Big Fugger

The Chenbot strikes again. And she’s in good company. Well, most weeks she is, but usually it’s a pointless endeavor to fug anyone who’s actually in the Big Brother house, because a) they are already clowns, and b) I think they must pipe in tainted air so that over the summer contestants will slowly lose both their sanity and their sartorial judgment. But Rachel and Daniele pulled out doozies this week. Still, it all starts with Julie. She is the alpha and the omega of this show’s wardrobe problems. My husband turned to me and said, “It would have been cheaper if she’d ACTUALLY just borrowed something from her mother every week.” He’s right, but it can’t have been much cheaper. Clearly this cost, like, $5. Enter and gawk.

ALSO: Fall TV is just around the corner. And it may SEEM like we watch everything, but we don’t. It’s not possible. We miss stuff all the time — daytime talk shows, Letterman and his ilk, the occasional reality show, stuff that’s not on The CW, etc. So we’re hoping you guys will help us out: If you see an outfit on TV in a given week that makes your soul hurt, snap a photo (hooray for smart phones) and send it to us — maybe with a helpful subject line, like, oh, I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here, but maybe, “The Worst Thing I Saw On TV This Week.” Just submit your photo — and it does have to be your photo, not snagged from someplace on the Internet — with whatever you’re comfortable running with it as a photo credit, be it Marty from Hill Valley, something cryptic like One-Man Hamlet, or that old chestnut, “Anonymous.” (We will not print your personal details willy-nilly.) ¬†We may not run everything we get, but ideally, we’ll have enough stuff to royally fug the boob tube on the regular. Sound good? I hope so. If not, then you may never hear about this ever again. It’s the Internet equivalent of us putting up our fist, and getting no bump. What sad clowns we will be. Sniffle.

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  1. Tricia

    You will get a photo every week from me of Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada and his amazing parade of suits. Seriously, he is the old man version of Swinton. Totally cracktacular and therefore magnificent. Perhaps you can save them all and then do an Omnibus during the playoffs?

  2. jessica

    “It’s like Seattle 1993 went square dancing with Houston 1982. And then had too much to drink.” – so amazing!

    I’m laughing and crying at work and i might get fired!

  3. AmandaD

    As bad as Julie’s outfit is, it could have been so much worse. In the second picture, I thought it was actually a jumpsuit.

  4. Elle

    @Tricia Oh my god yes. That would be so amazing. Have you ever thought about what that man’s closet must look like? I suspect it’s a bit like staring into the Arc of the Covenant i.e. FACE-MELTING.

  5. Noire

    @Tricia! YES!!!!! Don Cherry’s suits are Mind Blowing!!!!

  6. Nicole H

    I’m pretty sure she is pregnant again. There was a side shot I noticed where she had a VERY visible bump. Now that’s either some really awful pleating, or a bad job of hiding a baby bump.

  7. Stefanie

    My mom was reading this post over my shoulder and giggled because apparently my dad even made the comment “What the hell is she wearing” a night or two ago while watching.

  8. Molly

    It is very environmentally conscientious of her to use old Game Cube discs as a necklace, though.

  9. Laura

    She never looks THIS bad on The Talk….motherly yes, but not hideously so.

  10. Dani Torrents

    I don’t mean to brag but I have a cardboard cutout of old don in my apartment. Wearing a signature red plaid suit and giving me the finger gun. Jealous? I know. That being said. What’s the deal with Porsche’s aray of velour sweatsuits? She’s a pretty girl! Why is she punishing herself?

  11. Terre Bowden

    you are SO on!

  12. Tracy L

    Aw, on TV I did not think she looked that bad. I suspect it is silk, which would give it a bit of sheen. I was just so happy I did not see any eye or body glitter! I too suspect she is expecting a “little Chentot.”

  13. Tracy L

    Oh and yes, Dani’s shirt is terrible! And Rachel will be so thrilled that you showed her picture here. Did you know that she is fighting for her man?

  14. Miranda

    Is she levitating in picture number three? Was her necklace made by a child using shoelaces and giant Life Savers? So many questions!

  15. Dawn

    And yet, no mention of Danielle’s Atlantic City boardwalk fringe shirt that she wore for 2 days, including on live TV. Definitely with Chentot!

  16. vandalfan

    Considering the high quality of the comments here, I’m expecting countless resplendent and varied submissions.