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WTFs and Fab: The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala

So, last night there was a gala in St. Tropez for the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation, and it was a pizza buffet. Most of the pictures aren’t available to us — boring blogger specifics; pour some out for this loss, though, because I would’ve dearly loved to show you a see-through Versace on Naomi Campbell, and Kate Hudson’s semi-sheer Versace-esque Julien Macdonald. Notably, the frequent Queen of Pizza, Chrissy Teigen — who even posted a photo the next morning of herself in front of a huge array of ACTUAL pizzas – went with something more full-coverage (the fact of which mildly pings the Uterine Secret radar, but not entirely, because it’s not like she spends her whole life in Sheers. It just felt like an event that would’ve played right into her hands that way), as did Marion Cotillard in a floral Erdem sheath. And, say hello to Leo’s Revenant beard. It is robust still.

ANYHOO, we do have photos of the worst offenders — Jessica Stam and Michelle Rodriguez — arriving alongside a classed-up Nina Dobrev, plus a few shots from celeb Instagrams to shed more light. On their nethers.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Wet Fug American Summer: Lake Bell

I really wanted to come up with something for this that wasn’t hacky.

lake bell wet hot american summer

But once your mind has gone to “Lake Bellbottoms” and “Wet Hot American Bummer,” there is no return to more eloquent shores.

[Photo: Getty]


Weirdly Played Cover: Olivia Munn on Good Housekeeping

Olivia Munn, Good Housekeeping, August 2015

“Ha ha ha! Hilarious! A pineapple! That was the creative for this shoot! Me standing here with some random-ass pineapple with pink plumage! Like it’s f’ing Paris Hilton’s house from 2005 and everything has to look like Barbie vomited on it! And like why I am I on Good Housekeeping talking about X-Men! Shouldn’t I be on Marie Claire or Glamour or something!!! Cosmo!!! Anyone! Hello! Joining a franchise! Dating a quarterback! Having it all! Oh yeah, ha ha ha, and HOLDING A F*CKING PINEAPPLE! It’s the ‘I carried a watermelon’ of 2015! SO HAPPY TO BE HERE HOLDING THIS PEPTO FRUIT!!!!”


Fug Places: Christina Hendricks

I almost made this another Fug or Fab, but then — in the spirit of being decisive — I decided to come down hard on the fact that Christina’s outfit is leaving me cold and uninspired.

christina hendricks dark places

I don’t know if that red lip is her shade now that she’s lightened her hair, or maybe it’s just fighting the green of the outfit, but something cacophonous is going on there. Also, I can also see why so many people — like Rachel McAdams at the ESPYs – are willing to tape their jackets together in service of the deep plunge without a camisole. Christina’s undershirt is getting a little bunchy up in there, which is taking whatever vibe this is fumbling for and slapping it across the face; however, I get why she didn’t go bare under the coat, so it’s rather a conundrum. I genuinely have no idea what I’d have done to make this feel chic, as opposed to like drab army-green suiting better befitting a recruiting mixer, short of hanging it back up on the rod and dialing up, say, Christian Siriano for a fashion Hail Mary.

[Photo: Getty]


Unfug or Fab: Cara Delevingne in Saint Laurent

I keep flip-flopping on this, because as usual, Cara Delevingne is bringing her model mojo to the outfit.

cara delevingne paper towns premiere

Ultimately, I’m going with: I wish it were a sparkly gunmetal mini without the continental divide. It just looks too much like an attempted limousine sexcapade caught a literal snag.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


The X-Fugtor: Rita Ora in Jean Paul Gaultier

Rita is wearing all this for the X-Factor auditions, for which she is presumably seated behind a giant desk, as is the format on all Simon Cowell shows.

Rita Ora x-factor

Regardless, we are at Crack Level: High. But it’s possible that it looks even CRAZIER when all you can see is the top half. Maybe that’s how she accepts or rejects people: swivels to the All Business side for a yes, and if it’s a no, she rotates to Worst Thing You Ever Saw On Sale At Express.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]