Billboard Music Awards Fug Carpet: Miley Cyrus

This is certainly not the worst Miley has looked — I think we all know from embarrassingly many years of Cyrus-spotting that she has come leaps and bounds in this regard — but at the end of the day, she’s still just wearing a giant blazer like she thinks she’s half of the Talking Heads. Specifically, the upper half.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Libby

    This is giving offf a morning after, roll out of bed & throw on your date’s jacket vibe. Too much skin!

  2. Jill

    I’m glad she still has her natural hair length even though it does look wonky in some pictures.

    Her makeup looks great; she has the prettiest eyes.

    No way her privates were covered when she sat down. Maybe she stood up the whole time? Her legs look great, especially in those shoes. But she could’ve shown them off in a more tasteful way.

  3. Ms.A

    This is very Barbarella.
    I’m not sure if that’s good or bad.
    I’m in love with those shoes though!
    Her necklace though…I’m pretty sure I see gold chains under her boobies. What the hell.

    • Sue

      I agree, the necklace appears to go under each boob — maybe some new kind of bondage-inspired bra (50 shades).

      • JanetP

        Rhianna’s been doing that look a lot over the past several months. For some reason, it makes me feel slightly queasy.

    • Stefanie

      That was the first thing I noticed! Why would one need a necklace that goes under your boobs?

      • Rebecca

        I’m wondering…are her nipples pierced? Is this some sort of necklace to nipple ring chain? B/c I can’t think of any other explanation.

    • Krissy

      I love the shoes, but the necklace under her boobs looks SO TACKY! It kind of makes her boobs look droopier or something.

    • derpshooter

      I know! I saw that too and had a bad moment. Under this seriously lacking jacket is a necklace that has circled its wagons around her boobs. Really strange.

  4. z

    this is like dynasty. somehow i like it, although i somehow don’t like her.

  5. Lina

    It’s so 1971 call girl, I can’t even.

    • Christian

      Yeahhhh….my thoughts exactly. Ugh. But her makeup looks good.

      • G

        I disagree. I think this makeup is aging. She’s 18 or 19 and it, plus the 1971 hooker hair, make her look years older.

        And she should look into pants, of course.

  6. Naomi

    the chain is going underneath her breasts THE CHAIN IS UNDERNEATH HER BREASTS. WHAT. that girl is 19 and, to the best of my knowledge, not a prostitute. this is too much.

    • bee

      The booblace is so tacky – even worse than the rest of the outfit (which is very 007-callgirl to begin with, as someone said).

  7. Kristen from MA

    I think this can be filed under Trying Too Hard.

    Also, if I never see ombre hair again, it will be too soon.

  8. BrownEyedBetty

    hang on a sec…. where does that necklace go? I’m seeing a jewelry underwire there. ewwww!

  9. val.

    It’s an underboob necklace! WTF.

  10. Willow

    I feel that maybe Gwyneth Paltrow could pull this off, but Miley just looks so young in the face for this not to seem weird and a little inappropriate.

    Also that hair is abominable.

  11. qwertygirl

    She’s not wearing a bra. She had to do something for support. I guess. Ugh.

  12. K

    My fb post immediately after seeing this: “Miley, we GET it. You’ve lost weight. You do pilates. Now put on some clothes.” I mean, just because you’re fit enough to walk around naked, doesn’t mean you should. For real, I wasn’t entirely convinced in the moment whether she hadn’t actually attempted to go totally nude, but maybe someone forced her to throw on Julie Bowen’s blazer at the last second. I’m sure that’s coming. And when it does, I’ve got dibs on the shoes.

  13. CJ

    In my book, the only suit-jacket-as-outfit that has ever really worked is Judy Garland in “Get Happy” from Summer Stock. It was fitted to perfection and incredibly chic. Anyone who tries the look has to compete with my memory of Judy. This just looks sloppy and, frankly, silly. I also don’t like her hair. Love that she got rid of her extensions and like the idea of the slightly teased hair, but the execution is not becoming. Maybe if it had been a side part or not so in her face?? On a positive note, her legs look wonderful and I love the shoes, but then the blue nail polish ruins it for me. Even if the outfit had been perfection and the height of style, nothing kills an outfit like tacky colored nail polish — always looks juvenile to me and negates any other efforts to look “grown up.”

    • Sally

      Judy (and Marlena) always paired the well tailored jackets with dark tights (I know tightsarenotpants but…) so that they looked sexy, classy and COVERED.

    • Chasmosaur

      Judy Garland’s outfit worked not just because it was beautifully fitted. It worked because she put on the shirt and hat with it – it is a great example of “boobs OR legs”, which Miley has not accomplished here.

      Also – it was a costume that was purely for performance – she barely does any athletic dancing in that number, and I’m sure she probably had a leotard or something underneath. Again, Miley and her Spear and Magic Boob Chain are not going in that direction.

  14. pinkcheese

    Three words:

    Mutant. Bunny. Drag.

  15. carrie

    I really like the IDEA of this. Two inches longer, one more button so the chest isn’t SO exposed, less over the top hair, and I think this could have been one of her best looks ever.

    I’m just now noticing, she has really pretty eyes.

  16. CJ

    Ugh, I didn’t even see the underboob necklace. It makes the blue nail polish look look classy.

  17. pinkcheese

    I think I’ll add a few more, like deranged, trashy, and typical.

  18. amys

    Her eye makeup is gorgeous, but her underboob necklace is not. I keep thinking about my parents’ reaction had I attempted to trot out public to be photographed in this outfit when I was nineteen.

  19. ak

    Oy vey. Those amazing shoes deserve a better outfit!

  20. Clarisse

    ew. doesn’t she have a stylist or something?

  21. Cranky Old Batt

    Dang. She looks way too old for her age in these pictures. And like she is trying too hard. Too bad, because she really is gorgeous. I wish she would take it down a notch; she would hit one out of the ball park.


    • Kara

      Totally agree – the first thing I thought was “She looks so old.”

  22. lori

    Does no one else see her channeling Carrie Bradshaw here? This is very SATC to me. And from that angle – it’s not bad..

    • Kirsten

      When I saw the small photo on facebook, I thought it was Carrie Bradshaw (not SJP).

      I don’t like the underbreast chain, but the rest of it is ok. She’s 19. Let her experiment!

  23. Stephanie P.

    Is it just me or does she look like she borrowed her dad’s haircut and color from her old show? All I can see is Billy Ray :(

  24. AliceBlue

    Hey, she could wear the blazer blackwards, put on a gigantic white hat, and…oh wait, Celine Deion did that already.

  25. Maria T.

    I am most confused by the fact that she appears to be wearing short sleeves under the blazer.

  26. thunderthighs

    I hope with this and the Rihanna Stella McCartney blazer “dress” from a few months ago that this does not become a thing.

  27. SheriC

    I hate myself for looking closely enough to ask this, but is her underboob necklace the same chain that comes out her sleeve and connects to her middle finger?

  28. Katie

    When I first saw it, I thought it was awful – though I liked the idea of it. But when I saw what everybody else wore (Bedingfield, Rose, Furtado, Julianne Hough’s bejeweled towel), suddenly it wasn’t that bad.

  29. holly

    trying too hard outfit + chopping the hair off = breakupsville.

  30. CJ

    Her makeup looks great. She is a very pretty girl and has pretty eyes, I just wish she wouldn’t dress so trashy? I mean I get that she’s 19 and like, lord knows I wore some weird stuff when I was her age (kind of like a FU to the parents, “I’m an adult I’ll wear what I want” kind of attitude) but no one was photographing me at a televised event.

    I wouldn’t have minded it if she had one more button done and it was like, two inches longer? How does one sit down in that?

    Her hair looks like a budget version of “The Rachel” parted down the middle. It’s weirdly flat on top? I like the length though.

  31. amy

    I never need to see that much underboob, from anyone. Especially someone who I consider to still be a CHILD. She is, as has been said, Trying Too Hard.

  32. Jasmine

    Hate the outfit, but love the hair and the shoes. I love big hair that’s big like this, and it suits Miley. The blazer could have been sort of cute, if it wasn’t so huge and boob revealing.

  33. Helen


    She’ll just always be a hillbilly, won’t she. The girl aspires to be a bimbo.

    Well, from other recent photos, at least I can say, major points for obviously really loving her dogs? Granted, not a style matter, but it’s very nice.

  34. Halo

    She looks old. It’s weird that a woman in her early twenties would want to channel a fifty-something, but she seems to do this often. All she would really need to do is swap out the jacket dress for a white minidress and she’d look 100% better.

  35. ChristieLea

    This looks like an Amanda Woodward Hallowe’en costume. And I think it’s been sitting in a closet in Melrose Place since 1993.

    • Erik

      Yep, Miley’s ready to go to D&D Advertising to call Alison a pathetic drunk and to badger the owner into suicide so she can take over the company.

  36. Veronica

    I feel like the hair, makeup, and even the nose ring could all work on their own. All together, it’s a bit overwhelming. Either the hair or the eyes should have been toned. The outfit itself is actually kind of nifty, but my biggest problem with it is that it’s trying to pull off sexy when I’m not sure that’s something Miley can necessarily do. On Rihanna, I would love this. On her, it just feels…I don’t know, out of place? Not her? I don’t want to suggest that young women can’t come into their own body-wise, but I also get the sense with a lot of these young starlets that the industry sort of forces “sexy” on them, whether it fits their personality or not. It just winds up feeling forced and unnatural to me.

    The shoes are great, though.

  37. steph527

    I usually HATE “formal” shorts, but they would take this outfit to fab.

  38. witjunkie

    I love the hair. Love the makeup. Even love the white jacket while weeping for the the huge expanse of chest and the spurned skirt/pants that went with it.

    I don’t love that she is dressing like this and is still too young to drink the Brandy Alexander this outfit wants to order.

  39. Shiitake

    Spring semester final project at Lilo’s Style School and Bong Shoppe.

  40. Evalyn

    She’s way too young to look this old and worn out. Sad, very sad.

  41. Amanda

    These comments are making me crack up! Especially the “underboob” necklace! I feel like she’s asking for mockery with this thing though. I’ll say something nice……she’s got nice legs. That’s all I got, yo.

  42. annek

    It’s not just an underboob necklace! It’s an underboob to ring chain accessory!!!!!!!!!! Kill me now, before she hooks up the nose ring and completes the circuit.

  43. TonyG

    I am kind of appreciating the risk she took here. She looks good; the tuxedo jacket dress could be a tad longer but, you know what, she’s 19, has gorgeous legs and she tends to like the shorter stuff.

    The chain wrapping around her boobs is not a big deal…geesh. She’s young and still likes her piercings. It’s not age inappropriate in a day and age where piercings are all the rage.

    I think it’s a good mash-up of dressing up while trying out an edge that a lot of 19 year olds tend to try. Nothing wrong with that. Let her have her youth/experimentation. She doesn’t look bad here to me at all.

  44. electric

    Something about the hair/makeup combo…it’s too much! Maybe if she was in her 30′s this would be the look, but she is young and fresh and should let that shine through.

  45. Trace

    Total Rihanna ripoff and girlfriend does not have the body/sex appeal/confidence to pull this off. Also, I’ve heard that its hot healthy to wrap your boobs in necklace chains, but I’m not a medical professional.

  46. Sabrina

    I appreciate that she took out the extensions but was she even alive when “The Rachel” was in style?

  47. LakeLucilleLoon

    At least she is still sporting her natural boobs. That’s something to say in Hollywood, right? Once she sees these photos she might opt for a lift.

  48. wordphreak

    Girl forgot her pants. And her shirt. Oh, and a hair stylist. What a mess.

  49. Bonnie

    There is just something irretrievably tacky about her. Partly it is the dumb, open mouthed expression. But also the overall look. I think this hairdo is even worse than her long straggly one.

  50. Aria

    I was too skeeved out by seeing that much of her chest and clicked away quickly so didn’t notice under-boob chain. I agree that the outfit is beyond saving. The hair looks good sometimes and matronly others, but I like this length soooo much better than the ratty extensions. I think the makeup is a bit much and makes her look older. Shoes are fab! She is improving, or at least, is making more an effort…

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  52. vandalfan

    Just keepin’ it classy, as always.

  53. Amy

    Can we talk about the eerie resemblance to Rihanna’s outfit and hair last year at the BMA’s?

    Lookee here.

  54. cmcl

    In Miley’s defense, she really does have the shoulders of a linebacker. There probably aren’t even shoulder pads in that thing.

  55. Claire L1

    Her hair is OK… I like it and I don’t. I think I’d like it better on ME ( as in my age)….but it’s a good length. Her make up makes me happy. So pretty! Love love the shoes…… as for the rest….. well, I’m giving her an E for effort…she’s mixing it up and finding her way. Good for her.

  56. Mahastee

    I hate everything about this look – she can do so much better.

    The shoes MIGHT be fab, if they lost the ankle-straps.

  57. KDubs

    Honestly, I saw this as a thumbnail on another site earlier and I was convinced it was Kim Cattrall. I don’t know why – something about the hair and the outfit seems like older-woman-desperately-trying-to-look-young-but-doing-it-wrong. Funny considering that stupid red carpet scene with these two in the SATC sequel…

  58. mvan

    Fug girls……how did you not notice the booblace (neckbra???) Please, that is so low classy it defies words. Someone please find this girl a career and a stylist – not necessarily in that order. She’ll never be Hannah Montana again and is it possible her career pinnacle has come and gone at the tender age of 19? Can you just picture her Mom and Dad telling her how wonderful she looked when she left the house? I can only imagine that they’d be proud of her.
    Poor girl….so desperate for attention – starting to feel like Jennifer Love Hewitt in her sad attempts to be relevant and on the front pages.

  59. Sian

    She looks EXACTLY like the former ginger one from Girls Aloud, Nicola Roberts. EXACTLY.

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  64. Rubee

    Did she intended to look forty? When I first saw this pic I thought she was one of the many forgettable Real Housewives.
    This girl has all the money in the world, so even if she doesn’t have a career anymore she could wear whatever she wanted… nevertheless her fashion sense seems to be reduced to expose her legs up to her limbs.
    I wouldn’t mind the Vegas party girl styling had it looked less studied. This is not “Hey! I’m young and wild! Look, ma… no pants!” fug, this is “Please, please, please… Be shocked!” fug.

  65. Mooshki Mitchell

    I can’t even think about the outfit because I’m stuck on how much I hate her hair. So unflattering.

    Oh, and all the spammers that suddenly showed up need to die in a fire.

  66. Jeanette

    In photo 3 you commented on her hair – but all I could see was her cleavage! She needs to look into lingerie ….and of course pants. Nice shoes though.

  67. MelShoe

    You know that episode of 30 rock where Kenneth loses Jacks pants, and Tracy’s way of helping him find them is to sceam “Pants, Pants, Pants” until Grizz and Dotcom come running with various pants.

    For some reason I just remembered it

  68. Ginny

    She looks like Samantha Jones. But I love Miley so meh

  69. karanakau

    Forget about the gluten allergy crap. Her relationship with the Aussie is in trouble, hence the dramatic weight loss. She senses that Liam is attracted to the brilliant Jennifer Lawrence and is going all out in an effort not to lose him. It happens to everyone..Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, Angelina Jolie (not yet, but soon, believe)

  70. Amalia

    Carmen Electra called, and she wants her look back.

  71. McLisa

    I was thinking she looks like she needs a good scrub but gah! I feel like I need a bath after looking at this. Nothing but eyebrows and nasty here. Yuck!

  72. Kristen

    Every time I glance at this, I think Heather Locklear.

  73. Kerr

    Are you people crazy!? This is the sexiest Miley has ever looked.

  74. Blue Tica

    She looks like sarah jessica parker in white on the cover of the sex and the city book… in season 5

  75. Eeny

    When I saw this in the trending bar, I thought it was Keith Urban. Poor girl.

  76. Sarah O

    She seems to be going the way of (train wreck) Lohan. Be careful Miley.