Well Played, Prince William and David Beckham


It’s taking all my willpower not to make a “Posh and Becks” joke. And yes, this whole post DOES devolve into just eyeballing the print ads for Becks’s new Belstaff collection and then looking at him in a tee shirt.

(PS: Kate left the house today, too. She’s coming up next. I love it when people leave the house. Everyone should try it.)

[Photos: Getty/Peter Lindbergh for Belstaff]

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  1. llism

    Becks should *always* have eye crinkles. That’s one of my favorite parts of his face.

    Is it just me, or does his jacket seem particularly ill-fitting?

  2. Joanie

    I’m happy to have Wills first thing in the morning. And you said Kate’s up next, so basically my day is progressing better than it started! Woo hoo!

  3.  Fawn

    That link to becks with his kids at the Olympics… it’s just too much. Becks with his kid is one of my absolute favorite things.

    • Jessica

      He is SO CUTE with them. They are often at sporting events here in Los Angeles and he always clearly so involved with them. The time he and Harper were on the Kiss Cam? I DIED: http://www.popsugar.com/David-Harper-Beckham-Kiss-Cam-Video-30648228

      •  karenfromOK

        aw, that was fun to watch. Not just for the kiss, but because they just look so normal & comfortable with their kids. Scrambling for nachos & hot dogs & whatever – it seems obvious they are a FAMILY, not just people who happen to live together.

    •  RebekahMacd

      Seeing men being charming with their children is one of my weaknesses. It increases their hotness quotient about 5,000,000%. Watching hubby with our daughter is my favourite thing in the world.

    • Stefanie

      The entire London Olympics were my basically my favorite thing ever. I want to go back!

  4. Beth

    I was looking at this photo series, thinking, “He really IS so hot,” and then…the tats. Sorry, not a fan of blue arms.

    • Marnie

      And his voice. I cannot get past it. Just sit there looking pretty in a beard and jacket please and thank you.

      • Faye

        LOL! I was literally just going to post the following: While Becks seems like a nice person, and I love pics of him and his kids, and *nobody* could beat him as a footballer in his heyday, he just holds no sex appeal for me. Something about the tattoos and the squeaky voice. I thought I was the only one around these parts who feels that way, but at least there are two others! I no longer feel so alone :).

        • greatwhitenorthchick

          You are not alone. I do not find him sexy in the least. OK-looking, but not sexy.

          • Kate

            Not alone. Becks is a big “what?” for me, and even more so with a beard. Def nope, would not bang. Fortunately for everyone, the option is unlikely to be offered. He seems … uh, much nicer than a lot of other prominent sports figures? That’s all I got.

        • MaryAnne

          Me either – he’s fine (as in acceptable, not “foinnnee”) … but then I also cannot see whatever it is in Jon Hamm that knocks everyone else’s socks off, so I am clearly not the mainstream Fug National!

  5. Marian

    Hi Jessica,

    Totally off topic (but David Beckham posts are always much appreciated), I don’t know if you’ve heard of this show but it sounds like something you would enjoy. It’s a hit period drama from Spain called The Time In Between. It involves people having romantical problems in the past and those problems later give way to war time, Nazis and spies.


    Maybe you could fug cap it?

    • Faye

      It’s also on Dramafever! Free with commercials for all, commercial-free if you’re a paying member, such as K-drama addicts like me :). Good recommendation.

  6.  Rowynn

    They really should have had a shot of him and Benedict Cumberbatch – Belstaff is the maker of Sherlock’s coat. I think that coat is about 50% of Sherlock’s visual appeal.

  7.  RebekahMacd

    Dim but irresistible is definitely accurate. He is rather pleasant to look at, despite the somewhat tight jacket in the photo with International Treasure Michael Palin. Not sure I dig the full beard on him, though. Maybe it just needs a little trimming. My husband always looks hotter after he’s trimmed his beard.

    •  Rowynn

      I’m giving you a Thumbs Up just for observing that Michael Palin is an International Treasure. I couldn’t agree more.

    • filmcricket

      Right? I stopped looking after Michael Palin showed up, because: Michael Palin!

  8.  Miranda

    I’d rather have Michael Palin. H’es handsome, doesn’t have the squeaky voice, he’d make you laugh for ages, and he is not a moron.

    • Sasha

      Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

      Becks and Ronaldo and their ilk are for casual ogling every now and then. But for staying power I’ll always take a nice, worn-in Palin or Bill Nighy or Liam Neeson, or…well. you get the idea.

      •  Lucille Austero

        Bill Nighy. That’s all, just Bill Nighy.

        • Faye

          For real. If anyone is proof that sexy is all about attitude, he’s it. Don’t know how it does.

          P.S. Love your screen name!

        • Joanie

          Apparently the Bill Nighy Appreciation Society continues to grow!

          We’ll have to have separate panels and discussions during our Fug National Convention.

          And we can add Michael Palin, John Cleese, Billy Connelly, Craig Ferguson, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, and what? Sean Connery? Who else must we add? Oh, yeah! Eddie Izzard is one. Just get me your list and I’ll get to work. lol

      • Beth

        mmm…Liam Neeson…mmm…

      •  RebekahMacd

        For me it was always Gabriel Byrne. Even as a 12-year-old I preferred the Professor to Laurie. Oh, and Ciarin Hinds, especially in Persuasion. Must be something about the Irish.

    •  Ashley

      Palin was one of my very first crushes :) There was nobody cuter than him circa early Monty Python, and hot damn has he aged well!

      •  ShannonTX

        Oh, lawds, I thought I was the only one who had a supersized crush on Bill Nighy! I just adore him. Ciarin Hinds, as well. Rebekah, I am sure you are watching Game of Thrones with Ciarin as Mance Rader (he’ll be in Sunday’s season finale!), but he also played Mr. Rochester in one of the umpteen versions of Jane Eyre. VERY smoldering. Also, I love Persuasion. It’s my favorite Austen read. And he was great as Captain Wentworth.

  9. NinjaGaiden

    Is it just me, or does the shot of William’s speech notes (which are brilliant, by the way–I’m totally in on a confab on men who wear blue suits if the two of them are there) make it seem that Becks is wearing charcoal pants and a navy jacket?

    Also, if I wasn’t already pregnant the shot of Posh and Becks at The Wedding would have made my ovaries pulse. As it was, I’m pretty sure the baby did a somersault. She’s got good taste already.

    • Entry Level Cartier

      Totally. In a few others it’s also clearly not a matching set. Oh well, he’s still dreamy.

  10. Terry

    Michael Palin looks great! He’s 71, I think. I wish he’d do another travel show.

  11. Sandra

    If you subscribe to Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences (click bolded text to learn more), Becks is brilliant in his primary domains of kinesthetic and spatial intelligence. Linguistic and naturalistic, not so much. That voice! And not in a good way. :-(

    But he sure is pretty and I love that he and Posh so clearly love their children and spend a lot of time with them.

  12. Karen

    Jessica, my deep and abiding love for you is all that’s tempering my indignation that you didn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE Michael Palin in slide #4….

  13. Cat

    Even if Becks is a bit dim, he’s probably still miles above Ryan Lochte. And he looks damn good.

    • camille

      I mean, my cat is miles above Ryan Lochte, brains-wise, and she runs into walls on the regular.

      •  julyol1972

        Thank god I finished eating before reading this, or my boss would be giving me major side-eye right now. You are a gem!!!!

  14. Katrina

    Ahhhhh! I was supposed to go to bed early tonight but instead I fell into a black hole of David Beckham photos! I don’t know if I love or hate you guys for that. But I’m leaning towards thanks because I just revisited:
    (1) that Olympics slideshow of ovary busting adorableness, particularly the picture where Cruz and Romeo are hugging him
    (2) That ANGRY shot of him during World Cup 2010 is probably one of my favorite photos of him ever. Man gives HOT b**chface.
    (3) My favorite of them all – the photo of him celebrating Real Madrid’s 2006/07 La Liga title with his sons. That was such a poignant moment for him for so many reasons (the La Liga title was only won in dramatic fashion on the last match day, he had difficulties with the coach, it was his only title with Madrid) and it was lovely to be reminded of that.

    Who cares if I wake up late tomorrow then?

    •  Amaranth

      Agreed. Hot and angry Becks is THE BEST PHOTO of him. Who knew I would like him in a suit as much as I liked him suited up? :D

  15.  Snowedintoday

    I am much more taken by the two other bearded guys in the second ad. Becks does nothing for me :-)

  16.  karenfromOK

    Posh posted a couple of pics of Becks on his trip – accented with little cartoon animals! This one’s my favorite, because he has a frog on his head:


  17.  Ashley

    Bonus Michael Palin!! I was not prepared for that. Hello there, First Love.

    Re: the Belstaff ads: I want IN on that party.

  18. dspiral

    “Slightly dim but irresistible” is a description I can get behind! Also, does anyone remember him doing that bit with Ellen where he’s in disguise trying to spray shoppers with his “Beckham” cologne? He was irresistibly funny :)

  19. Jules

    I have always thought Beckham holds a slight resemblance to Sting. Much younger, of course, but like they could be related. After that last bearded picture, I think one of them needs to get on Ancestry.com pronto.

  20. Christine

    I’m sure it’s a betrayal of something or other, but I still prefer him without the beard.

    Wills isn’t going to grow a beard, is he? I don’t think he’s allowed, right?

  21.  Mrs. Ditter

    Holy cow, slide 3! Posh (the Royal Variety) looks EXACTLY like his mom in that picture.

  22. S

    Does anyone know if the doc will be shown in the US? BBC1 realizes I’m an Anglo-wannabe trying to access from Seattle.

  23. E

    Am I the only one who thinks that David Beckham with a beard looks like he’s trying to channel Ricky Gervais as David Brent (on The Office)?

  24. Alanna LIkeTheCity

    Michael Palin does have a “new” travel series. It was shown on the BBC in 2012 but is just being shown on PBS now.


    I guess Becks must go to Brazil in his documentary? Which explains the tenuous link for having Michael Palin there? Whatever, I’ll take Michael Palin whenever I can get him. And yes, I choose him over Becks. Brains before beauty!

  25. Tina

    I’ve never been a particular fan of Beckham, but the programme was great and really showed him as a caring father (you can’t fake that rapport), he was genuinely moved by notes that the children had left him in his case. He was patient and kind with all the fans and really seemed like a good man. I was very impressed.

  26.  Chris P

    It’s taking all my willpower not to make a “Posh and Becks” joke.

    So tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

    That said, I have notes:

    1) Strangely (well, according to Fug Nation anyway – does this mean I lose my citizenship?), I’m pretty much down on bearded Becks.

    2) To be fair, Becks could get me to sign off on ANYTHING. Seriously, a beard is nothing – put him in Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe (obviously with the bottom taken in) and dollars to doughnuts Fug Nation would lose their damn minds over it.

    4) By this point, Bearded!Becks is kind of wearing on me. Okay, it’s still David Beckham, but it’s like a lesser David Beckham. It’s like

    6) To be fair, hasn’t that been 99% of Becks’ existence? (Oh yeah, and that football thing. But mostly him standing around looking shaggable.)

  27.  CynthiaW

    I want that girl’s outfit in the advert – I even have a motorbike on which to wear it.

  28. Beth Y. 

    Becks is not tall, is he? William kind of towers over him.

    If you’re looking for another “handsome celebrity rides a motorcycle in remote locations” documentary, check out Ewan McGregor in “Long Way Down.” Fabulous!

    • Beth Y. 

      Oops – Long Way ROUND first. Now I see I actually missed that there was a second one! Off to track down Long Way Down!

    • Jessica

      Becks CLAIMS he’s six feet, but I don’t know if he’s quite there. BUT William is like tall-tall — 6’4 or something.

      • Beth Y.

        I didn’t realize William was THAT tall.

        Sorry to have impugned your height, Mr. Beckham!

  29. annmartina

    Let’s not forget the uber-adorable Michael Palin! Who could out-travel Becks under the table!

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