WTF: Joss Stone

Okay, so I know we say this all the time, but I have to ask:

AOL Build Presents "Water for Your Soul"

LITERALLY, is it her laundry day?

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  1.  ld

    and are all her shoes at the shoe repair?

    •  gryt

      I never could with her assinine non-shoe-wearing on stage, and I still really, really can’t. But, what, she did it everywhere? To an event? Isn’t she afraid to step on glass? On someones loogie? It’s not charming, and it was never charming, so put on a damn pair of shoes, woman! Agh.

      As for her style, hasn’t she always been lite-lite-lite Steven Tyler?

      • Emily PH 84

        Several people in my workplace routinely go barefoot jogging on their lunch breaks. In downtown Chicago. That just seems like a recipe to get salmonella.

        • LoriK

          That’s disgusting. And dangerous. People invented shoes for a reason.

  2.  Brenna

    The ladies of Broad City were right; she never does wear shoes.

  3. Gypsy Danger

    I haven’t thought about her until right now. This is how I expect her to look, including the lack of shoes.

  4.  juliannarose

    does she have time stop magic? you could have told me this was a photo from 2007 and i wouldn’t have questioned it.

    • Hannah

      Seriously. I thought *I* had traveled back in time to reading GFY in 2007!

  5. Printfan

    And because the rest of it is consistent with that footwear aesthetic, I’m going to out on a limb here and say … it’s not that bad?! She is true to her school. A school with a tie-dyed uniform and a Grateful Dead anthem, but true to it nonetheless.

    • rachelee

      I agree, the hippy-dippy side of me is digging this vibe.

    • Machiamellie

      Yeah this is her thing. I think she looks pretty. Wish she had shoes on, but I also wish I had a pony.

      • MerradethJamrag

        I’m also happy to be happy about this . She has coverage ! It’s cheery ! Who cares about shoes ! I want a pony !

    • Del C

      i actually like this outfit more than her usual boho dresses / long skirts because it seems more energetic. she usually looks to me like she’s about to go out to her lanai and chillax on the daybed.

  6.  BeautyMarks

    The fact that I, a 50-something, would really like those pants for my suburban, work-at-home lifestyle, doesn’t speak well of the choice for her.

  7. isaidnoh

    I dunno, the shirt is cute. I’m not mad at the jacket (cardigan?) I would prefer a darker pant, and, you know, shoes, but the top half is good. Her hair is shiny and I like her necklace.

  8.  Rowynn

    I actually like what she’s wearing, and if that is all her real hair, it’s gorgeous. The bare feet – seems unsanitary and a bit dangerous, out in public.

  9.  Megan

    Blanche Devereaux at Woodstock.

  10. A.J.

    I don’t know, the whole thing has a vaguely 1920′s-look to me that I like. I can see myself buying all of those pieces, actually. I may already have that necklace.

    The barefoot in public thing, however, is a hard pass.

  11. meggiemoo

    This is her regular jam, and I like it.

  12.  Rach

    Apparently all her shoes are at the cobbler, too…

  13.  Melissa

    I actually don’t think she looks bad. She hasn’t worn shoes since like 2003 I’m used to seeing her feet. I think she looks happy and those yellow pants are working for her.

  14. Art Eclectic

    I might like that jacket, can’t see enough of it. I also think I might want that shirt in a different color.

  15. Char

    I actually think she looks cute!

  16.  Mina

    Well hello there Joss! We don’t see you around here that much. Keep on dressing so delightfully wacky and maybe we will see you more!

  17. cs

    I like this, it makes me happy. :-)

    • Leah

      I was just coming to say the same thing! It is bright and happy, and I like it!

  18. a

    Where are your shoes young lady?

  19.  Ali

    So springy! I ain’t mad at it.

  20. Nanc

    I like each of these pieces but not together. Go forth and create 3 more outfits and get back to me!

  21. TaraMisu

    This isn’t that bad TBH. I’m not sure I like the cardigan (?) with the shirt and pants, but if she took that off, I think it would be a well played.
    The bare feet though, ewwwww. I can’t imagine the filth and bacteria on her feet.

  22. Phoneybalogna

    So does she take her commuting/travelling shoes off at the door when she reaches her destination? Or go completely barefoot from door-to-door?

    • Jessica

      Good question. She’s on 5th and 55th or something here — I hope to God she wore shoes outside in the middle of Manhattan.

      •  gryt

        She must not be able to go to NYC in mid summer. Or has she after all these years developed such non-feeling on her foot soles that she can walk across asphalt? Maybe she can touch hot pans with those things, no need for oven mitts.

        I don’t really want to see other people’s feet, especially when you haven’t braced yourself. Toes in winter in toeless booties? Feet on a red/gray carpet? Have some consideration. I’m sorry/not sorry, but one should’t force one’s nakedness on other, unwilling people. This includes a disgusting beer gut, an area of the anatomy that only a gyno should see, and it also goes for yer damned feet. As far as gimmicks go, b** please.

  23. SweetArlene

    I think she looks adorable. But I’m an old hippie girl, so yeah.

  24. bee

    I like the outfit, not totally sold on the pants but the shirt is interesting and nice.

    I’m not interested in seeing anyone’s feet or nipples unless I know you and we’re in a home environment (I mean as a street clothing choice, nursing mums are a total exception). I always want to tell people who come into my shop “No shirt, no shoes, no service”.

  25. Andrew S.

    IIRC she retired from music for some time so seeing her anywhere is a comfort and this is so firmly in her wheelhouse that I don’t mind it. Were she to show up styled by Bai Ling – OMG, IMAGINE?! – or more ‘fashion’ savvy in general I wouldn’t even recognize her.

  26. Krissie

    As a teenager I walked around barefoot for a short period of time and got this huge disgusting plantar’s wart on my foot. Took more than six months of various treatments to get rid of it. Ever since then I’ve worn shoes outside of my house. Watch out Joss! Also, it just looks plain dumb to go to events where there will be photographers and not wear shoes.