I had an epiphany while looking at this photo that Taylor Swift right now is the blonde Carly Rae Jepsen. Or, rather, CRJ is the brunette Taylor Swift.

But you feel me: Heavy bangs into her eyes, very bright mouth, both working together to obliterate their eyes and other facial features so that all you see is Fringehead McLippy. It’s not as distracting on Taylor as it is on CRJ, though, so she has that going for her. What of the dress? Well, I wouldn’t hate it, except for the giant darts making boob dimples. The one on the left is so deep you could do a shot from it.

What she wore for her performance, though, took the cake. And then stepped on it.

Pardon me for this, but I cannot resist: She and those shorts should never, ever get back together. Like, EVER.

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