First of all,  WILLS AND KATE ARE HAVING A BABY. I am as excited for them as I would be for people I ACTUALLY KNOW.  I really didn’t call it, I have to say — I thought she had gained a little weight, but I would have bet that we were a couple of months out from any announcement. And, actually, BBC is reporting that she hasn’t hit the 12 week mark yet, and the only reason we’re hearing about it is because the poor thing is in the hospital with morning sickness, so Bump Watch definitely would have been premature — although some of you in Fug Nation had your suspicions last week. I’m so proud.

So,  mazel tov, you crazy kids! I can’t wait to see the maternity wear. Let’s celebrate by looking at pictures from Kate’s visit to her old elementary school this past Friday — which then turned around and released a bunch of school photos of her. They are adorable to me, and I’m sure horrifying to her. The girl is nauseated already, you guys. Give her a break.

[Photos: Getty]