Well Played/Terrifying Mental Images, Heidi Klum


You know how every year Heidi Klum throws an AMAZING Halloween party and wears an incredibly rad costume? This year, Hurricane Sandy put the kibosh on it, so she threw it over this weekend instead, and called it “Heidi Klum’s Haunted Holiday Party Benefiting The American Red Cross.” So YAY for her making charitable lemonade out of those lemons, and also, you know she was like, “I AM WEARING MY CLEOPATRA OUTFIT COME HELL OR LITERAL HIGH WATER.” Behold.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Carolyn

    Words cannot express how much I love this woman.

  2. Squirrel!

    Did someone take a Bedazzler to her face?

  3. hfree

    I love the Cleopatra costume, but I really don’t get the face crystals. But the girl loves a reason to go overboard with the makeup, which I appreciate.

  4. Mo

    I wish more celebs had been there. Not just because I love seeing awesome costumes but because it was for charity, and it’s not like they don’t have money to go rent a costume and do it up for the evening.

    • Jessica

      I actually think a lot of them probably had other obligations. LOTS of big events over the weekend.

      • Mo

        that is a major bummer. I love Halloween and/or any occasion that requires costumes. It’s especially fun when you have a lot of money to rent or have something made for you that’s particularly fantastic! Hopefully, better turn out next year!

  5. Tar Heel Gal

    Well, if you’re going to go, go big! Poor Santa, bet he suffered a hernia when that getup hit his lap! She looks soooo much like Kate Jackson in that 2nd picture, whoa! I think I saw that guy on an episode of “Angel!” Bedazzler–hee, very clever!

    • Sandra

      He was too busy ogling the cleavage to notice the hernia. And, to be fair, it was served up on a platter.

  6. Jacquelyn

    That’s Mr. J??

  7. Karen G

    You all went to Egypt in 2008?! I am so jealous. My hubby and I went in 2011. End of January, 2011, to be specific, and all we got to see was the Arab Spring. Seriously. We arrived just as protests were starting. Got to see the Pyramid night show (kind of cheezy), the steppe pyramid, and then just the inside of our hotel room for 5 days after that waiting for our tour group to get us the heck out of there. The day we were scheduled to go to the Cairo Museum, it was on fire. Our Nile Cruise – cancelled. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled for the Egyptian people throwing off their dictator. But after 39 years, they couldn’t have waited two more weeks? On our way back from the steppe pyramid, our driver had to back up down the highway to the previous exit to avoid a riot & bonfire of burning tires on the highway. We were driven to our hotel & told to stay there and not go out at all until further notice. Hey, at least it was a nice hotel. We finally were transferred to a hotel nearer the airport, surrounded with tanks & guarded by the military, then flown to Jordan the next evening. We caught a flight from there to Rome & drove from Rome to Paris to fly home. It was fun and all, but not a cruise down the Nile.

    • Jessica

      Holy shit, that is some drama!

      Yes, we went at a very fortunate time. It was a wonderful trip — Egypt is awesome and fascinating, and I would love to go back sometime.

      • Sajorina

        I’m sorry about your experience, Karen G! My father & sister went to Egypt in ’09 and came back home in love with it! I hope you get to go back and do what you had planned to do the first time!

        And, good for you, Heather & Jessica!

  8. Annie

    Heidi needs to find a new schtick. This overboard Halloween thing is played out in a normal year, this year (divorce, Sandy) it just seems particularly uninteresting.

  9. christine

    Before I clicked on the full size picture, I was seriously trying to figure out if the picture was pixelated over her face.

  10. Vandalfan

    The crystals on her face are wretched. She’s pretty enough without a painted sparkly hockey mask. She looks like walking Impetigo. She looks like, yes, a Dr. Who villain.

  11. Tess

    Hoorah! Ever since Halloween, I’ve been wondering, “Whither Klum?!?”

  12. MP

    +1 Annie!
    I find her Halloween costumes incredibly tasteless. She had on an Indian goddess costume on for one of the past Halloweens. I’m not from India but have visited a few times and find that their imagery is incredibly spiritual and meaningful.
    She turned it into the freak side-show that she is.
    Please, Heidi – find a new shtick to stay in the news.

    • Franziska

      I loved the Indian Goddess costume, I thought she looked fabulous. There is also nothing mean spirited behind wearing a costume of a Goddess or God. Isn’t imiitation the sincerest form of flattery? I’m so fed up with all this politically correct thinking, where do you want to draw the line?
      If I had Heidi’s funds I’d throw exuberant costume parties several times a year!

      • Esme

        I agree–come on! You have to have one large pointed stick up your butt to have found that costume offensive. People need to focus their energies on the real outrages that are out there everywhere.

  13. Orange Clouds

    That is awesome, face crystals and all!

    • Scouse Helen

      The ‘pharaohess sitting on santa’s knee’ photo has made my week, and possibly my month. Say what you like about Heidi but she knows how to cheer us up!!

  14. Chanelegant

    That’s a whole lotta look! She should have played Elizabeth Taylor. She would have jumped in Antony’s lap and kissed him like mad. She’s a helluva lot more interesting than LiLo.

  15. CopyChic

    I’m over her Halloween obsession and the lady herself. Particularly after seeing the recent Jordache commercial and with a** prancing across the screen. It was so not charming and fun like seeing Coco Rocha dance in the White House Black Market. More Coco, less Klum.

  16. Nancy

    I immediately thought of Cher. But in Technicolor.

    I’m one of these people who think that Halloween is an awesome holiday – FOR KIDS ONLY. That, and I’m over Heidi Klum. I just rarely think she dresses in a way that doesn’t just desperately scream for attention.

    But a good cause to throw a party for.

  17. Scanderoon

    I’m sorry, but those crystals just make her face look like it’s covered in terribly reflective pimples. NOT A GOOD LOOK.

  18. Sajorina

    I’m all for the Cleopatra with Phoenix wings cape look for Halloween, but that AWFUL makeup crap will hunt my dreams! Didn’t she learn anything from Lindsay playing Liz playing Cleopatra on “Liz & Dick”?

  19. Esme

    Ha ha ha ha ha! This chick is one crazy MFer.

  20. gryt

    She is awesome.

  21. Marie

    The scales on her dress… amazing!

  22. Peachsiki

    I think the crystals were supposed to make her look like a mosaic… that being said, Ancient Egypt is not the Byzantine Empire…

    Also, I thought she was Cher from the thumbnail…

    One more, is it just me or did Jay paint his face whiter? He looks ill.

    I’m glad she host her party for the benefit of the red cross, lovely thing to do.

  23. betonyorgani

    Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any method youll be able to take away me from that service? Thanks!