I must warn you, this post got fully unhinged. There is a five-figure Christmas tree involved. I got into the holiday spirit, okay?!?! (As you can imagine, Neiman Marcus is NOT fooling around when it comes to Christmas stuff.) It’s been a rough couple of years, let’s turn the holidays up to 11. You do only live once.

When I was a kid, we had a vintage ceramic — well, it probably wasn’t vintage at the time — Christmas tree that my mother let me keep in my room and use as a nightlight, and I was obsessed with it. And I’m delighted to report that there are currently so many of them on Etsy! I now own a light up Christmas cactus, which is SO silly and kitschy and it delights me.

Etsy is also a great resource for vintage Christmas tree ornaments — you can usually get a bunch of them for a decent price. I cannot lie: I’m really tempted by a vintage strawberry ornament.  Food ornaments in general are such a hoot — who could resist a deviled egg ornament? Or a stack of pancakes ornament? Or one that’s a bottle of ranch dressing? Or a taco? Or, of course, the classic Stick of Butter ornament?

I also recommend Etsy if you’re in the mood to really splash out on Christmas wrapping paper; I LOVE this shop and this shop, in particular. Don’t you maybe need Fair Isle Sweater wrapping paper? What about some with skiers? Or CATS IN HOLIDAY OUTFITS?! If you’re a dog person, there are also some deeply whimsical wrapping options.

Life is short, so why not be FESTIVE — all caps?! Why not hang this very OTT wreath made of Christmas ornaments? Maybe this is the year you get a totally huge lawn ornament — like this literal giant ornament for your lawn. Or a $29,000 rainbow Christmas tree, which is OF COURSE at Neiman Marcus. (Please, if one of you is very rich, BUY IT. It will look great at your chalet!) That also makes this very cute $98 Christmas ornament garland seem like a real steal. Allow yourself to be mildly ridiculous — get that felt yeti figurine, or the pizza rat ornament. Treat yourself!

Or treat yourself to something here:

ALSO! ICYMI: We’ve rounded up some good advent calendars, and also found you some festive holiday party dresses. Still to come is the annual Tartan Round-Up, and I’m working on a post full of cute Hanukkah stuff! The annual GFY holiday gift guide is also going to be coming your way in just a couple of weeks!

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