BAFTA Awards Fug Carpet: Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower

“What’s that? We’re at the WHAT? THE BAFTAS? Rupurt Grint said we were going to tea at his grandma’s! DAMN YOU GRINT YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS.”

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  1. Alix

    That dress — the tights — those shoes! Somebody walloped Ginny Weasley with a Sartorius Horribilis curse.

  2. Fawn

    I think if she just ditched the tights and got a belt this would be really cute. (but still not appropriate for the BAFTAs)

  3. yvetterene

    Jesus and Baby Jesus….what does she have going on there?! Those tights and shoes.
    That alone should score her a high seeding in FugMadness!!!

  4. Jane

    How can I steal Ginny’s hair and get it to grow out of my own head instead? Is there a spell for that? Because I COVET. HAIRIUS SWITCHIUS!

  5. Kristin

    If she’s not pregnant, she should be really mad at this dress for making it look like she is.

  6. theotherjennifer

    Holly Hobbie called. she wants her dress back. and burn those shoes.

  7. Cindy

    Does she not own a mirror? Or EYEBALLS?!??

  8. vandalfan

    When your boo is so gussied up, no borrowing your eleven year old cousin’s first day of school dress. And sweetie, when they told you to stick your neck out, they meant it sartorially, not literally.

  9. Lina

    Apart from needing to get his pants hemmed, he looks really, really good. SO much better than usual!

    She…is possibly not wearing the outfit she THINKS she’s wearing.

  10. Jo

    She does look preggers. This dress is NOT for an evening do!

  11. Halley

    methinks she is pregnant.

  12. carly

    Am I the only one who thinks this isn’t that bad? Absolutely inappropriate for the BAFTAs, but overall it could be a lot worse. Throw a belt and some different shoes on her, and she’s not half bad!

    • Jill

      No, I actually agree with you that the dress is cute, as are the shoes. But it’s the tights and the fact that it is utterly inappropriate for the BAFTAS, where most people showed up in freaking ballgowns, for pity’s sake.

  13. AM

    Oh, I think they look sort of cute.

    • Caity Rose

      I agree! Maybe not occasion-appropriate, but I still think this look is cute. A belt might have been the perfect final touch, but hey. Plus, I LOVE her lipstick. It adds some drama and goes nicely with her hair.

  14. Mel

    This girl is practically still a teenager. Why does she always look 40?

  15. Edith

    In other pics you can see that the shoes are wedges and they’re just so wrong. And who wears a peep-toe shoe with tights? Finally, this is her last hurrahas Ginny; I’d’ve thought she’d want to go out with a bang. Regular life so rarely calls for ballgowns; where them whenever you can get away with it!

    • jean

      Isn’t she cast in Game of Thrones? Her career ain’t over.

      • Neil

        Bonnie hasn’t been cast in Game of Thrones. I think you may be confusing her with the similar-looking Rose Leslie – Gwen the maid in Downton Abbey who left to be a secretary in season one – who’s been cast as Ygritte in GoT. Bonnie does seem to have a couple of independent movies lined up, however.

  16. Popcouver

    I will never not be sad about the casting of Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley. She’s cute but so borrrrinnnnnngggg.

  17. polkadotsarefriends

    Is it a bad sign that I kind of love this. The hair, the lips, the pretty blue color, and I love the shoes. They are that quirky adorable couple that you want to follow into the dark corners so you can listen in on their conversation about teacup aesthetics and deadly nightshade.

  18. Caroleena Stantonova

    I abhor peep toe shoes. ALL OF THEM. But to wear black tights with pink peep toes?? Your taste is in your

  19. Mahastee

    I can’t stay mad at Ginny.

  20. Guerra

    I like her hair. That’s it.

  21. Neil

    That dress would be okay for a daytime event (even if it is badly accessorised and a little ill-fitting), but totally wrong for an awards ceremony. I’m sure I read somewhere that she was leaving acting behind to work in fashion, a move that this outfit doesn’t bode well for.

    I don’t think he looks much better either – the collarless shirt and the two-tone shoes are a little try-hard for me, and the suit could fit better.

  22. Franziska

    The dress isn’t that bad actually, but I’d make her wear a petticoat underneath, add a small red belt, take off those horrid tights and give her a nice pair of red Dorothy shoes. Although saying all that, I wouldn’t send her to a red carpet event dressed like that.

  23. jean

    I sort of love it too. It reminds me of when Juliette Lewis showed up at the Oscars with cornrows in her hair. It’s something only a young couple totally in love could pull off. It’s not that they don’t care about the event, effort was put in, but Bonny just ain’t gonna stuff herself into a ballgown if she’s not feeling it. Or else he accidently dumped a glass of red wine on her dress just before they left the house.

    And her hair! Oh my goodness. Her hair! That is well-managed hair.

  24. Jilly

    I love this…from the neck up.

    Is it just me, or does this dude resemble Keira Knightley? Like he could be her long-lost brother? They appear to have similar noses and that constant slight duckface pout.

  25. T

    My Mrs. Beasley doll wore it better.

    Beasley…Weasley…. Well, now I see what went wrong.

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