Well Played, Allison Williams


Ugh, don’t even get me started on Girls. I don’t like it. Like, a lot (primarily because — here’s a revelation — I just don’t think it’s very good). But I also have wicked, wicked Girls fatigueapparently if you have a vagina and an internet connection you were, for the last two weeks, mandated to discuss Girls at length (you should have heard my rant about how the version I really wanted to watch was the one where Chris Eigeman and I went out for drinks and complained about how annoying our interns were). YOU ARE SPARED, FUG NATION.

I can, however, note that I think Allison Williams — the most likeable, perhaps, of the whole…No. Zen breathing.  I deleted it from my DVR. I am not going to get into the whole part where the protagonist stole money from a hotel housekeeper. That was three weeks ago. We’ve all processed this  already — looks smashing in this. Her hair is maybe a little lackadaisical, but that color is divine and the ruffles are sassy and fun. Say hello to your Dad for me, Allison. Maybe a Brian Williams cameo would woo me back…actually, no. But still: good on you, here. Keep it up.

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  1. meow

    THANK YOU FUG GIRLS FOR CONFIRMING MY SANITY AND HATING THAT HORRIBLE GIRLS SHOW! Seriously a whole lot of people I mistook to be sensible, with good taste, have been raving about how “smart”, “sexy”, and “realistic” that awful show is. Do we really need more encouragement for youths to only perceive the world in terms of how it affects it immediately, and literally think that the world wishes for them to document the hum drum minutiae of their lives as their “art”? I thought the end of Sex in the City and Friends marked an end to popular shows featuring protagonists woefully out of touch with reality!

    • Kristan

      Aw, I actually think SATC and Friends are great! Great humor, great writing. Friends in particular makes me laugh so hard that my boyfriend sometimes asks if I’m dying.


      As for Girls, I haven’t watched (yet) but I did check out Lena Dunham’s film Tiny Furniture, courtesy of Netflix. I didn’t *enjoy* the film, but I thought it was (painfully) accurate in its portrayal of a certain type of 20-something.

      As a 20-something myself, I’m glad to see art/literature examining this life stage — just like 30-somethings enjoy reading/watching stories about settling into family life, or 40-somethings enjoy reading/watching about midlife crises, or teens enjoy reading/watching about high school. (Generalizations, I know. Which goes to my next point…)

      I just hope people realize that Girls is ONE type of 20-something story. I don’t think Lena Dunham is trying to represent the whole generation. She just happens to be one of the early successful storytellers in this category.

      I hope she’s not the last.

    • Fanl

      She looks Kate Middleton. Like Kate Middletons double in a weird David Lynch movie.

  2. Christian

    I completely agree. I was all ready to like the show (I’m a white, English major, mid-20′s middle class female with HBO so I’m pretty much their target freaking audience). I think people are right to call out the show for its lack of diversity and unlikable, priveleged central characters, but the most egregious part about the whole thing is it’s just not funny. I got through the pilot and was surprised to realize I hadn’t laughed once.

    However to get to the dress – Allison looks good, but I wish she weren’t standing on a pink carpet. And I think she should have swapped the nude pumps (so over them) for black ones.

    • Kristen from MA

      Not just the color of the shoes, but the style itself. Yes, I am anti-platform, but a pump just seems wrong with this kind of dress. I’d go with a nice strappy sandal (I’m old fashioned that way).

    • Annie E

      The idea is that they are unlikable and privileged. The show certainly does not praise the protagonist or any of her friends for thinking they, for instance, deserve to be supported by their parents. And that’s all I’ll say.

  3. Alice

    Oh god, just when I couldn’t love this site any more, you go and proclaim complete “I don’t care” about Girls. It was getting to the point where I was considering taking a break from the Internet.

    Now all you have to do to attain Best Site Ever status is a retrospective of Game of Thrones wardrobe items (just one post, about all the episodes? please?). Like how Lady Mary Crawley’s fiance manages to be searingly sexy even in a skirt. :)

    Anyway, Miss Williams looks fabulous. The color is amazing and she looks natural and happy (which goes further than most people think).

    • Rowynn

      Cute girl, cute dress. And now that that’s out of the way, let me say this about Girls… I watch it because I’m NOT 20 years old and single. I’m old, I’m a long time married, and I feel like if I didn’t watch things like that, I really would turn into a crabby old fossil. I’ve thought it had quite a few cringe-worthy moments, but so do a lot of other shows I watch, and I prefer that to bland, canned-laughter sitcoms or watered-down dramas on network TV. And really, after The Sopranos and True Blood and Deadwood, what show (that isn’t on HBO) doesn’t seem watered down?
      Anyhow, I don’t mind Girls, although I do wish Lena’s character would stop having sex with that guy who’s so lackadaisical about using condoms. And yes, please, FugGirls, some love for Game of Thrones would not go amiss.

  4. Stefanie

    Holy crap, I cant stand Girls. And yet, my DVR decided it was going to record it for me and I.KEEP.WATCHING.IT. I see it on the list, go to delete it and end up pressing play. Then Im sitting there, glancing at the clock thinking “is it almost over? Is it over yet? Are people really like this? I’d never make it in NYC cause I’d punch a bitch. Is she wearing a bathing suit to babysit? What is happening to me?!?!” It’s a vicious cycle. (One that Im currently repeating with 2 Broke Girls.)

    I like the dress. My barbie had one just like it.

  5. fritanga

    She looks pretty, if a bit Pepto-Bismol-y. It’s a very flattering, well-tailored gown, although the shoes are v. boring.

    And thank you for your thoughts on Girls. I despised it, am annoyed at how HBO is setting its bar so low these days (save for GoT, haven’t watched anything on the channel since Rome and Deadwood), and am equally tired and bored of all the insane wanking going on online over it. Feh.

  6. Megan

    I haven’t seen the show, but the people I know who like it are…men. Yes, to a one, it’s my male friends who carry on about how great it is. Huh.

    I think think Allison looks great; I just thought she was Amanda Peet at first.

  7. Megan

    Speaking of HBO shows, can we talk about how awesome it is to see Anna Chlumsky working again?

  8. Louise

    I watched the pilot and it was so infuriating and utterly depressing that I swore never to watch it again. I would prefer to see someone be stabbed through the neck on Game of Thrones any day.

  9. Hel

    I haven’t watched Girls so I can’t say it’s bad but I don’t want to watch it because it seems… smug.
    Anyway, back to the clothes, the dress is very pretty. I want these shoes to go away though.

  10. BigTex

    @Jessica, I would rather watch you and Chris Eigemann having drinks any day! But that means you are the one who gets to have drinks with Mr. Eigemann, and I want to go to there.

    • BigTex

      Ech, didn’t check the spelling, Jessica got it right, one n.

    • MG

      Seconded. My version of drinks with Chris Eigeman goes differently than complaining about interns. I was glad to see him pop up again, too bad it was on this thoroughly mediocre show.

      Oh, yeah, the pretty girl’s dress is pretty. Nyah.

  11. Annie E

    Chris Eigeman is my favorite.

  12. Bexmarie

    The third episode of GIRLS was the most watchable so far. . .but it can’t hold a candle to VEEP which I actually love.

    Pretty dress, if not a tad meh with the nude pumps and messy pony. Would have loved a strappy heel and sleek hair with this.

  13. Adu

    Guess I’m in the minority here, but I love “Girls” as well as Lena Dunham’s movie “Tiny Furniture.” This Sunday’s episode in particular I found to be quite funny and rather realistic – STDs ARE scary and gross and totally upsetting – and I’ve had THAT EXACT solo dance party to Robyn.

    As their target audience (white, female, late 20s, liberal arts educated, living in a major city), the plot lines not only feel accurate, but Dunham captures the absolute awkwardness of trying to figure yourself and your life out. Also, humans are naturally flawed and I’m willing to overlook the existence of unlikely apartments and clothing to have characters that are unashamed about not being perfect.

    And onto more important things… That dress is fantastic. Sometimes pink in the wrong material can read cheap, but this is just super fun!

    • Heather

      I think for me it’s less about the characters needing to be perfect, and more about reaching a point where I need to care about their journeys. So far I just don’t.

    • Amoki

      I fit into the same category as you, and while I may be the anachronistic oddball out here, I see the maturity level of the characters as so severely stunted as to be completely unrealistic. They read as childish 18 year olds, not 20somethings, and watching characters behave so ineptly that I find myself wondering if their parents/teachers/society at large could be retroactively charged with neglect just isn’t compelling television.

      All my opinion, obviously, and all based on the first episode. I’ll just be glad when the furor dies down and it’s no longer the go-to, “Oh, you have a vagina? you must *LOVE* this thing!” topic.

    • swellcat

      @Adu, I completely agree. I must be in the target audience. I also don’t think that the main character’s apartment smacks of wealth at all. (I don’t know their names yet) but Brian William’s daughter has a job. The other 3 don’t. But I will say I laughed hysterically at the last 2 eps. The first was one eh, but the next 2 were great. The scene with Lena and her ex…priceless. Anyways, I like this dress, she is gorgeous! And I like the show too!

  14. jerkygirl

    I don’t have cable so I actually don’t even know about this show :D but I do think this dress is gorgeous. I hate those horrible clunky shoes though. HELLO STRAPPY SANDALS ANYONE this is a light and summery dress that should not be paired with ugly clodhoppers. Not that I would like those with anything else, but with this??? NON.

  15. TheReset

    A spaghetti strap AND a short sleeve? No thanks. So close though.
    And I like the show. The whole point is to watch their train wreck, and watch I will.

  16. Beth C.

    Yeah, I don’t have HBO, so I’ve only seen the pilot which I caught by chance after going to see Game of Thrones at a friend’s house. It didn’t thrill me, but I was open to the idea of a “Your bubble has popped, little girl, time to entrer the grown up world” kind of plot development, which would have been a good way to grow from the pilot, but from what I hear that isn’t happening, and I didn’t find any of them interesting enough to be a compelling anti-hero, so I don’t really feel any need to track down the other episodes.

    But yes, the dress is pretty. Prettier than any of the clothes I saw on the show.

  17. Liz

    Love a pink dress! She’s the only character on Girls I can stand. I try to wait patiently for her scenes, which are too few and far between.

  18. Shiitake

    Is it common that dress linings are beige?

  19. McLisa

    I love everything about this: the dress, the color, the shoes. She’s gorgeous. She has a hot dad to boot!

    And… oh no! I like Girls. Is it supposed to be a comedy? It’s raw, dark and sometimes just plain ugly and dirty. The protag has some serious issues and her ignorance is actually humorous. Though, with so much dislike I wonder if it’ll make it.

  20. victoria

    “I am not going to get into the whole part where the protagonist stole money from a hotel housekeeper.”



    I love “Girls” because it is one of the few depitctions of young women whose money and job problems are more urgent than their man problems, who are each other’s real allies and supporters, whose male dates are disappointing background filler, who find out, for example, that sex comes with grimy, embarrassing and real problems.

    On any other show, the protagonist’s geting tested for STDs would simply have been an occasion to show her cute neuroses. This shows follows up with a carcinogenic virus that the liar boyfriend denies responsibility for.

    That’s what sex is like when you are in your twenties, and it NEVER GETS SHOWN ANYWHERE ELSE.

    • Jessica

      That happened at the end of the pilot.

    • Other Liz

      Victoria, that’s exactly why I love the show, too! I feel like I’m in living in some bizarro world where there are so many offensively horrible depictions of women in the media (like any HBO show that requires them to show their perfectly shaped tits at least once and episode lest they forget why they were hired). Yet this show, which so accurately represents so much of what my 20s were really like (aside from the financial situation), is getting so much criticism. I do feel like it’s bringing up a lot of women’s issues with other women and that disturbs me. A lot.

      • Other Liz

        To clarify what I mean, it’s one thing not to like the show because it’s poorly written, which is why Jessica states she’s not into it. But a lot of the criticism seems to be that the female characters are not likeable, and I think that’s where the sexism lies.

        Look at Larry David, for example. He is truly unlikeable, yet we completely enjoy his cring-inducing pathos. We allow men to be unlikeable because it is expected that men are allowed to be complicated, selfish, and occasionally ugly. It’s like how we view male singing voices. Men do not always have to be technically good singers in order to be deemed great. Yet if you look at most female singers, and they do have to have technically pretty, in tune voices with far fewer exceptions.

        What I love about this show is that it does not apologize for women being as self-absorbed, as flawed, and as complicated as men. I really do think it’s one of the first truly honest portrayals of the girls I hung out with in my 20s that I’ve ever seen.

    • BigTex

      When she woke up in her parents’ hotel room and took the cash they had left for the housekeeper.

  21. Kara

    Simply put: Girls sucks a lot, for many reasons. That dress is quite pretty.

  22. Jeanette

    She looks very pretty, (says the woman who hates ruffles and has a huge aversion to the color pink). I’m not sure whether Australian TV has picked up the show you’re referring to, but it sounds like no loss if we have not…

  23. AM

    Chris Eigeman is not in the new Whit Stillman movie. Dilemma, dilemma, on the one hand its a new Stillman movie. On the other hand how can it not have Chris Eigeman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its already runined for me!

  24. Aunt patsy

    I would also like to say thank you for disliking Girls. For apparently the same reasons I hated it.

  25. Lisa

    I’m sorry I have to disagree. I love Girls! Yes, it’s got its flaws, but Lena Dunham’s character alone makes it worth watching.

  26. Rubee

    She looks beautiful in that dress which, btw, was the one of fashion’s epitomes in the late 90′s- early 2000′s… I really wish those horrid clunky nude pumps to disappear from the scene. They have become mandatory for the last three years and if I didn’t like them at first, I can’t stand them even less now. Hello, stylists!!! There’s a reason sandals were created: fungus, pretty toes, spring, summer… and breezy dresses like this.

  27. Sajorina

    I don’t even know what “Girls” is, but that’s one cute girl wearing a beautiful dress with boring shoes, but I’ll give her a FAB for throwing in the confidence stance! LOVE the color & the ruffles!!!

  28. Linda

    I was fine til I got to the shoes. The color is awful and they look 3 sizes too big.

    It’s spring, but on a pair of pretty sandals!!

    These shoes look like something her dad would wear if he was dressed up in drag for a skit on SNL. Go ahead and scoff, but you know that’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

  29. Eli

    1. Thank jeebus I am not alone in my disdain for Girls. I wanted to like it but I couldn’t even make it through the full half hour of the pilot. Bleh. I want to like a show about women, by women, but I can’t like it for only those reasons. 2. Brian Williams is hawt. 3. Allison Williams sings, and this is cool: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEj0z0maxzM

  30. Leah

    I’m too poor for HBO, so I’m probably not the target audience for this show. As for the dress, the color is much too on-the-nose for the breast cancer theme. It’s like showing up to work decked out in green for St. Patrick’s Day or something.

  31. gryt

    I like the dress. Love the pink! But I’m getting reeeeallly tired of those “nude” pumps. It’s not a nude, it’s not a pleasing beige, it’s like bad pantyhose. Those clunky “nude” pumps have become the pantyhosed figure skates of red carpets. Or like Barbie’s non-shoe shoes. FUG. FUUUUG.

  32. Aria

    Great dress, needs better hair and shoes.

    And right now, I am feeling pretty good about my decision not to start watching that show.

  33. yeahandalso

    I like Girls, I think it is funny. But that is also how I feel about Suburgatory…. A little comedy I enjoy watching once a week, but don’t really feel deserves to be discussed/dissected/analyzed

  34. Kasey

    Thank God. I seriously loathe Girls and was hoping I wasn’t a traitor to my generation for feeling so.

    The dress looks nice though.

  35. Bambi Anne Dear

    Wow. That is pink.

    • Jess

      Girls is fantastic. It deals with things sex and the city touched on but in a way more real and unnerving fashion. I study Screenwriting and we sat in class one day and our teacher simply stated. TV really sucks girls at the moment. There’s nothing with a female protagonist you guys can relate to. Liz Lemon was all we could muster. A caricature of a women in her 30′s. Yes obviously the protagonist in Girls isn’t the most likeable but gosh who wants to watch a perfect relateable character on TV?

      Breaking bad your sympathy switches between two drug dealers. I don’t know or hang out with any meth dealers but I still enjoy that show.

      Girls is dealing with insecurity, dating guys that treat you like crap because you crave any attention, falling out of love, std’s, disillusion about your future and I laughed my ass off. Maybe it’s different for girls in our 20′s in Melbourne Australia but every single girl I know is completely intoxicated by this portrayal of what is a painful, awkward and often messy part of our lives.

      Plus badly written is something that cannot be said. Some of these conversations are so realistic they seem transcribed from being overheard. I love this site and this hating has made me sad


      Seriously support the gals out there. It’s a male dominated industry and this kind of negativity is really disappointing.

      • Becki

        “Seriously support the gals out there” – but only when they do something worth supporting. Otherwise it just makes us “gals” look irrelevant (and pretty darn stupid, to boot)

  36. Julia

    I actually don´t get why the characters are considered to be immature for their age. Besides the fact that the protagonist wanted her parents to financially support her for one more year, which could be deemed as immature, what is so unlike a 20 year-old about their behaviour? Are they supposed to hava a perfect super-responsible job or be married with three children, or both, by their early 20´s?

  37. Becki

    I’m so happy (and also relieved) that there are so many Girls haters out there. I couldn’t even get through one episode. And I tried. I really did.

  38. Cass

    I read the header as “Anson Williams” and was studying the picture, wondering if Potsie was hiding behind the girl in the pink dress.

  39. Jess

    I think it is good and I just think considering how many woeful shows come out every new season everyone who is hating on this is just jumping on a bandwagon against the hype. Show me a program that represent aspects of the lives of 20 somethings more accurately. I think you guys must just want stuff sugar coated and glamorised.

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