Summer is on the horizon for those of us in this hemisphere — if not literal summer, than the Unofficial Start of Summer, a.k.a Memorial Day Weekend — and you know what that means. It is time to stock up on your sunscreen and look at your beach towels and think about your tote bags and coolers and pool floats and patio furniture and barbeques! For what it’s worth, Wayfair has been having a big “outdoor sale,” in case you need, like, a big umbrella for your deck or a new grill, but it ends today; they also always have a truly bananas amount of pool floats, including floating beer pong, a floaty pizza slice, and this giant pink flamingo. Neiman Marcus has a pool lounger with a motor, so you can buzz around the pool on it; a light-up (!!) pool tube that I honestly kind of want despite not having a pool; and obviously a pool float that says “IT MUST BE BACCARAT” on it (the float is not made of baccarat crystal). I also think one of you needs this floating bar. It’s really cute!

Speaking of crystal, I do recommend plastic wine glasses for BBQs and pool days; these at Crate and Barrel are SO NICE but maybe a little spendy? Anthropologie’s entire selection of outdoor dining gear is GREAAAAAT. And, of course, Target might be a better bet if you just need stemless ones to, like, take on a boat. While you’re at Target, Tabitha Brown’s entire collection is SO summer-y and cute.

Target is also the place where I like to stock up on my beach towels. Look how cute these stripey ones are, and they’re two for $10. It’s also a good place to get some kick-around beach chairs, although am obsessed with my outdoor sling chairs from The Inside. (I have one in the Scalamandre zebra fabric, and one in the Beverly Hills Hotel banana leaf.)

On the tote tip, obviously you’re not going to go wrong with ye olde LL Bean boat and tote, which is the only tote I will ever actually wholeheartedly recommend. It is a great tote! And I speak from experience: I’ve been cleaning out my tote closet and I have like 2000 of them. The B&T is the best of the,.

I also will not rest until one of you buys a margarita machine. COME ON!!!

There’s also all this!

And don’t forget to stock up on sunscreen! While I’m here, I also VERY much enjoy the work of the people of Vacation; I wear the perfume and 30 SPF sunscreen, and have the Pool Boy candle, and really like all of the above – and their packaging and general marketing elan is a HOOT.

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