Well Played Inauguration Events, First Family


Regular readers know we don’t often cover Michelle Obama because we tend to steer away from anything that could veer into a political discussion. That being said, how could we not take a look at what FLOTUS wore to yesterday’s Inauguration and attendant events? I am confident that Fug Nation can set aside their politics (if need be) to enjoy OUTFITS and COATS and BANGS and DRESSES and GLOVES and BRACELETS.

[Photos: Getty]

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  1. Other Emily

    Sasha kills me. She is exactly what my sister (and my stepdaughter) were like at 11 — sulky and pissed at anyone that made them do anything that wasn’t precisely what they wanted to do at that very moment. Hilarious. And she’s very adorable. Love Mrs. Obama’s clothes, as always. I’m…okay with the bangs, I think. Maybe I don’t love them, but neither do I find them offensive.

    • Annie E

      Sasha gave this enormous yawn during the ceremony yesterday that was broadcast at least across the screens on the Mall, but maybe everyone saw it in TV. It was hilarious/adorable.

  2. China

    I’m on board with the bangs. I think they make her look younger and soften her strong features.

    • GFY Heather

      I think the opposite — she looks much harder to me.

      • deee

        I wouldn’t say she looks younger but she does look more modern. And harder.

        • Emma

          I love bangs in general (I have them, and I keep a mental list of famous people who look good with bangs to reassure myself that I shouldn’t grow them out), but I think Michelle is prettier without bangs.

          I like the cardigan, though. Cropped cardigans are neat and preppy and turn a really dressy dress into something a little more low-key. Also, I approve of women generally who dress for the weather. I think brides should be allowed to have little cardigans.

  3. AJ

    I love them and want to join their family SO bad.

    The bangs are doing what bangs do… switching it up a little and having some fun without doing anything super dramatically different. Come on ladies, we’ve all been there.

    If anything, they provided us with the wonderful moment where THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES gave them a shoutout in his speech. “I love Michelle Obama… and I love her BANGS!”

  4. BA

    Don’t like the bangs or cardi–the rest was spot on!

  5. Anne

    I love Mrs. O’s bangs, maybe partly because it makes her look a bit like my very favorite Barbie doll ever, Black Francie. Especially with the paler pink lipstick.

  6. Callie

    Those girls are the best, they must have had a really weird four years yet seem totally normal and grounded and thinking about One Direction at crucial moments in world history.

    I particularly loved Michelle Obama’s coat and gloves ensemble and kind of wish we were drinking buddies. She looks so much fun.

  7. hb

    I love the bangs, agree that they make her look younger and flatter her face.

    A+ for all the looks across the board.

    I also NEED that Thom Brown coat…off to google it!

  8. Erika

    Sasha was killing me during the inauguration–she looked totally distracted. During the benediction, CBS focused on her, and she was the one who kept looking up. In general, she really did look cranky. Love how Malia photobombed her, too. http://usm.ag/VMWUgS

  9. Gine

    She looked fab. I like the bangs, but I like them better when her hair is slightly curled, like it was at the ball–when her hair is straight, they look just a smidge severe. Still, it’s a fun look for her.

    Sasha and Malia now join the every-growing “Children who are more stylish than me” club.

    • Trent

      Completely agree about the bangs — Mrs. Obama’s hairstyle looked great at the ball with the ends flipped; just okay before that. That red Jason Wu dress, however, was PERFECTION. Striking, elegant, utterly flattering. Her flawless style plus POTUS’s obvious love for his wife made me smile all last night.

      On the other hand: while I know they are her trademark — she wore one to meet the Queen, after all — Michelle’s cardigans have to GO. Or at least be worn only to pick the girls up after school and on Target runs, NOT at official functions. Just too casual, IMO.

      • Jen S 2.0

        Agree re the cardigans. Cardigans are not dressy items of clothing. At all, ever. I was amazed / horrified when I heard someone say they could dress something up with a cardigan. Um, exactly how is that possible?

        • Katie Lynn

          Say wha? You must not be purchasing your cardis at the right place. I love me a good cardi, especially when it’s embellished. I am in HEAVEN.

        • Bambi Anne Dear

          I love sequins and beading on a cardie. The evening cardie!

  10. karen

    I may be in the minority but I wasn’t that crazy about the patterned coat. I think the solid pops of color from the girls’ coats worked better on tv.

    Also, not sure about the bangs, I liked her hair off her face – she has a wonderful face, why hide it?! But I also get the urge to change up my look, so who am I to judge?

    LOVED the red dress. She looked so elegant and classy. It also looked comfortable while showcasing her fabulous arms!

    Basically, I adore the whole family & wish they’d invite me over for family game night. :)

    • Daffodil

      @karen, you are RIGHT ON about Mrs. Obama’s lovely face. I have bangs because I do not have a smooth, unwrinkled forehead. If I HAD a smooth, unwrinkled forehead, like Mrs. Obama’s, I would not have bangs. (This is really, really similar to the story of why I wear sleeves and Mrs. Obama does not.)

      Also, I used to envy her ability to switch up her hairdo fairly radically by arranging it different ways, curling it, straightening it, pinning it up, leaving it down — and now the bangs don’t let her do that. It’s always going to be BANGS!plusotherstuff.

  11. Scully

    I love her and her style. She’s such a gorgeous First Lady. The girls are inheriting her styling gene. Their official family portrait from this year is fabulous as well. It’s just such a classy family. And the love and admiration for Michelle is always palpable from The Man himself. Love all of it.

  12. Sarah

    Ms. Obama always looks great! I wonder if she has a stylist or picks out all her looks. I like the bangs as well. I think they look young and fresh.

    • Fuh Ugh

      She works with a gal who owns the chicest boutique in Chicago – Ikram. http://www.ikram.com/ However, it seems that she has her own strong sense of style and proportion, ‘cos they sure don’t sell those J. Crew separates and Target dresses at Ikram.

  13. Jasmine

    “She is SO 11 years old”– I just snorted my coffee. She totally is, and I LOVE it.

    All of the outfits are fantastic– though I’m not sure I am as in love with the coat/boots combo as I could be. Something about it is too… matchyfuturistic or something.

    But the bangs? LOVE.

  14. Mrs. Ditter

    You guys probably know this, but Michelle Obama’s bangs have their own Twitter account. I tried to retweet a recent one that read: I AM DRUNK WITH POWER, but I am taking prescription cough syrup, so nothing is working as planned this morning. Anyway, I love the bangs on her. And thanks for this whole post.

    • Fuh Ugh

      On Sunday after the swearing in, the President said, “To address the most significant event of the weekend, I love her bangs.” Kinda like “I am the man who accompanied Mrs. Kennedy to Paris.” Very funny.

  15. lindsay

    i loved that red dress! absolute perfection. the coat is also fab, although i agree with a previous commenter about maybe not loving the boots with it. as for the bangs, i think i’m in. that last shot of them was actually my least favorite, but in the other pics i thought they looked great. way to shake it up, michelle. also, seriously, can i have your arms? without working for them?

  16. Chris

    What a classy woman. She has fun with style. I think the bangs make her look younger and even more trendy. The previous style was very presidential, which isn’t a bad thing at all either.

  17. Annie E

    I feel strongly about the bangs. I HATE them. I think they are very unflattering. I also didn’t really like the red dress, which I thought was also not all that flattering.

    • Faye

      I feel less alone in the world, suddenly :). I really loved the Thom Browne dress and coat, but, IMO, I thought that red dress was really unflattering from the waist down (and I also thought I was the only one in the world to feel that way). This is not a weight slam — I just think her body type is better suited to items that are more tailored (like the Michael Kors black dress she wore on Sunday).

  18. TaraMisu

    I loved all of her looks, that COAT!!!!!!!! I love that coat <3

    I am so-so on the bangs. I don't hate them but a few photos I've seen make her face look very square, then others she is rockin' the bangs. Idk.

  19. Rayna

    GFY Jessica, I think it IS the same blue cropped cardi. The buttons look different because of the angle of the light.

    LOVE FLOTUS’ red dress. The man candy on her toned arm is also not bad.


  20. paige

    Love it all, except maybe the cardigan, which is iffy. Everything else is working like gangbusters. FLOTUS looks beautiful in that red gown, and I think the flipped hair style compliments her face and bangs well. POTUS and the girls are looking great as well. All in all, a beautiful First Family.

  21. Lesley

    Gah, I just love her biceps. Those suckers need their own Twitter account.

    I am team Bangs.

  22. Stefanie

    I loved it all – including the bangs. They entire family looked fab.

  23. Edith

    Love all of it – except the bangs. I am almost universally anti-bang. Can we just take a moment to once again marvel at the FLOTUS’s ARMS, though? Phenomenal.

    Love the girls, too. Those coats are perfect, and lovely.

  24. fiatluxury

    a friend on facebook commented that that patterned coat was a wise choice, as it made her able to glide effortlessly from her husband’s inauguration directly onto the Enterprise as an ambassador to the Romulans, which made me hoot and also is SO RIGHT ON. Also, who better to represent our people to the Romulans?

  25. marie

    i was about to tweet you girls to please make an exception because she was so awesome in the Jason Wu gown then I saw this! MObama deserves the coverage far more than Kate M does, sine she always wears the most interesting clothes. also, can I be reborn as Malia? she is a clone of her mom and has that gorgeous height. Poor Mr. President, as if he didnt have enough problems already.

    • ChristieLea

      Poor Malia, too! Boys are terrified enough of girls’ fathers…if they aren’t petrified of the fact that her dad is the prez, I imagine they’d be terrified of all the secret service agents tailing her all day!

  26. Willow

    I just want to be part of their family. I’m even jealous of their dog at this point :P

  27. TwoWineyBitches

    The blue cardigan was the same at both events. I was lucky enough to catch a news broadcast about the politics of wearing something twice and what it means to the American people. That conversation happened. And we call it news.

  28. Tracy L

    She looked gorgeous in the red dress and also love that coat (with belt). Cardi is meh but i do like the bangs.

  29. Elise

    I love them all. They always look gorgeous and easy and casual and pulled together no matter what they’re wearing. I was thinking about that as I wandered through the grocery store yesterday with dirty hair, glasses, a fleece hoodie and (non-matching) pants. It’s a good thing for bloggers everywhere that I am not the FLOTUS. Also then it would mean my husband was the POTUS, and I can assure you that is a job he would not enjoy.

  30. Lynne

    I also need a patterned coat immediately. And a sparkly belt to go with it.

  31. julyol1972

    Thom Browne has said he will not be producing anymore of this coat, as he made it specially for Mrs. Obama… le sigh!!! ” I live in SF and it can be very cold here, i would love to have this coast in my life.

  32. Miranda

    I just realized how sad I am that neither of the girls will be old enough to get married at the White House. That would have been some fabulous fashion!

    But as for the bangs, I like them best with the nighttime hair. That red dress needs to be in my closet now! And the coat made from tie fabric is totally interesting, but I feel like the top of it should have been a little more open. That said I would still own it!

  33. joanne

    what about the Bidens?

    • Jessica

      I could not get a good pic of Dr Biden when I was writing this last night — hopefully it has popped up. She looked lovely, too.

      • scone

        Having been at the parade and seen Dr. Biden fairly up close and personal, I can vouch that her hair is fantastic. And her boots were killer.

        • Leah

          I thought the Dr.’s coat that kept popping open and showing leg was a little much.
          Also having seen it in person, I can’t believe how tiny Michelle’s waist is. When they walked by I screamed, “I love your bangs!!”

  34. Jenny

    I am not sure I can separate my love for all things Obama from the fashion, but I will say that I think I liked 2009′s outfits better, but these are pretty great too. The coat with the belt was really cute. I might be the only person who liked the cardigan….but when I think of Michelle’s fashion, I think cardigans. The red was a really pretty color and she looked fantastic.

    The girls were adorable as always and I kind of loved being able to see them watching the parade. They sure seem like a normal and fun family.

    I’ll just add that Jill Biden looked fantastic yesterday too.

    • Jules

      I also love the cardigans; I’m a big fan of them in general, and I’m so glad she’s making them stylish! Michelle Obama has done a great job of mixing couture with accessible, approchable style anyone can emulate, and it makes me think she’d be inviting and kind as a person, too. Dr Biden did indeed look great as well, especially at the Inaugural Ball(s) afterward.

  35. Jenny

    Oh…and I am kind of conflicted on the bangs. I think they are pretty cute, but I loved her hair before.

  36. Chicklet

    I like the bangs, but I think the sleek, turned-under look for the inauguration looked a bit too stiff and severe. The looser, piece-ier style she had for the balls was softer and more flattering.

  37. filmcricket

    Not really a fan of the bangs. Love, love, LOVE the Thom Brown coat, although I preferred it without the belt breaking up the pattern. Love the boots & gloves, too. The red dress was a gorgeous colour on her, but not the most flattering shape, I didn’t feel. Still, Ms. Obama is a stunning woman and the love she and POTUS clearly have for each other is inspiring. As are her arms.

  38. Edith

    Jill Biden overcame the inherent evil of satin to look spectacular.

  39. A.

    I loved the coat (well, all the coats, Sasha and Malia included) and the inaugural ball gown. Michelle sure has the shoulders and arms for a halter top, and the red looked fabulous. I am so, so mixed on the bangs, but the fact that she can pretty much do no wrong in my book is probably pulling me from outright dislike to ambivalence. I also cannot use the acronym FLOTUS. It sounds like a seaweed. Or a fart.

  40. SharonCville

    Loved all of it! MO wore pumps with the outfit to church that morning, but changed into boots because she was going to be spending a lot of time outdoors and walking down the street. I heard from someone in or around the White House that the cardigan is, in fact, the same– MO tries to make a point of recycling pieces. I also heard (maybe from Robin Givhan at the Washington Post?) that she had asked several designers to send their best shots to her to pick an inaugural gown. She didn’t give them any restrictions, just said, “Give me your best effort.” I also think that she picked Jason Wu simply because she liked the dress best.

    As for the girls, the photobombing and other antics cracked me up all day! I also loved the way they giggled when they were announced at the Capital and the gathered throng cheered for them– a very age-appropriate reaction! All four of the Obamas were kind of relaxed and fooling around (when the photobomb occurred) in the box for the parade when Michelle spotted the camera in the corner of the box (it was small, what the announcers referred to as a “lipstick camera,” given the size). You could see her kind of immediately warn the girls (and the President), “Guys, straighten up, this is being broadcast!” It was just such a great moment!

  41. Allyson

    Don’t always agree with FLOTUS’s choices, but I like that she doesn’t look like a generic political wife. Red dress was terrific!

  42. Mary

    Love the fashions but the Joan Jett bangs? No.

  43. Katie

    The bangs are nice. Not fantastic, but they don’t look bad, and I understand the desire to do something different. THE COAT. I don’t care whatever else she wore. It was all fine and pretty, but THE COAT. That might be one of the most striking things she’s worn since becoming FLOTUS.

    The girls are so beautiful and always perfectly turned out. I think about what I looked like when I was 11 (caterpillar eyebrows, braces, and tie-dyed baby tees *shudder*), and I’m forever impressed. Good job all around, Obamas.

  44. Melly

    Mixed on the bangs because they hide too much of her face. I want to see her brows. But that would probably throw off the proportions of the rest. She’s utterly beautiful and the bangs don’t wreck that, but I predict she won’t keep them. They’ll be harder to maintain than her non-bang cuts. After Michelle and Karlie Kloss and Kerry Washington, everyone and their aunt will have that cut, and then everyone will tire of it.

  45. Mo

    Love the bangs so much I took a picture of FLOTUS with me to the hairdresser.

    Kudos to all three lovely Obama women on their coats. I have extreme coat envy today.

  46. M

    CRYING because of their beautiful love in #4. (And the perfect gown and well-tailored suit.)

    She looked great yesterday, tasteful and lovely. And I liked that she looked so nice but did not go bright like last inauguration. I think people may have found fault with bright or froofy in these serious days.

  47. Gigi

    Team Bangs, Team Red Dress, Team The Obama Girls, Team Kelly Clarkson’s Soulful Rendition of The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Although the Blonde Hair Makes Her Generic Looking). Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Great day!

    • Jen S 2.0

      Agree re Kelly Clarkson’s hair. I love her, and I think her coloring is WAY better suited to being a brunette; I don’t think the blonde does anything for her at all.

      • Jessica

        She was SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD. I was weirdly deeply proud. I love her. As you guys know.

        • jean

          What I loved was how geeky she was. She sort of bounced up to the podium all awkward and did a jazz hands move and then when she was done she did a semi spin like she didn’t know how to say goodbye or if she should say anything so then she didn’t and she bounced away FAST. Delightful in the best possible way.

  48. kayla

    I’m a little torn on the bangs too. I think I wish they were swept off to the side a bit. Otherwise, I think she was stunning, all around. I loved all the looks. And Malia Obama – holy cow, she’s going to be a knockout.

  49. Eli

    Loved the clothes, don’t love the bangs. I thought they looked best with her ball hairstyle but as an everyday thing, I say nay.

  50. Kristen

    I don’t like the bangs because they hide too much of her pretty face.
    I love her inaug gown and coat, didn’t really love what she wore to the luncheon. It looked at little too dowdy on her. Love the girls’ looks– they are so lovely.

  51. Carrie

    I didn’t like the dress and I’m not afraid to say it. It’s an improvement from the white of four years ago–MObama looks great in bright colors. But I yawned all the way to Snoozeville. I wanted a WOW. The dress was shapeless and uninteresting. I always like her picks for more casual every-day wear than her formal choices.

  52. Chasmosaur

    I wish you covered her major events more – i.e., the State Dinners, as they are highly visible outfits – but I’m glad you covered yesterday.

    I deeply covet the Inauguration coat. It was awesome. And it was a nice foil to the chartreuse outfit she wore in 2009. That moment was much more dramatic, and she wore dramatic lines and colors. It made her easily visible from a distance and was definitely a Statement outfit. She was there, and she was First Lady.

    A second inauguration is always more subdued (I grew up in DC, so I lived through two of those), and she wore a more subtle and subdued outfit. She is First Lady, she continues to be, and didn’t have to prove anything.

    I don’t always agree with her sartorial choices – I think sometimes she succumbs to “if it zips it fits” and it doesn’t always flatter – but she usually nails the big events well.

  53. Kristin

    How does one get invited to Game Night at the WH? They seem like such a smart, fun, grounded family — I just love them all :-D

  54. slr

    I’m also in the minority of being so-so on the coat. Every angle I’ve seen makes it look a tad snug in the arms – and FLOTUS has fantastic guns, so that should never ever happen, no? I wish you’d cover her more often (maybe you could disable the comments if they get political-y) because she is really one of the most fashionable and elegant women in the country right now.

  55. Emily

    I love that you Fug Girls are so West Coast that you don’t know who Mrs. (Marian) Robinson is – she’s Mrs. O’s mother! She’s been living with the Obamas in the White House since he got elected. For exhaustive details about practically every outfit the First Lady has ever worn, check out http://www.mrs-o.com

    • Edith

      Emily, I think they meant they don’t know who she’s WEARING, ie, who made that lovely peach coat? I’m pretty sure we all know Mrs. Robinson!

    • Jessica

      I meant who she was wearing — which is why I said, “I don’t know who SHE IS WEARING.” I totally know who she is.

  56. Karen G

    I love the red dress. I’m uncertain about the bangs as well though. They look great in some pictures, and not so great in others.

    I really liked the Thom Browne. Funny coincidence. When getting dressed yesterday morning, I had something entirely different planned, then changed my mind & decided to wear my new navy Thom Browne for Target blazer with jeans instead. It had a kind of a patriotic look that I was going for.

  57. Jasmine

    Hah, I think they know who Mrs. Robinson is, they just don’t know who she wore!

    I love absolutely everything that Michelle Obama and both girls wore (and did, and said) over the past few days except for that cardigan. It looked fine with the Sunday inauguration dress, but just didn’t work with the Monday one, it was too short for the way the dress was cut. But man, the red dress was flawless, and her hair looked amazing with it. I like the bangs, though I agree that they looked better with the rest of her hair a little less severe than it was during the day. Also, I felt like a creeper because when they were all settling down in the parade viewing area and taking off their coats, my sister and I were cheering when Malia and Sasha took their coats off, we wanted to see their dresses! (they were super cute.)

  58. S Clover

    She looked amazing in everything! I think the bangs look best when the hair is a little looser, as in the Inaugural Ball/red dress “flipped” look on the bottom. She is such a gorgeous woman and I think, as she gets used to the bangs, she’d possibly look best with them swept a little to the side. But I think they look great no matter how she wears them. I like her in more structured clothing as opposed to the cardigan look. I LOVED her J. Crew belt over that beautiful coat and the purplish gloves. The girls are beautiful and the love the whole family shares is heartwarming to see!

  59. jerkygirl

    They really are such a lovely family. I’m with everyone else who’d love to play Pictionary with them. :D The red dress is gorgeous, and all the lady Obamas’ coats are making me want to go shopping. I actually think the cardigans are cute, but I don’t like heavy blunt bangs on anyone, except maybe for Lea Michele. That’s just a personal thing; Mrs. O doesn’t look any less gorgeous because I have an irrational vendetta against blunt bangs. Well played indeed, First Family.

  60. Patrick

    Much better this time. Didn’t upstage her husband at the swearing-in. The bangs are great. Browne should forget his whimsical men’s line, concentrate on doing serious clothes for women.

  61. Emily MG

    But what of Nancy Pelosi’s coat? I didn’t see any coverage yesterday, but saw a few comments regarding Pelosi’s coat on fb. I googled it to no avail. Any chance you have a pic to post?

  62. gryt

    Michelle looks tremendous in that full-figure shot with the coat and the boots and the magenta gloves and the belt and the whole shebang. She looks like an action movie heroine, like a female Posh Spice/James Bond-type secret agent or sumthin. Just awesome.

  63. Carol

    I’m just not sure about the bangs! Sometimes I like but most times I don’t. But I did love the way she did it for the Ball, the bangs worked then!

    I also own a J Crew coat!!! But not a patterned one – I’m always worried that they will overwhelm me. I’m short, you see. The fact that we both own J Crew coats means that me and MObama are destined to be BFF. Which doesn’t sound stalker-ish at all.

    I love a good cardi but I feel like Michelle deploys them at odd times.

    That Sasha! She’s so sassy! Do you ever think the President walks around the White House, exasperated, muttering “I’m the leader of the free world and I can’t even get her to stop watching Bieber on YouTube and GO TO BED! There’s got to be someone in Canada that I can call for help….”

    • Carol

      Watching Malia and Sasha just brings back memories of my little sister and I =) She never could sit still for more than a minute and insisted on looking around all the time! I however was a model of restraint =) And thus had less fun….!! LOL

    • Sandra

      Teddy Roosevelt had a daughter named Alice who was a notoriously willful young woman. Somebody asked TR if he couldn’t get her to tone it down and he said, “I can control Alice, or I can run the country; I cannot do both.”

  64. Rachael

    I love the bangs, and she looked fantastic in the red dress. I also loved the girls’ coats. Politics, shmolitics, they are such a charming family. I love that the Pres. and First Lady are so obviously into each other. I actually got a little misty watching them dance. I also thought perhaps they would spontaneously start making out, and a bit like maybe I should not be watching them — it was a bit voyeuristic, right?

    Anyway, I thought VP and Dr. Biden looked tremendous also.

  65. Mo

    LOVE the bangs..you should really get on that bandwagon :-)

  66. scone

    Loved The Coat. And I liked it better with the sparkly belt than without (as she wore it to church in the morning). I like the bangs, although they seem to be more variable (super hot in the first pic of them, bad in the white shirt pic that’s in this slideshow, incredible at the balls.)

  67. evalyn

    I am over the cardigans – and they always look too small for her – maybe if she went up a size so they didn’t look so shrunk-in-the-wash.

    The red dress is perfect, love the coats (all) but the pointy boots and the tiny cardi’s are fashion miststeps for me. As for anyone, beautiful children and and handsome spouse can make up for many, many fasion shortfalls. Especially a husband as smitten as hers and I adore him for being so obvious.

  68. Annie S.

    Anyone else see Kerry Washington in the Inaugural Ball pics? Anyone? Bueller?

    FLOVE the Jason Wu number, her fabulous gloves, and her beautiful girls. Malia is a striking combination of her parents, and Sasha is freakin’ adorable.

  69. Esme

    I love them, and I think they all look fantastic! I even like the blue cardigan (1 or both), and the bangs.

  70. Sallie T

    Love the bangs, love that Mrs. O is still showcasing “High Street” brands as well as (good) designers. The cardi with dress for the oath of office was too casual a look for the occasion, but otherwise: BRAVA!

  71. Holly Hamilton

    The red dress cut/style is boring, albeit very appropriate, but love the coat. Love the girls coats- why do pretty colors have to regulated to the young?, beyond me. the cardi is too casual and the bangs, ehhh. But overall, very nice!

  72. Tiffany

    I love it all. The COAT is amazing! I love the full skirt on it with the tight waist. With the print, it all looks so sharp and flattering. The colorful gloves kept it fun!
    Loved the red dress, she really looks vibrant and beautiful. It really flatters her shoulders.
    Love the bangs. She has a strong forehead, and I think they are flattering.

  73. jj

    Michelle is so pretty she can pull of anything. I loved everything about the inauguration except the tortured runs of Kelly and Beyonce. Can we reel it in? #crankyoldlady

  74. Raimesela

    Looooved the coat & gloves effect, not so crazy about the dress, it’s nice but not great. Very conflicted about the bangs

  75. Lady Killer

    [Deleted for extreme rudeness.]

    • kickassmomnyc

      The taxpayers do not pay for the Obamas’ clothing. Why do you say that? Just stupid?
      Your remarks are as ridiculous as they are inarticulate.
      You’re the reason Fugs don’t cover FLOTUS’ fashions. So thanks.

      • Jasmine

        I am just browsing comments at the end of the day and I HOPE that ‘deleted for extreme rudeness’ is a reason that Jessica or Heather made up themselves.

        I am imagining one of them reading and then reacting with a look of horror and a “HOW RUDE!” with a vengeful deletion click. Hehe.

  76. heather

    Michelle looks stunning in that red dress. It’s a great colour on her. And I dig her new ‘do.

  77. Bunny

    I’m with you on the bangs…sometimes they look great and them from the next angle they don’t anymore. I don’t know. Maybe we’ll all like it better when we get used to it.

  78. witjunkie

    I think the red dress suited her much better than the white one four years ago, which I thought was a little too wispy and princessy for her. This was feminine and flowy too, but cut to show off her best features, and the color was great.

    I’m Team Bangs, but that’s because I’ve never been Team Eyebrows…she looks more accessible now, if that’s the word.

  79. Squirrel!

    There are 101 comments at this point, and I’m not going to read all of them, so please forgive me if someone’s already mentioned this: Can we put the bangs up to a vote?

  80. Misstee212323

    I thought they all looked great. I’m DYING to know who made Sasha’s necklace – I can’t find the designer anywhere.

  81. paula

    Why has no one noticed that, at the private ceremony, Malia is wearing the same H & M jumper she rocked at last summer’s convention. This works so well with the black top & tights. I always am on the lookout for Mom and kids have a new take on a past wardrobe item, especially for special occasions. They are amazing!

  82. Lori

    I loved everything and now desperately want a purple coat.

    Malia makes me fee like an old lady, because when I see her now, I think, “She’s growing into a lovely young lady” and I get all wistful.

  83. Stephanie

    My grandma, sister, and I all hate the bangs-we think they are an awful look but my mom loves the bangs. (Not-so) coincidentally, my mom is the only one of us to have bangs…

  84. Allie

    I’m torn on the bangs, but they’re definitely giving me an Olivia Pope/Kerry Washington vibe. I think I like them when the rest of her hair is a little softer looking and not in such a severe bob, like at the Ball.

    I also have Malia’s J.Crew coat. In her exact color too! I probably shouldn’t be so excited to share clothing with a 14 year old, right? Also, I can’t believe how big she’s getting. So tall and so poised and pretty! And she’ll be in college by the time this term is over. CRAZY.

    Sasha is my favorite. She is SO 11 and it completely cracks me up. Right down to her adorable little iPhone case! But my favorite is after the swearing in when she hugged her dad and said “You didn’t mess up!”

  85. Tracey

    I do not like the bangs and I have bangs. As my 87 year old mother would say, “get that hair out of your eyes”. I also think the blunt cut is not that flattering on her. Having said that, she’s a beautiful woman so she can overcome all that. Loved the coat… all the coats and while I liked this gown more than the 2009 gown, I was bowled over by it. It’s lovely but perhaps I’m spoiled by this site. I see so many spectacular gowns that this one doesn’t thrill me.

  86. TonyG

    Remember the “McKayla is not impressed” craze?

    Someone should start a “Sasha is not impressed” meme.

    This inaugural weekend Sasha was so not impressed with the hoopla! I love her!

    I am kind of impressed that the President and Mrs. Obama are obvious so in love. Just imagine the pressure. They still love being with each other (tear). Just a beautiful family.

    I loved the red dress Michelle wore at the inaugural ball this year. I liked it better than the one she wore four years ago. And the coat she wore was spectacular. All the coats here are fab.

    Finally, I saw a retrospective of various first lady outfits on Yahoo! And, I must admit, over the past 30 years, all of the first ladies have looked pretty impressive in their inaugural dresses.

  87. jean

    I just saw the white dress at the Smithsonian and man was it surprisingly fussy. Way too much detailing and little balls of fabric like high end craft balls stuck on it. It looked awful when it wasn’t actually ON her. So she sold it last time.

    I want her patterned coat AND her boots (if I can get them in a fake leather). Hey Fug Nation serious question–where does one find cute vegan shoes? Emphasis on CUTE because most vegan shoes are crunchy.

  88. Janet

    Love love love the patterned coat and boots!! And the bangs are great! We need bangs to soften the look as we get a few years on… The cardigans are cute but not suitable for very formal occasions.

  89. Jodi

    I think I’m the only person in America who did not care for her first inaugural gown. I was reminded of Toilet Paper Bride, and I couldn’t shake the image. This gown is lovely.

    I’m pretty sure they were telling Malia to “stop texting and put the damn phone down.” Or maybe that’s just what I would have said, because I’m so used to saying it.

    That is all.

  90. Bubba

    I am coveting those purple gloves, and they are J. Crew, but I read yesterday they are going to be “retired”, along with the belt and Malia’s coat. Ack! I just love how put together they all look in complimentary shares of navy, blue, plum and deep pink. Oh, and her Jason Wu gown is stunning on her. They are such a beautiful couple. She also made me want to start using weights.

  91. Hima

    - Loved the red dress for the ball. I thought she and the President looked fantastic at that.
    - Also loved all of the coats – hers and the girls’ coats – really has me itching to go shopping or a new one.
    - Liked her dress at the public swearing in, but did not like the cardigan with it. Really liked her look and the girls’ looks at the official swearing in.
    - Mixed on the bangs. But I might just need to get used to them?

  92. Libithina

    The FLOTUS doesn’t look real in the last slide. She looks like an American Girl doll

  93. franIam

    Malia is the 11yr old. Sasha is the older sister. And they are both adorbs.

  94. Mary Urech Stallings

    I truly loved her coat going into the church, but later in the day she added that cheezy belt. UGH.

  95. Sweetsinger

    Fab, fab, and fab.
    And the President looks fab in his tux, but wow, the way he looks at his wife clinches it.
    Bangs are hiding FLOTUS’ beautiful eyes. Trim them just a little shorter.