Weirly Played, Johnny Weir

Booty shorts, a demi-skirt, a leather vest, wings, and a gilded goblet of champagne: He’s like the biker angel of Kotex.

This had better be Johnny’s rehearsal for his potential Olympic long program, and if it is, I will re-enact this while watching it.

[Photo: Getty]

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Comments (33):

  1. Nicky

    Thank you so much for featuring Johnny Weir!

  2. Minutiae

    “Biker angel of Kotex.” Heather just won the internet.

  3. Lucasta

    He is a national treasure.

  4. Kelly B.

    Is he standing on his tiptoes like PeeWee Herman doing “Tequila” or does he have some strange sort of tippy-toe heel loafers on?

  5.  Cath

    I first read this as “Weirdly Played, Johnny Weir” and yeah, that works too. He is delightful.

    •  Billie

      I didn’t catch that until now. I think Weirdly Played is definitely apt.

  6. Miranda

    I really want him on the Olympic Team next year. His outfits are seriously the best thing about men’s skating in the US since we have no real star anymore. I don’t even care he’s dressed like a tampon. Maybe the long program is about women’s reproductive rights?

  7. Lynne

    Given the growing protest over Russian’s anti-LGBT policies, I am seriously looking forward to the figure skating portion of the Olympics. It should be hosted by RuPaul.

    • celia

      ahahaaaaa. Oh please dearest Jesus/Santa/Satan please let that happen. RuPaul would be amazing.

  8. Liz Kennedy

    Hi, everyone! This was probably taken during last night’s opening ceremony of the US Open Tennis Tournament in NYC. I was at the gym and watching the coverage huffing and puffing on the elliptical via the Tennis Channel (um, yea, it exists). He was being interviewed by the press and I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Is he wearing wings?” Love Johnny. So awesome.

  9. KatFromJersey

    Johnny is fabulous and always adorable, and can wear whatever he wants. Wait, he’s the Swinton of the ice-skating world!!!

  10. QB

    Has he ever performed in a Loki/Tom Hiddleston costume? Because that is something that NEEDS. TO. HAPPEN.

    • Miranda

      Right? I think those two were totally separated at birth. Now we can get the Johnny Weir biopic starring Hiddles!

  11. Nicole Brenes

    omg, what about the mascara in the eyelashes!?, and yes those are wedges!

  12.  mandiann

    I feel like the boots look like they could be actual figure skates and he is just walking around on the toe pick all night. Also, I would give no small amount of money to own that person-sized bottle of champagne.

  13. Gary Davidson

    Well what ever he got noticed right

  14. Vandalfan

    I want that vest with every fiber of my being, and here’s a number appropriate for this get-up:

  15. stephasaurus

    you know how in looney tunes, when a character is faces with a moral dilemma, an angel version and a devil version appear on each shoulder and have a battle of wits? well, pee wee herman’s angel has apparently given up on trying to talk him into being good and is boozing it up at promotional events.

  16. Dazie

    I know we’re not supposed to say body things.


    I have thigh envy.

  17. Maura

    What… what has he done to his face?

  18. whiterabbit11

    I wish you would feature Johnny more! He is always delightfully dressed, has interesting things to say, and he has his own leather wings. I didn’t realise that was a feature I wanted my best gay to have, but now it is.

  19. Kate

    This is absurd costuming. He needs to develop a better sense of style to go along with his persona.

  20. CC

    Love Johnny Weir.

  21. Sandra

    Johnny dresses like a Russian ice-dancer. If they didn’t have bad taste, they’d have no taste at all. I find Johnny irritating because he p*ssed away his talent as a skater and then whined that nobody liked him. Not that 3 consecutive national titles is nothing, but If he had trained at all consistently after the 05-06 season, he could have been world and Olympic champion as well. He isn’t the complete train-wreck that Christopher Bowman was, but he could have accomplished so much more. He might hit a couple of the early-season GP events this year, but he won’t be skating in the Olympics.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      As much as I like Weir, personally, I still have to agree on all of that. It’s so disappointing that he was a real contender, and just… didn’t care that much. Then felt bad for himself ’cause he’d spent too much time not caring that much, and thus was never going to be the same level of skater again.

      That said, it’s hard to go wrong with a puckish gay man in a crazy outfit at a champagne event! :-)