Cannes Bai Ling: Bai Ling

We saw her at the Cannes Opening Ceremony, and that was not just a tease. SHE IS BACK. And according to IMDb, she’s got THIRTEEN MOVIES in various stages of completion. Sure, some of them just have “???” listed as their release date, but still. One of them stars Andrew McCarthy! That’s a real thing! Bring on the multiple premieres for your assorted, possibly-straight-to-DVD-but-whatever films, Bai Ling. Never leave me again!

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  1. Caroline

    I actually kind of like the barbie dress on the first slide. It’s ridiculously pink and fun and she seems to be working it (terrible hair aside).

    • Orange Clouds

      That pink dress is awesome, it’s like a glorious flamingo. That is all.

  2. qwertygirl

    She is a treasure. I sort of feel like she should be the GFY official mascot.

  3. Reg

    Bai looks amazing in all of these outfits. pretty, interesting, employing sheerness in an acceptable way (I really want theat blue dress tho with lined top, have just the occassion for it), and her stomach is flawless as evident in glorious slide 6.
    all of other “normal” celebs at this shindig should take notes.

  4. Kate

    It’s nice to have Bai back on the circuit. I hope she’s still doing well with her recovery. I love Bai’s brand of fashion crazy, but she seems like a nice woman and I want good things for her.

  5. Ruth

    The dress in slide 4 looks like it has an Art Deco skyscraper on it. Awesome, though I wish it had a better top.

  6. aeb

    pretty sure by teasing that the original design was completely different than what bai wore, you need to share that image with us.

  7. MegaeraThe3rdFury

    I will need to purchase the Bai Ling Barbie.

  8. Lynne

    Oh Bai, how we’ve missed you! That last get-up is magical. Epic shoulders on that thing.

  9. LoriK

    Bai’s version of the blue dress looks like it was designed by Pnina Tornai, who makes those wedding dresses that always show up on Say Yes To The Dress that look like they’re meant to be worn under the actual dress, not as the dress. Somehow I doubt Gemy Maalouf appreciates that.

  10. Heather

    OMG Bai Ling and Andrew McCarthy!! A pairing made in heaven, or hell?

  11. H.C.

    this is a half-hearted Bai at best; where are the lobster bibs as tops, BandAid-sized mini skirts & assorted faux-tat Ed Hardy-esque tights and shirts?

  12.  Vandalfan

    Sweet Bai and Bai! The hairdo in the last photo is, I swear to goodness, the top of a Dairy Queen chocolate dipped soft-serve ice cream cone.

  13. Kris M

    But whither the Band-Aids of Truth? How are we to know what her little spirit is saying from whatever intergalactic universe it is in?

  14. TonyG

    I miss the happiness that Bai Ling brings to fashion whether it’s fug or fab.

    P.S.: I kind of like that “normal” black and yellow dress.

  15. Sajorina

    I think she looks FABULOUS in the blue and black&yellow dresses! And, oh, so pretty! And the skirt of the 3rd dress IS gorgeous… If only it was all black fabric on top! But the last outfit makes me so happy! :)

  16. lola

    I miss Bai too. She always gives it a good whack! I dislike her makeup- it makes her look like she’s a heroine addict.

  17. Sunshine

    I actually like them all, especially for her. I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST WROTE THAT.

  18. Sunshine

    Furthermore, the woman herself is so delicately pretty. SO THERE. (I LOVE CAPS.)

  19. dee cee

    Can you believe she’s 47? Wow..

  20. Moi

    I have had a really crappy day. And then I come on here and see the return of Bai Ling and I am sunny happy again.

  21. ccm800

    Bai looks positively demure (you know for HER and stuff)

  22. Jen Dee

    The last look is actually really great. But I’m missing her “message bandaids.”

  23. NK

    Back in 2007(ish?), a barely dressed Bai Ling engaged in a full on, straddling her boyfriend, makeout session on the sidewalk bench in front of the store I was working at. Middle of the afternoon. Downtown Palo Alto. 20 feet in front of my desk. For a good half an hour.

  24. bookworm1973

    I am never, ever going to like the sheer trend, but if anyone was ever going to pull it off with any sort of aplomb, it was going to be Bai. Welcome back.

  25. J

    Love it. I have to do an Angel re-watch!

  26. Mim

    I luffs me some Bai, but the blue aside, these are not her colours and make her look dead. She needs something warmer, a rust or orange or emerald green.

  27. msjacqmills

    Subdued Bai is a little unsettling. But, I think it’s a good sign that her sobriety may be sticking which is great.

    PS PLEEAASSE take that awful picture of Back Door Teen Mom Farrah down – it makes me incredibly uncomfortable!

  28. Kristina

    Is she wearing a scrunchie in that last one, or is that just her hair? And is that a question one should ever have to ask oneself.

  29. dee

    I miss the bandaids of truth.

  30. Daenerys

    That blue dress reminds me of the atrocity Jennifer Morrison wore to Cannes in black. Same designer? Or two equally bad ideas striking at the same time?

  31. Becca

    I missed her, but hopefully we have Dr. Drew to thank for her being sober and maybe in control of her multiple personalities and drug use!! Bring back d-list celebrity rehab!!

  32. MegoPachego

    I think that fourth dress looks like an Atari game is emanating from her crotch. And it’s still kind of great.

  33. Goldfish

    First, the last shot, I have those skull pajama bottoms. Not like them, those exact ones. An ex-boyfriend gave them to me, and now that I see it’s Bai Ling style, I’m not sure of the statement he was making. Anyway, we broke up, so it wasn’t a good statement. I am delighted, however, to see here that I can wear them as outside street-wear, and not just at home watching Game of Thrones. I owe all of this to Bai Ling.

    Secondly, I’m pretty sure that pink skirt is made out of Legos.

  34. Marnie

    Say what??

  35. Goldfish

    Do you think that could have been posted by Bai Ling herself?