There is a house in my neighborhood that goes all out with decor for holidays. Around Easter, their lawn is covered with giant decorated Easter eggs. Come September, it turns into a gourd extravaganza. You can imagine the festive vibe around Christmas. And I drove past it this weekend and saw that the entire place was covered with red, white, and blue bunting. It looks like they’re going to be welcoming the president. This is how I realized that the 4th of July is a mere two weeks from today. And while I have, you know, some notes on the current state of the union, it’s also an iconic summer holiday and we deserve to enjoy it. And one of the things you might enjoy — like my neighbor and obviously also myself — are wild and wacky holiday items*. Life is short, if you want to get a small Uncle Sam nutcracker — for $10!!! — what are you waiting for? Or a jumbo inflatable Uncle Sam for under $20? YOLO!

If you’re looking for matching family outfits, obviously, Old Navy is your go-to for reasonable options. (I actually want this navy blue swimsuit regardless of holiday — it’s not AMERICA!!!!!, it’s just got stars on it. It’s only $10!) Target also has a PLETHORA of options, including this timeless instructional hot dog tee shirt and this UNHINGED tee shirt featuring patriotic cats in sunglasses.

If you’re looking for a seasonal door wreath, this one is GORGEOUS and pretty subtle. This one is also really really pretty. This one is NOT subtle, but in a way that I think could work on a lot of homes, depending on your vibe. Like, if you have a sprawling ranch in Montana and have a huge BBQ every 4th. And I hope you do. And I hope you use this mini condiment picnic table for your condiments. I also DESPERATELY want one of you to buy this punch bowl that’s shaped like a flamingo! It’s SO CUTE. Or these ceramic mugs that look like golf bags! Charming!

If you actually do need some bunting for your festivities, Oriental Trading Company has you covered. They are also a great stop if you need patriotic light-up sunglasses. Which I feel like you do.  And, of course, Wayfair is also in the business of unusual items for this holiday, like this enormous garage mural of an American flag and a bald eagle, which will surely inspire some kind of feeling in your neighbors. Perhaps, pair it with this “Patriotic Independence Day Flying Bald Eagle with Hat and American Flag Archway.” (All joking aside, if I were having a big party and had room, I’d set that up over a Slip n Slide and let people go OFF.) Or maybe something here will tickle your fancy:

*Previous entries in this series include Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and summer in general.

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