Happy New Year, Fug Nation! Here’s hoping 2024 brings you health, wealth, and great happiness. We’re so happy we’re all still hanging out here — and I thought it might be fun to revisit some of my favorite posts of 2023, in case you missed them!

– After awards season concluded, I wrapped up the awards season wardrobe of best actress and best supporting actress nominees, along with a smattering of other interesting folks; it was really fun! Here they are:

– Related, Andrea Riseborough’s career red carpet retrospective was FASCINATING.

– Seth Rogen has turned into a stealth red carpet force; his red carpet retrospective is one of my favorite pieces from last year.

– I loved looking at everything Margot Robbie wore to promote Barbie.

– Julia Fox was a RIDE this year; this was maybe the wackiest thing she wore, but her entire archive is a treat. (PS: We read her memoir so you don’t have to….but you should, because it was quite good.)

– I LOVED writing these Unhinged Things for Cat Lovers, and for Dog Lovers shopping posts.

The Met Gala afterparty round-up was a treat.

Folks brought DRAAAAAMA to the Met Gala itself and also its beige carpet was hideous this year.

Rita Ora rendered me speechless!

– Lily Allen gave us a real stage-door runway show.

– Cannes happened! Here’s Everything Brie Larson Wore as a jury member! (It was all Chanel.) We also looked at everything Fan Bing Bing wore to Cannes and it was THRILLING.

– Speaking of Cannes, we revisited the 1964 premiere there of The Birds. It got DERANGED.

We also revisited the 2003 VMAs, the premiere of the first Austin Powers movie, and the 1986 Emmy Awards.

The front row of Marni was really entertaining.

– This runway collection wondered if you want to wear a mushroom on your head!


– As always, wild hats were worn to Royal Ascot.

– And sportfaces were made at Wimbledon.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg — it was a fun year, even with the strikes! For which, by the way, we ALSO have a whole archive if you want to revisit everyone’s casual picketwear. Here’s to even more fun, and fewer necessary labor actions, in 2024. (PLEASE, studios, give IATSE a good deal so that we don’t have to go through all that again in March. People need to work!)

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