Well Played, Julianna Margulies


I might have done a red lip. And you know I would have worn a bracelet — I should have just gone ahead and bought all bracelets for all my gifts this Christmas. Enjoy, Dad! — BUT, with that said, having said that:

She looks pretty damn great. Although, shoe-wise, I maybe — no. You know what? I’m getting out now. Way to go, Julianna Margulies. You are gorgeous and you always look like a class act and The Good Wife is really REALLY good this season, so please do carry on.

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  1. laziza

    How is it possible that I thought this was Sandra Bullock for a second? Am I insane? Setting that aside, yes: beautiful.

  2. kickassmomnyc

    I covet that dress. Really.

  3. Jen

    She looks beautiful. That’s such an unusual length, isn’t it? But it works so well here.

  4.  AM

    I might have thrown on some black hose, but agreed that she looks really nice.

  5. Rosemary

    Not sold on the Frankenberry hair.

  6.  TaraMisu

    Love the dress, loathe the shoes. I agree that it NAB but that’s a minor quibble.

  7. Loxy

    The Good Wife has NEVER been better.

    GFY needs some Josh Charles up in here.

    • Jenny

      I like to think the Fug Girls have an appreciation for both Knox Overstreet and Dan Rydell, in addition to Will Gardner.

    • Erin

      Girl, YES. And Josh Charles was SO GOOD and hot and sad and sexy in Sunday’s episode. I know he’s kind of a creep on the show (well, not kind of), and yet I still love him and ‘ship him and Alicia 4-EVA. I’m now speaking in teenage girl–please shoot me.

    • Mavis

      Every episode, I think, “The Fug Girls should fugcap this show.” Then I think it would repeatedly consist of the following statements:

      * Look at Diane’s amazing, well-accessoried dress!
      * Check out Alicia’s funky-cool suit!
      * Dig Kalinda’s jacket/boots!
      * How hot is Will/Cary while arguing that case?
      * Plus Eli Gold shenanigans and love for whichever talented guest star is on that week!

      Not that there’d be anything wrong with that. This is now at the top of my holiday wish list.

  8. Esmerelda

    She looks fab! Bracelet and a bit of lip color would be great, but those are minor quibbles. Even when I don’t love what she’s wearing she always looks incredible and incredibly classy. And apparently I need to get some of whatever she’s using on her face because she’s aging beautifully!

    • Lori

      jumping on the whither the lippy train. JM in a scarlet lip is second only to JM in a dark burgundy lip.

  9. greatwhitenorthchick

    Like the dress. Don’t understand this hair, with the teased bit of pompadour. She looks much better when her hair frames her face. And yes on the lipstick, always! Shoes are OK; I’m sure she could have found black shoes with a little zip.

  10. sarah

    Where’s her hot hubby?

  11. Gigi

    I’ll take a nude lip over a nude shoe in this case, if we have to choose. She really does looks terrific.

  12. Alicia

    Bloody awful eye-makeup.

  13. Val

    Here’s the thing: I understand and accept “fine tuning” criticism of individual ensembles but you have to give the Ms. Margulies props for the fact that she consistently dresses well and stylishly. Unlike many other ladies we see on the red carpet, it seems like she has a really good sense of more classic, timeless fashion rather than being a victim of the latest fashion whim.

  14. Anne

    I don’t know if the bodice of this lovely dress includes actual transluscence, but it feels to me like transluscence done right (for ONCE). Just the merest soupcon of a hint of the scent of transluscence to convey mystery, allure, and fascinating beauty.

    Rather than, say, a cellophane wrapping for unhinged ladyparts and buttflesh.

  15.  HelenBackAgain

    This is great on her, but it’s a resort-wear day dress and it looks like one. Not appropriate for a gala dinner in NYC winter, Margulies. You can do better.

    Hate the blue eyeshadow and flesh-tone lip on her, too. She’s so ridiculously beautiful! How hard can it be to make her up in flattering tones?

    Nice updo, anyway.

    • Rachael

      Are we looking at the same picture? When I think of resort-wear day dresses, I think of tropical-print mumus and sundresses, which this is not even approaching. I will therefore disagree strenuously with your assessment of the dress. I agree on the lip. But I kind of like the eyeshadow, though.

      •  HelenBackAgain

        We are looking at the same picture. This isn’t for lounging at the pool, obviously, it’s for going to lunch or dinner. At a resort someplace warm.

        It’s from the spring resortwear collection by the designer, whose name I knew yesterday but which escapes me now, and they put it in that collection intentionally.

        • Rachael

          I still find it weird that this would be designated resortwear, but if the designer is designated it resortwear, then I stand corrected. The top looks like plaid to me, which read holiday, which to my mind is the opposite of resortwear. But I am not a designer, so I will therefore only merely mildly disagree with your assessment, instead of strenuously disagreeing :)

  16. Julia

    She is just the best. If GFY did Good Wife recaps, I would probably die of happiness. The wardrobes on that show are pretty flawless though, so maybe there wouldn’t be much in a clothes-related way to discuss, but we could instead talk about ALL THE DRAMA of this season.

  17. Sally

    I read “Julianne Moore” and had a minor panic attack. This is gorgeous for Julianna Margulies (altho would like a redder lip) but not so much for Julianne Moore.

  18. CC

    She looks great, and I adore the dress. I’m a big fan of black and white. Everyone likes having a LBD, but I think a properly tailored black and white dress is always a home run.

    Someone above wrote that it was inappropriate because it is a day dress. Though it might have been designed for daywear, I think it’s a great choice here. This is for a children’s charity, so I think the white brightens up the ensemble; you wouldn’t want to look like you were at a funeral for this event. She is obviously groomed and accessorized for big event. And, perhaps because men wear tuxedos at these events, I always think black and white ensembles for women (especially with sparkly accessories) look great at night too.

  19. Carrie

    You were gonna say you wanted a nude pump, weren’t you? ;)

    • CC

      Was the nude pump question for me?! I know I am one of the few who commenters who actually dig nude pumps.

      Actually, no, I really like the black pump here. It’s not that I want nude pumps with everything! It’s just that I am not a nude pump hater!