Beard or Bald-Faced: Jake Gyllenhaal


We’re having to pull a few rabbits out of hats today. I know, I know, plenty of other sites come up with content, and I should quit my whining, but… I feel like I need to explain to you guys that we’re not denying you a load of historically awful fashion just because we want to talk about facial hair. And yet, I’d rather discuss the relative hotness of Jake Gyllenhaal’s manscaping than trot out a picture of a celeb in a maxi dress just to do it. So let’s get down to it. These are IMPORTANT MATTERS.

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[Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash]

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Comments (29):

  1. Shoeniverse

    In between but infunitely hawt as hell either way!!!

  2. Emily

    I like the beard, but I think it looks best trimmed really short. So basically “in between.”

  3. Fawn

    Any way he comes is just fine with me. Thank you for the man candy.

  4. Stefanie

    I tend to prefer my men scruffy (much to the delight of my husband who is always scruffy, I swear he shaves and then walks out of the bathroom with a 5 o’clock shadow) so I like the in between. But honestly, he could get it any day of the shaving week.

  5. Meg

    He’s in a music video where he starts out bearded and then gets a shave, right there on camera.: . Warning: the video is pretty violent (Jake plays a serial killer) AND it is 8 minutes long. But it’s a great video and song.

  6. Tiffany

    For me, it is a toss up between clean shaven and a little stubble. Now that you made the Zack G.-brother reference, I don’t think I will ever be able to unsee that when Jake has a beard!

    (PS I really hate the Toothy Tile stuff. You can’t prove your sexuality, short of a sex tape. I have known people who have had the “I know they are gay” rumors directed at them, when it wasn’t true at all. It is kind of insulting to not only the object of the rumors, but also the gay community. )

  7. Stefanie

    Oh hey, does everyone have that passive aggressive family member who starts fights at Thanksgiving? Cause I sure do. He’s even bearded. (on his face I mean. If he was my sister would be the Beard but really that could be okay because some day he might want to come out and then leave my family alone forever. We might never have to see him again. It would be glorious. And I just got off topic. Sorry)

  8. Andrew S.

    Jakey G. Should ALWAYS find himself comfortably residing on Scruff St., located directly between Beard Junction and Bald-faced Boulevard

  9. DanerKebab

    I think he looks better bearded, but better is relative. I have never understood the appeal – he’s just not attractive or sexy to me. Like, at all.

  10. Jules

    In that first photo, with the full beard and slicked hair, I’m not sure if he’s trying to sell me a car or ward off a Mob hitman.

  11. Dani

    I’d push my face against his face mouth first regardless of the beard situation.

    It could have birds flying out of it for all I care.

  12. Candy

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think he’s all that? I mean, he’s cute and comes off as charming but… I’m not all head-over-heals like y’all. That being said: no beard.

    • Smlisley

      I think he’s okay….I’ve never really understood the attraction. If I had to choose, I say beard.

  13. Scott

    It is all about the eyes and the brows. Who cares what’s below the nose?

  14. Sandra

    Neatly groomed facial hair is tolerable, though not my favorite. But with those eyes, he can probably get away with……well, whatever the hell he feels like, really.

    He is the exception that proves the rule about sunglasses. He should never cover those dreamy blue eyes.

  15. Other Emily

    Yeah, wow. Either, really. Or all of the above. Whatever. Put up more pictures of him doing anything.

  16. vandalfan

    I love beards, all sorts (hey, it gets cold in North Idaho winters!) and he’s fine either way, but his eyebrows really need taming. He’ll end up rivaling Larry Hagman at this unkempt rate.

  17. Ruth

    A full beard looks good as long as it’s nicely trimmed so as not to look pubic, for lack of a better word. It’s almost dinner time. My brain isn’t functioning properly. Where’s my thesaurus when I need it?

  18. Mary Urech Stallings

    He just doesn’t quite touch my girlie parts. Sorry.

    • crystal

      I find him objectively handsome, but he still leaves me cold. I’m pretty sold on him as Toothy Tile, though, so maybe my lizard brain just knows he’s not for me!

  19. Shanti

    It’s funny…I was never into facial hair on men. Then I met my husband, who has it. Now, I find with very few exceptions that I prefer facial hair. Go figure.

  20. Mahastee

    I would vote for “yes to it all” – he is yummy any old way. It occurs to me that he is the possible exception to the Sunglasses Rule. Because those blue eyes should not be covered up EVER.

  21. TonyG

    Jake, call me. Whether or not you wear your beard, I will be discreet. ;)

  22. ElBel

    I’m sorry, but there should definitely be an option for “I DON’T CARE, JUST TAKE YOUR PANTS OFF.”

  23. Neil

    I’ll take him any way he comes, he’s dreamy. I am a bit of a convert to the beard though. Not all guys can pull them off, but he sure can.

  24. Zoe

    i would easily have him either ways! yum!