Ann Fugry

“Listen, people, what am I SUPPOSED to do?”

“I’ve spent the last !#@$ years trying to make every single story on the Today show feel as important as if it were about a natural disaster. And yet apparently now that Lauer’s signed his deal, everyone keeps insisting I’m out because people think I’m boring, or strained. But what they don’t get is that it’s a STYLE. You want a side of gravitas with your cooking segment? Curry’s your girl. You want to treat the world’s fattest cat with the reverence due to a world leader? Curry it up. Do you like to be spoken to at a tone no higher than a lullaby? I’ll Curry the hell out of it. So if Today doesn’t want me, fine. I don’t care if this does make my generally ageless figure look like it’s wilting! I’ll go to this important gathering of news organizations dressed like a pack of Certs tastes, and everyone will say, “That Curry makes me feel strangely fresh,” or, “I need a mint after that divine Curry,” and BAM, before you know it, Robin Roberts and I will be the KLG and Hoda of ABC. So you want some Curry powder, newsies of the world? Hit me up for my spice. It’s very mild, I promise. No heartburn.”

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  1. Adriele

    Love her and love the dress (could’ve done without the sleeve, though).

    That being said, GIRLFRIEND NEEDS A BETTER BRA! (Sorry, proper support attire gets me capsy.)

  2. megs283

    What that dress does to her body qualifies as a national disaster.

    That said, I love Ann Curry. Her whole demeanor is so soothing! It’s a refreshing change from the combative talking heads.

  3. Annie S.

    She’s been in the business for #*@$ years, and girlfriend still. Cannot. Read. A teleprompter. Her halting delivery drives me insane. That said, her amazing DNA is totally getting screwed over by this peppermint disaster.

  4. Eliza Bennett

    OMG the woman needs some mammary support. The color’s not working as hard as it should, either…but I laughed through the whole post so she still made my day!

  5. Ms.A

    That dress is so bad! In all aspects. This picture made me laugh my ass off though.

  6. Ms Poopy Von Pants

    Oh poor Ann, I do like her and am in constant awe by her agelessness, but I often feel bad for her because she seems like she always wants to fit in on the Today show (which I don’t get, she’s a real journalist!) I was so happy to see annoying Meredith leave (she always seemed to be giving subtle, seemingly not-good-natured digs to Matt… maybe he’s a masochist.) BUT, I do have to admit, she’s very annoying doing “soft” journalism on TTS now… during a “serious/sad” interview, she gets REALLY close to the guest and whispers, and for “fluff” segments, she seems SUPER uncomfortable and calls everyone “girlfriend”, which seems so AWK-WARD. Back on point, the dress is heinous and does nothing for her great figure… I hope she takes the Today show stylist with her because she looks amazing most days on TV.

  7. Liz

    Really, what is happening to her boobs?!? Happy to see that somebody else has a problem with her interviewing style!

  8. Shiitake

    Add a sleeve or remove one.

  9. McLisa

    Everything about this is wrong. Hmmm. I think that’s what she’s saying.

    “Look. Everything about this is wrong.”

    You tell ‘em, Ann.

  10. mara

    After age 50 can all women just all agree to wear a bra? a decent one, just on principle… even if you think you don’t need it.

    • Tana

      Why wait until age 50? If you’re larger than an A cup, wear a bra, preferably one that fits.

  11. Jules

    Ugh. I can’t stand Ann Curry. Stopped watching the Today show because of her. She’s so uncomfortable to watch. Not to mention that time she was interviewing the adorable daughter of the Crocodile Hunter not long after he died. Curry asked her a question and she started talking about her dad in the response and Curry cut her off and said, “I wasn’t talking about THAT.” If that little girl hadn’t been so confused, she would have burst into tears right then. It was awful and she was awful and when she dressed up like Kate Middleton this Halloween I practically barfed.

  12. Erika

    I actually have no idea who this woman is, but I like the dress on her, sleeve and gold belt included. She could use a bra for sure but otherwise, I like it!

  13. Lina

    No idea who she is, but the fit of this dress is a travesty. If wire services are going to be taking your picture, it’s worth taking it in for alterations first.

  14. Edith

    Good morning, good morning, in the news this morning, good morning….

    I think the color is gorgeous, and I don’t even mind the sleeve. If the bodice actual fit, and the skirt were straight and sleek, maybe with a slit, we’d be in business. As it is, the full skirt and the wonky wonky chest are awful.

  15. Kara

    Lop off the sleeve, make the skirt fitted, and get her a better bra and she’d look gorgeous.

  16. mochaleet

    I’m clearly in the minority here, but I love the color and style. The muddling piddling skirt length situation is a problem, but overall, quite lovely.

  17. Sajorina

    I only know her from “Dateline” and I like her, but I don’t like this dress from the waist up… Her boobs are down to her navel! From the waist down, with the beautiful flowy green skirt & the gold belt, it works for me and looks FAB on her! Shame about the top… FUG!

  18. Mahastee

    This woman is a stranger to me.

    That shade of green is great – this could have been fab if she’d just worn a decent bra. And taken two inches off that stupid hem. Honestly, how do they not trip all over themselves?

  19. Trace

    I have seen other pictures of this elsewhere and I think the boob situation isn’t as bad as it looks here. When she is in a normal pose, everything is in its place. I really love this color. And Ann Curry.

  20. Erin

    I actually do like the dress, but the bra situation is ruining it! I also like Ann Curry. She is sometimes awkward on air and it seems like she doesn’t get the joke, but I like her and enjoy her for the most part. would be sad to see her go!

  21. Erin

    She excels at the human interest pieces, but I agree, she makes me cringe when she tries to do lighter segments or interact with her co-anchors. She comes across as trying too hard, which is exactly what this dress is doing. I agree that she needs a better bra and to lose the sleeve. She’s BEAUTIFUL — whomever styled her for the WHCD must have been jealous…

  22. TonyG

    Love Ann Curry and love this color on her, but the dress is too droopy.

  23. Leah

    How is it possible to not know who Ann Curry is? Even costumed as the statue of liberty, she’s still a huge TV personality.

    • Mahastee

      Just because we’re all members of Fug Nation, doesn’t mean we all live in the same country or get the same TV channels :)

  24. maryse

    oh man. i love ann curry when she reads the news or on dateline. but i had to stop watching the today show when she took meredith’s place (i loved meredith’s edge by the way.) and then the today show gave sarah palin a co-hosting for a day gig (desperate NBC, desperate). anyway, this photo of ann could not be more unflattering. she’s slumped over. the hair looks limp. and that sleeve is just wrong. she has lovely shoulders. she should have shown both of them.

  25. Bella

    Love the color. If she lopped off that useless sleeve, hoisted the girls to fill this out better plus wore her hair up, I’d love it. I’m imagining sort of greek goddess.

  26. Kimberlee Rossi Fuchs

    Anne Curry is incredibly awkward on the Today Show and her tendency to launch into either insincere, sad voice or fake, yet uproarious laughter makes me cringe. However, she clearly looks amazing for her age and I think she’s usually very well dressed on the show…Girlfriend has may have the emotional range of a robot, but I covet her shoe and coat collection.

  27. Cranky Old Batt

    Its too long, the belt too utilitarian and has one sleeve too many. The flat hair isn’t working for me either.

    But I love the color and it works for her.

  28. Francesca

    Other than the miserable dress she’s chosen to wear, I really like Ann. But what I find most interesting about this photo is the bemused look on the face of the lady sitting at the table in the background. Check her out in the photo of Lohan – she’s just having a great time at whatever she’s been scheduled to do for this event.

  29. Clarisse

    Reasons for wearing such an awwwwful looking dress:
    1) she is celebrating asparagus season in her own individual way
    2) she is actually color blind and coming out about it
    3) her salary doesn’t allow for her to buy a nice dress…

    nah she just has bad taste!

  30. e

    ridiculously lovely non aging curry