I didn’t realize I’d missed Nelly Furtado until she vanished. Remember when she marauded in tournaquet rompers like some sort of knee-hating pirate wench? Good times.

Now, instead of looking like a buccaneer, she just looks like the decadent light fixture one of them strung up in his ship’s private treasure-stroking room. How better to lustfully gaze upon one’s haul than by the light of a large pearly wedding cake? Imagine if she’d vacated the black bra and ditched the choker, and worn fancier, more creative shoes. Not bad, right?

Amber Rose has a different type of “too much” going on here:

I kind of want to give her both the choker AND the black bra, just so it would cover a bit more of her amplitude. Being admirably endowed in the chest department is great, but for the love of blood flow, find a dress that fits them. How is she so cheery? Are they just so numb she doesn’t notice?

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