Please do not excoriate Zooey here for the adorkability of the head-cocking. This is the only picture in which she is doing it — unfortunately, it is also the only full-length photo of her that’s not from rather a distance, so I had to use it. I like Zooey. I like New Girl. Actually, I liked it fine early on,  but I love it now, because I think it’s done a very, very clever job of building up its other characters while either diluting Jess’s more cloying goofy qualities and/or letting the character get away with fewer of them. Plus, I want to play True American with them right now — as do, I’m sure, a lot of people, which means the No. 1 Google Search return, True American Roofing Company, has probably had a banner week.

Where was I? Oh, right: Zooey.

That’s quite lovely. And I might like this unreservedly if the hem didn’t do that. See it down there? The way it looks like she’s slowly melting into a pool of sparkle? Granted, if you were to ask Zooey Deschanel how she would choose to melt if melting were required, I think “into a pool of sparkle” would be part of her answer. So maybe she was fulfilling a dream.

Do you like it?

  • I would, but for her melting problem (59%, 6,375 Votes)
  • I want to swim in her pool of sparkle (19%, 2,056 Votes)
  • Noooooooooo (14%, 1,503 Votes)
  • "JFK!" "FDR!" (8%, 873 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,811

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