From the person who brought you INSANE CHRISTMAS STUFF, WILD HANUKKAH ITEMS, and OTT VALENTINE’S DAY GEAR, here’s possibly the silliest yet collection of  holiday items for the most non-holiday major holiday of them all! (I am too elderly to go out to the pub on St. Patrick’s Day anymore, but if you’re not, have fun and tip your bartender! It’s on a Friday this year, so I’m sure it will be deranged out there.) And yet who am I to tell you not to get a six-foot tall inflatable leprechaun with accompanying pot of gold for your front yard? On this recent post, where I rounded up the ten most popular items Fug Nation has bought this year to date, several of us discussed the fact that we are now Seasonal Wreath Ladies — including me. Embrace it! I also vote that you embrace the idea of being a Wacky Holiday Decor Person, if you want to be! Life is SHORT. Go for it.

There are, of course, Seasonal St. Patrick’ Day wreaths aplenty — from this comparatively subtle one to this over-the-top one that is actually quite cute if seasonal ribbon wreaths are your jam (like imagine this on the door of your beloved first grade teacher, you know? Shout out to Mrs Highpel!) or even this one that is actually not St. Patrick’s Day themed at all but has a lot of greenery and is just very pretty. Perhaps you want green shamrock hanging lights! Or maybe you are a person who swaps out her shower curtain for holidays — a decorating option that did not occur to me until I saw these, I will be honest. Festive!

Maybe you’d rather just break out the vintage green glasses, or a shamrock table runner. Or these cute crotcheted leprechaun coasters! Or you really want to go off and have a party with a vintage green glass punch bowl. I don’t know your life!

I’ve also just rounded up a variety of items, ranging from GO FOR IT to “I just need a cute green top to wear to work.”  (I also recognize that many of you may work at an office that Embraces Ostensibly Non-Denominal Holidays Although Technically I Know This One Isn’t Secular But Americans Have Sort of Decided That It Is Because That’s What We Do.) Behold:

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