This photo reminds me of that time Steve Sanders grudgingly took Donna Martin to a dance, and she wore a giant red dress with a hoop skirt and needed constant wrangling all night because she couldn’t sit or stand without help:

Mike Fisher is doing a better job than Steve did of figuring out how to stand near it. And I suppose the overskirt is all artfully crinkled and smashed, so there’s nothing he can do to it that doesn’t look like it’s already been done. There’s something very pretty about it, and also something ” very pretty Monet depiction of a head wound” about it. Check her out solo and see what you think:

It might be a tad too much dress for her tiny frame. It might also be deliciously dramatic, the kind of thing that would be tremendous to wear if you needed to sweep dramatically into a room and show up your hideous stepsisters in front of a hot piece of royalty, before teasingly leaving him a glass valentine that smells slightly of toenail-polish remover and sweat.

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