possibly the worst Ashwarya Rai has ever looked, and yet she is still a billion times more beautiful than I ever was or will be. She makes me want to cry, she’s so stunning.

    I get the irritation with La Chastain’s bunchy bodice, and the Leia vibe, and also it seems a tad heavy for the Riviera in early summer. But I still like the dress somehow.

    • Gaëlle

      Early Summer?
      The temperature reaches a maximum of 60°F in France at the moment, it rains and it’s windy.
      This may give partial explanation to Joan Smalls’ suede boots and the posture of some ladies.

  14. Pouncer

    Li Yuchun: what?



    I think I’m reduced to WORDS.

    • Marnie

      Who the hey is this Li Yuchun? Used the search button to find out what other horrors have happened there, but the site tells me the name doesn’t exist here.

      /That red mess is pretty much the worst thing I ever saw on this site, and that’s saying something.

  15.  Helen

    They all looked great to me until I got to that crotchtacular thing on Araya Hargate.

    And Li Yuchun’s outfit really DID belong at Eurovision.

    Also, yes, boots are not pants, Joan Smalls, nor do they create the illusion of serving the same function.

    But I love all the rest!

  16. llism

    Milla looks hot in that outfit, but on someone with a larger bosom, it would be horrible on several levels.

  17. jenelope

    Araya Hargate is wearing what looks like Uma Thurman’s old Poison Ivy costume from “Batman and Robin.”

    Also, “WHY are you wearing BLACK INTIMATES under this, child? NOW THEY ARE NO LONGER INTIMATE.” I think you said it all in six words.
    A little necessary editing and it becomes: “WHY are you wearing this, child?”

  18. vpc

    Ladies, I can’t believe you missed the opportunity to use Anne Shirley’s perspective in commenting on Rosario’s puffed sleeves! They are the epitome of puffed!

  19. CC

    I want Dita’s dress. Gorgeous.

  20. Sajorina

    I love both of Jessica Chastain’s outfits! Hair & makeup are BEAUTIFUL and the jewelry is GORGEOUS! I don’t get why Rosario Dawson insists on wearing things that make her look boxy or linebacker-y! And for a moment I thought that Mila Jovovich was Amanda Pete and said “Noooooooooooo!!!” in disbelieve! Mila looks so HOT!

  21. Jeanette

    I love Jessica Chastain. That being said, Are you sure that she wasn’t heading off to bed instead of the after party? The second dress is very nightgown adjacent. Also I would love to see her in a color again. Blue, green, plum, purple, aqua – how beautiful would she look in THOSE colors?

  22. Sophia Loren

    A lot of interesting choices here, no?

    I like about 1/3 of that crazy red number, that is, the top and its ruffles. Nix the cape and the flared trousers. Could it be a mini dress? Or with shorts?

    I also don’t care for the vintage Liz-Dick-Bulgari necklace. I respect it and all, but I don’t think it’s beautiful. It looks like a weapon.

    And, in part, I blame the neckline of the dress Chastain is wearing; a boatneck neckline often fights with the line a pendant necklace. The piece would look lighter and more fluid if the neckline of the dress worked with it.

    I *love* the dress on the visible intimates lady: very easy elegant 1970s.

    And Dita Von Teese’s dress is great – flattering and very her but very chic too. Subtle contrast in the bag and shoes might have tweaked the look without compromising her personal style. Their matchymatchy-ness seems childish, which I don’t think is what she’s going for anyway.

  23. Tess 

    When you featured Dita Von Teese’s dress when it was on the runway (at least I am pretty sure you did!), I saved it as my Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dress. So nice to see it being worn in real(ish) life! I wouldn’t have paired it with red satin shoes, however. Something a little edgier…

  24. gina

    Adrien Brody gives me the creeps. Too moony over his women. I can’t help imagining these girls nodding blankly after the zillionth bad poem and telling themselves, “He’s very talented. He won an award. He’s very talented.”