Ugh, don’t even get me started on Girls. I don’t like it. Like, a lot (primarily because — here’s a revelation — I just don’t think it’s very good). But I also have wicked, wicked Girls fatigueapparently if you have a vagina and an internet connection you were, for the last two weeks, mandated to discuss Girls at length (you should have heard my rant about how the version I really wanted to watch was the one where Chris Eigeman and I went out for drinks and complained about how annoying our interns were). YOU ARE SPARED, FUG NATION.

I can, however, note that I think Allison Williams — the most likeable, perhaps, of the whole…No. Zen breathing.  I deleted it from my DVR. I am not going to get into the whole part where the protagonist stole money from a hotel housekeeper. That was three weeks ago. We’ve all processed this  already — looks smashing in this. Her hair is maybe a little lackadaisical, but that color is divine and the ruffles are sassy and fun. Say hello to your Dad for me, Allison. Maybe a Brian Williams cameo would woo me back…actually, no. But still: good on you, here. Keep it up.