Remember last week when I became unhinged writing about Delightful Christmas Stuff? Now it’s Hanukkah’s turn to go ALL CAPS FESTIVE!

I am pleased to note that Target has gone ALL OUT for Hanukkah this year, including a vast variety of options for your pets, like these Hanukkah-themed tennis balls for your dog, and a set of eight toys for your cat. They also have CUTE Hanukkah socks and these very cozy pajamas. Speaking of themed outfits, I also dig this very low-key “Hanukkah vibes” sweatshirt from Hey Alma! But perhaps a more important question is: What about a jelly doughnut purse?

While we’re on the subject of food, someone really ought to buy this Latkes and Lights candle from Homesick, which promises top notes of “baked apple, butter, and potato,” and which is making me hungry even just theoretically. And speaking of latkes, if you need someone to endorse you mail-ordering latkes from Russ & Daughters, I am here to do that, too. While we’re talking about snacks, Zingerman’s has a very tasty-looking special Hanukkah snacky gift box that looks VERY delicious, and I could also go for basically everything in Katz’s Delicatessen’s Hanukkah dinner, which you can also mail order.  Speaking of latkes, do you need Love You a Latke sweater earrings? MAYBE. And this is a VERY cute dish towel with a latke recipe on it if you’d rather get something arguably more practical. (I think it would also make a great print, tbh.)

I’m sure that, if you celebrate Hanukkah, you probably already have a menorah, but do you want to maybe also have a giant inflatable one?!?! How about one (not inflatable!) that is a dinosaur? What about one that’s all bagels? (That’s from an Etsy shop that has A LOT of whimsical menorahs.) If, on the other hand, you’re in the market for something beautiful but also very very expensive — and why not?! — this ceramic Tree of Life menorah is sooooo beautiful and yes it is also $1250 but you’d have it forever! If you’re REALLY looking to splash out, here is vintage bronze one by Erté and it is $11,000.00 (!!!) and it IS really stunning. This vintage “Gio Ponti-style” menorah is SO CHIC and feels comparatively reasonable at $3000.  The Jewish Museum, which is where I found those last three, has so many interesting menorahs — this one looks like a banana!

Etsy continues to be a great resource for great wrapping paper — this is really pretty, and so is this. This one is GORGEOUS and I feel like you could also use it for birthdays and other events.

Finally, before we get to the widget of other delights, I feel like many of you will be interested to know that there is an All of a Kind Family picture book now, called All of a Kind Family Hanukkah. (If you haven’t ever read the All of a Kind Family series of books, it is so charming and wonderful.) I gasped with joy when I saw the news!

Speaking of charming and wonderful, in addition to all the goodies above:

I realize I am really all in on cutie themed pajamas here but, listen, it’s a great time to get cozy.

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