Well Played, Lea Michele


Giving up Glee has done wonders for my feelings re: Lea Michele.

Now, I can just note that she looks adorable and summery (and leggy, and well-shod) in this without lapsing into some caps lock-filled rant about how mad Glee is making me. This must be what it’s like when you escape from the Mafia! With more talk about strappy sandals, sure, but still.

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  1. Libby

    I like it okay, but the boxiness of her torso, courtesy of the dress, makes it a Meh Played for me.

  2. Willow

    I have been unable to shake Glee, I just love the cast so much, but this week’s episode genuinely made me Rage Quit. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.

    • Eliza Bennett

      ME TOO. The worst part about Glee (y’know, if I had to pick) is that they’re selectively preachy. Which is how we get a very good solidly written episode about the stigma surrounding reporting domestic violence PLUS hofied swanning around in lingerie by supposed teenagers with BONUS sexual harassment. How in the hell does Puck get away with (a,) that HAIR and (b, ) trying to screw his way to an undeserved grade and (c) statutory rape? Did anybody else get that? He was talking about sleeping with sophomores, who at oldest would be 15, and he’s at least 18. He would have to register as a sex offender in the real world, but in Gleeland, no, as long as he goes to college, everything’s fine.
      Oh, and I really like this little outfit on Lea Michele. Very refreshing and non-nekkid for her!

      • Lauren

        I gave up Glee half way through this last season and haven’t missed it once!! It basically became Ryan Murphy’s outlet for his personal agenda in my opinion and completely lost the whole point of the show in the first place!! It’s like they didn’t even remotely try to make it even one bit believable. Good riddance, my life it better without it:) I do love Darren Criss though!:)

        • Adriele

          Lauren, you just said it PERFECTLY: “It basically became Ryan Murphy’s outlet for his personal agenda in my opinion and completely lost the whole point of the show in the first place!!” AMEN sister.

          I love the music, but the plot lines have been pissing me off.

  3. Eliza Bennett

    Um. forgot the close tag on my italics. Sorry.

    • Jessica

      What IS up with Puck’s hair? I saw an ad and HOW DOES HE STILL HAVE THAT MOHAWK?!?!

      • Willow

        it’s worse than that, they seem to have literally taken to gluing pieces of carpet to his head, it’s tragic.

        • Eliza Bennett

          I know! Anyone dumb enough to think that hair looks good is not college material. I just..I can’t. He’s like a Hunger Games Dating Show host.

  4. Gigi

    Nice and covered but still kicky and covered. I bet this is even cuter in motion. Is Lea trying to woo us back to Glee by covering her bits?

  5. JessicaAZ

    I broke up with Glee too – it was killing me! So cute an quirky in the beginning and then…ugh! Lea looks so cute here, love the dress! I would prefer a more funky shoe (maybe a pop of color?) but still so cute! Extra bonus points for no hard pose!!

  6. Margaret

    plus, she’s not saying, “look at me! I’m so sexy! look at me! don’t you think I’m sexy?”

  7. Stefanie

    See now, if THIS Lea Michele was the one rep’ing Glee at events, rather than Pose, Pose, Head Down, Vag out Lea Michele, I might have actually started watching Glee.

  8. val.

    I think she’s cute here, and I really like the dress. I don’t think the hair is the most flattering thing ever. The bangs don’t look great and the rest of it is slicked back a little too much. Maybe a messier updo would have worked better here.

    (I had to stop watching Glee halfway through the 2nd season. I just couldn’t take it anymore!)

  9. that girl

    No one else thinks she has kind of a bobble head in this picture?

  10. TaraMisu

    This is really cute on her …. and I think I can ALSO say that because I gave up Glee after ep 1 this season. It was very freeing and I’m a better person for it :D

  11. Girlin

    Great legs and shoes but I totally agree there is a touch of the box torso and the bobble head about this look. Still it is a vast improvement on the Marchesa fungus growth dress that still features in my nightmares..

  12. Shiitake

    The leggyness and shoes are a good combo.

  13. Sophie

    She looks cute and happy! I like this relaxed pose, without any sucking in or jutting forward or pouting.

  14. anne p.

    Glad she’s eased up on the pedal a little — much better than usual.

    But I do have a problem with the hem — out of alignment and looks like it was hastily tacked up shorter (still a little of the usual Lea).

  15. Popcouver

    I dig this! I think she’s adorable and I’m excited to see what she does post Glee. Speaking of, you all made the RIGHT CHOICE in quitting Glee. It was SO BAD this week, it hurt.

  16. Cranky Old Batt


    • Lilibet

      Exactly! It’s the short sleeves and the short skirt, they don’t suit her at all. She looks too grown up and normal to wear a dress like that. NB I have never watched Glee.

    • Debbi

      AGREE!!!! I have always thought her head is too big for her body. Of course “bobblehead” is a much funnier way to express it. THAT’S well played.

  17. Sajorina

    It is an improvement… She actually looks her age and doesn’t seem to be trying too hard! I like the simplicity and casualness of the dress (it looks comfy) and the cute strappy heels are perfect for it! I just wish she had worn her hair down, like casually tossed, and earrings! Still, FAB! And, I also kind of quit “Glee”… It happened naturally, I just kept missing episodes until I didn’t miss the show anymore, but I do miss Jane Lynch!

  18. Ann

    Hmm…looks like a tennis dress to me. A fancy, one mind you. But she wouldn’t look out of place holding a racquet.

  19. Clarence Beeks

    She looks cute here, She has great legs, and she is not trying to be sexy.

  20. Sam

    So glad I gave up “Glee” too. It had some occasionally hilarious one-liners, but ran itself in circles thanks to Ryan Murphy and his two-second attention span concerning plotlines. All of his shows pile on the drama at first (which draws a lot of attention) but then he very quickly runs out of ideas and resorts to turning the bulk of his characters into mean, bitter people through a lot of abuse or misfortune, or they just retread the exact same waters, giving the characters selective amnesia about the emotional growth they seemingly displayed in order to move beyond such issues.

    Plus the disturbing fact that Glee covers are mostly tacky and overproduced, almost never coming close to the original songs, yet they make a mint selling those sub-par recordings. Yuck.

  21. Chasmosaur

    My father and I are having a disagreement about me giving up Glee. He’s still dedicated to it because he thinks Lea Michele has a wonderful voice. I’m trying to figure out when he gets to hear Lea Michele’s voice these days, as Glee has turned into the Darren Criss show. However we both think Smash is so horrible it’s good. ;)

    As for the dress – yes, a bit bobblehead, but that’s her, not the dress. I’m wondering if she heard everyone making fun of Angelina Jolie’s Oscar carpet posing and comparing Jolie to her, and is trying to dial back.

  22. Ms.A

    The dress is cute, and the look is ok overall, accept for the hair.

  23. S

    I love this look! Of course, I wore a very similar dress last year, only long sleeved. It was comfortable but sparkly and the short skirt balanced out the overall looseness.

    Honestly, we can’t complain about the prevalence of skintight bandage dresses and then complain about a very cute but looser dress that shows a lot of leg. If it was more fitted, the look would be totally different and the short skirt would be slutty.

  24. katkin74

    Well! Very cute, and she’s not overposing the hell out of it. All in all a nice little picture of her.

  25. Aria

    I love it! So cute. I don’t mind the boxiness of it b/c she is so tiny and the skirt is so short — I think the boxiness keeps it from looking too sexy/skanky.

    And I sort of unintentionally gave up Glee right after Whatshis name asked Rachel to marry him. I was out of town or something and missed the next few episodes, and then they took a long break and now, though my DVR has not acknolwledged it, I think I am ready to break up with Glee — haven’t watched any of the 5 or 6 eppys recorded and can’t seem to work up the excitement to do so. I also sort of love having my Tuesday nights back (i.e., away from the TV) with the exception of 1/2 hour for Cougar Town.

  26. Maria

    Am I the only one getting an Eighties vibe from this?

    I think I wore a similar dress, in blue, to a dance in 1985.

    Are the 80s back???