You might be thinking, “it’s too soon for Valentine’s Day,” and I’m telling you that it’s never too soon for cute things with hearts on them, which to me are TIMELESS. You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t be happy to see these very very cute Peanut’s Love sheets year round! Or to eat a heart-shaped waffle any morning! And goodness knows, I love rounding up delightful (and possibly unhinged) holiday stuff. But also: Valentine’s Day is in less than a month and you don’t want to be scurrying around your home muttering things like, “if only I’d been more organized and ordered that Valentine’s Day wreath for my front door!” or “my kingdom for a heart-covered table runner!!” or “what this yard is missing is an inflatable frog holding a sign that says, ‘be my Valentine!‘” That would be disastrous.  (Also, if you think THIS is early, I tootled over to Lands End today and they were advertising for spring break!!!!)

Also, I don’t know your life. Maybe your sweetie needs some insane feather-trimmed pajamas! Maybe YOU need a beautiful silk sleep mask!  Perhaps you’re involved with a man who craves expensive silk jammies covered in panthers! Just look at all these charming and wholesome and cute and sweet Valentine’s Day thingies! (PS: That thing you think is a “Best Friends” necklace is actually A FLASK.)

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