If Michelle Williams’s award season was the one Where She Was Consistently Nominated But We All Knew She Wasn’t Winning, and Michelle Yeoh’s was The Awards Season Where She Started Winning and Kept Winning and Then We All Knew She Was Likely to Win The Big One, and Angela Bassett’s was one Where She Was the Front-Runner For a Long Time And Then Somehow Lost Momentum After The SAGS But It Was Still Pretty Up In the Air Until The Oscars, and Ana de Armas’s was the one Where She Just Had a Great Time Because She Knew She Snuck In There But No One Was REALLY Mad at Her The Way They Were at Andrea Riseborough, and Stephanie Hsu’s was the one where I forgot to do this little conceit in her intro, and Hong Chau’s was the one where everyone I know mentioned that they REALLY wanted her to have been nominated for The Menu rather than The Whale, then Kerry Condon’s was the one where everyone was like, “oh, that’s nice for her!!!!!!”

She and her stylist Emma Jade Morrison worked together to make this whole thing soothing AF, I’ll tell you what.

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