Well Played, Serena Williams


So, okay, we have to work on her tendency to have crazy ragey outbursts during tennis matches, but otherwise I can’t help loving Serena Williams. Especially when she shows up places looking like this:

That is some hot fabulousness right there. I think it’s the best she’s looked in a long, long time, and I want her to do it always. Please, Serena. For us.

But I must add: SWEET FANCY MOSES, lady, you were out half the year with foot problems AND you have chronic knee injuries and ankle issues. BE CAREFUL. American tennis needs you out there.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Christian


  2. Dazie

    Two thumbs up. She looks great!

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Those are some awesome freaking shoes. She looks fierce!

  4. LoriK

    Those shoes are sort of awful in ways that go beyond the fact that they look dangerous for someone with foot issues. The rest of the outfit is great though and I agree that this is the best she’s looked in a long time. The dress also looks much better on her than it did on the model who wore it down the runaway. No offense to the model, but designers really need to stop showing Every. Single. Outfit. on the same body type. Some outfits look better on a woman with a bit more curves.

    • Edith

      Totally agree about the dress; it makes the absolute most of her curvy figure. I cannot imagine it would look good on a size 00 model, but DAMN, it makes Serena’s body look amazing. I mean, she HAS an amazing, athletic body – but often her waist is lost and she looks just boxy or even thick. Here, her waist looks tiny and her chest and butt look curvy but proportionate. AWESOME. Also, red is GREAT with her coloring – and how much do I prefer her with darker hair! Lovely.

      The shoes? Over the top, not my thing, and clearly asking for an ankle injury – but you know she had to avoid fun shoes for months dealing with her injury. If tacky shiny too-high heels make her happy, let her have some fun. She’s brought me too much joy for me to begrudge her questionable shoes for one night.

  5. Gine

    I. Want. That. Dress.

  6. Kit

    When I saw your title on my reader, I thought “It can’t be true!” but then I saw the pic.

    Wow. I think this is the best I’ve ever seen her look!

  7. Pink Coat

    Sorry for going against the grain here but even though she looks better than she usually does I think this still needs some work. The dress needs to be one size bigger and her shoes are FUGLY! I’m not against the color but the design is crappy.

    • Leah

      I think the dress size is fine, but those shoes are awful on many counts.

  8. Lynne

    I’m going with the crowd here. She looks fantastic. I’d love a closer look at the jewelry. Those bracelets look interesting. And could we talk about her hair? Love!

  9. Geemee

    Those shoes are ghetto fabulous, totally “Atlanta hair show,” but that dress is awesome and fits her amazingly. Bravo.

  10. Bevvie Hedstrom

    HATE the shoes from the front. LOVE the shoes from the side. Can I do that?

  11. Victoria

    hate the shoes, love the dress. No, LOVE the dress on her.

  12. Lina

    Okay, normally I don’t really feel the Donna Karan look, but this dress is fabulous and the color is perfect. I’m ignoring the shoes, except to say that Serena wears gold really well. Also, I envy her sense of balance!

  13. Sandra

    I hate the shoes, but other than that she looks great.

  14. TaraMisu

    That dress is FABULOUS!! The shoes…. not so much. But she can carry them off so bravo :)

  15. mary lou bethune

    She looks fabulous !

  16. Carolina Girl

    Serena looks FANTASTIC!
    She should tape this picture to every mirror in her home so that she can remember how she’s supposed to look every time she’s getting dressed.
    I think the problem with the shoes is all the frou-frou stuff on the toe. Take it off, cut the heels down about an inch and she’d be good to go. But, at least they’re not nude.

  17. Béa

    So gorgeous! Both the dress and her hairdo perfectly fit her. I’m not fond of the shoes but I bet she’s glad she can wear heels again.

  18. Crystal

    I think she looks absolutely lovely.

  19. Halo

    Those shoes are fug, mostly because of the weird bow on the front. However, I love the dress on her and I really, really like her hair. She’s gorgeous.

  20. Sarah

    I love the second picture. It’s ridiculous but she knows she looks great and it’s a refreshing change from typical ‘sexy poise.’

  21. Jen S 2.0

    Extra-double yay darker hair, yay shiny shoes (I’d ditch the bow, but that’s a personal-preference quibble), yay super-hot red dress, and yay for rocking the ridiculously fierce figure of a world-class athlete who still has curves to spare. Thumbs way up.

  22. Jennifer

    Wow. Serena Wiliams is smokin’ hot in this outfit! I’d usually hate the bow on the shoes, but I think they give a hint of playfulness to the va-va-voomy red dress. Love that she looks strong, fit, athletic, happy, and sexy all at the same time.

  23. Amber

    Lose the bow on the shoes and I am all over this! She looks fantastic!

  24. vandalfan

    Divine, right until we get down to the shoes. Those are awful.

    • ChristopherD

      Yup, you are so right! And why would a woman with surgery scars on her feet, who relies on her feet, wear those? They are like great big neon signs saying “I have no taste, no sense of self-preservation, in fact no sense what-so-ever!”

  25. Lesley

    Nailed it. She looks incredible. The end.

  26. Anne B

    I was vintage shopping the other day; in the Shoe Room of a consignment store, I ran into a mommy and two little girls. The mommy needed party heels; her girls had an agenda (find the prettiest shoes IN THE STORE! Super dooper high heels! Pink! Sparkles!).

    These are the shoes I know those little girls had in their heads. I feel like each would have smuggled one of them out of that store, then spent the rest of the month taking turns click-clacking around the house, feeling wonderful.

    The dress, on the other hand, is what I have in MY head when I’m looking for a party dress. (It wouldn’t look like this on ME, but even so.)

    Fab, Serena. Thou art ever Fab, but never more so than now. xoxoxo

  27. augogo

    Vavavavoom! This is best she has looked. Ever. It’s great to see this fashion lover get it soooo right.

  28. Sue

    Sha. ZAM!!!

  29. Jo

    Shoes are ick but dress is good!

  30. le

    Her shoes are perfect for the Holidays. I would personaly remove the bow, maybe, but they are beautiful. The dress would not look good on me, so I wouldn’t buy it. I like lean, clean lines and materials cannot resemble Polyester. The material and dress lines are difficult to find these days. I miss the dresses from the 80′s that were so well made. The only designer who still makes them is Ralph Lauren and maybe Armani, but women’s cothing is crap these days. Too tight, nylons, hugging materials, no structure. Surprised we don’t have new designers with such a huge need for great dresses who don’t resemble Christmas trees. Shoes that weigh as much as my car are a turn off also. We need classier, more elegent stylist out there, PLEASE.

  31. ~Lori

    So happy to see her looking so FINE! I have never, ever seen her looking so good. The hair, the dress, the bod – all full-on fabulous. LOVE IT!

  32. Ruby

    Speaking as a big, tall, sturdy girl…any big, tall, sturdy gal who wears super-high platform heels is going to look like a DRAG QUEEEEEN, and that goes triple for someone so visibly muscular. No, super-high platform heels are for petite women who are willing to suffer for some extra height; big gals with foot issues, like Serena and myself, need to wear something a little less extreme.

    Great dress, BTW, it’s the most flattering thing I’ve ever seen her in. Whose is it? Does it come in green?

    • Jaeda Laurez (@Darth

      That’s ridiculous- you may not feel comfortable in them and you may feel YOU look like a drag queen in them, however for the rest of us “tall, sturdy” gals who LIVE in super high and/or platform heels, we’ll keep rocking them and giving Superhero Diva Realness till the casket drops because we look darn good in them.

  33. Amaranth

    I cannot stand Serena as a person — she’s obnoxious, self-centered, and wretchedly ill mannered on and off the court. However, damn if she can’t shine up beautifully. Her hair cut and the darker colour work great with her skin tone. That dress could be a smidge bigger but I love how curvy and healthy she looks. It’s better than I’ve ever seen her. Like the shoe colour but dislike the toe bling and ridiculously high heels myself; chop them to three inches and have a peep-toe or d’Orsays and we’re talking perfection.

  34. Veronica

    She looks amazing! I’m a little torn on the shoes – I love them on the side, but they look a crowded from the front. Maybe get rid of the bow? I do like that she refuses to let her height stop her from wearing platforms, though.

  35. TonyG

    You go Jaeda Laurez! Loved that post.

  36. NYCGirl

    I’m with the “good dress, bad shoes” crowd.

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