Well Played, Mischa Barton


I don’t know if June Ambrose is still styling Mischa Barton here:

But if she is, Mischa needs to send her a bonus. RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

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  1. Mahastee

    Wow! Her hair and face look washed and I must HAVE that dress!!!

    Dunno about the shoes, but the pretty dress is keeping my attention away from them, so who cares?

  2. Jen

    Aw, she looks gorgeous! THIS is why I was always jealous of how beautiful she was on the O.C. I had forgotten!

  3. Mongerel

    WOW! I got whiplash I jumped back so hard. Man oh man, that is stunning.

  4. Christian

    Very nice! My only complaint are those inescapable nude platforms, which is a trend that just won’t f*cking die.

  5. that girl

    Putting a bird on it really does work.

    I want this dress.

  6. Hedstan

    At least the nude platforms have a hit of sparkle so they aren’t quiet as boring as usual.

  7. sarah

    I would like that dress in my closet asap. Thanks!

  8. Mahastee

    Omg, I love this dress even more after searching to find it. Turns out Mischa is wearing it in Ireland to promote a stage production of Steel Magnolias, in which she stars with MADGE from NEIGHBOURS. Kylie’s Mum!

    Also, it is only 57 pounds – For once a celeb is wearing something I could actually buy without years of debt and guilt!
    Here’s the link for fellow Fug Nation Patriots.

    • True_Blue

      Thank you for the link. Unfortunately the vendor (which is in Ireland) does not ship overseas. Drat!

    • Elle

      Oh man. If only the retailer shipped to the U.S. I would totally buy the hell out of that dress.

    • Julie

      She looks fantastic and I can’t believe that dress is from Littlewoods! I’d totally buy it except they don’t have it in my size :-(

      Also: Madge!

  9. Amy

    Wow – that is the best she has looked in ages! Very fresh & natural, and HEALTHY! Go Mischa!

    • Jamie

      Seriously – my exact thought. The best she’s looked in years. I hope she keeps it up. I’d love to see her pull herself together and get some work.

  10. Corriner

    I’m so happy to see her back in fine form- I never voted for her in Fug Madness because she always made me so sad and clearly had a lot going on which was affecting her sartorial judgement…

    Its really so nice to see her looking happy and fresh and back to a brunette! Yay Mischa!

  11. Kristen

    Oooh! That looks like a Dorothy Perkins dress.

  12. PinkieBling

    Aww, this makes me happy.

  13. Anna Svahn

    She looks lovely but I wish I couldn’t see her black bra under her armpit.

  14. ML

    Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like.

  15. fridita

    Ohhhhh….. This pleases me. This really makes me happy. Honest to blog…. this may have just made my day.

  16. vandalfan

    If I could make one inch of the shoe platforms disappear, it would be flawless. Her makeup is so pretty and understated, her hair looks clean and combed, yet artfully tousled.

  17. CJ

    Very cute. I hope she continues to get her act together. She got her acting start on stage, so hopefully this will get her back on the path of not being a hot mess.

  18. Bubba

    Fabulous dress. Add me to the chorus of “I want”. She looks great.

  19. Jen from cincy

    She honestly looks fantastic. I never expected to say that again about her, given her past downward trajectory! So cute and fresh. Go MB!

  20. Shiitake

    Finally. Micha looks fantastic!

  21. Amanda

    She’s beautiful. Just missed the picnic basket and the rabbits around her. So so so fresh and clean!

  22. witjunkie


  23. Aly

    Aww she looks so fresh-faced and pretty! I’ve always thought Mischa was amazingly gorgeous but these last 5 years have been rough for her, looks-wise (career-wise too…). I’m happy to see her getting her act together again.

  24. Mahastee

    I can’t find any vendors who will ship this dress to Oz. Le sigh.

  25. Sajorina

    OMG, she looks AMAZING! That dress & those shoes are awesome and she’s rocking them with aplomb! Her hair is lovely and she looks healthy… I’m so proud of her! BRAVO, Mischa! FAB!!!

  26. VanDee

    Super cute! Mischa, you look so healthy and pretty again!

  27. gryt

    She is so gorgeous. Hello supermodel! She looks like Paulina Porizkova.

  28. Kris M

    I’ve never seen her look so good on this site! All her “well played”s are basically well-played-for-her. This one is a genuine WELL PLAYED! Kidnap this make-up artist Mischa!