[Insert thoughtful preamble on Lily Collins here, perhaps something to do with her great eyebrows, but maybe not anything to do with Phil, because nobody wants “Another Day In Paradise” kicking around in their heads for the rest of the day, and oh, damn, there it goes, too late now.]

[Insert crack about the dress looking like a fishnet stocking at a House of Ill Repute, or dying window-basket outside the lead-paned window of an abandoned home.] [Add concern about whether it’s lined up top.] [Do not suggest impromptu Tic Tac Toe game.] [Bring Phil into it again because really that’s all we know.][Express concern about whether she’s exhausted from all this movie pimpage.][Suggest said exhaustion may have led to next picture.]

[Admire shiny hair and pretty face and glittery sequins.][Resist temptation to make a figure-skating joke.][But seriously that is a total DIY-looking skirt from a movie about a girl scraping together a career as a figure skater despite all odds against her.][Ice Princess, I’m looking at you.][Man, Michelle Trachtenberg and Hayden Panettiere have come so far from that moment.][Kim Cattrall, strangely less so.][Where was I?][Oh, right.][Suggest she’s cracked from exhaustion and begun doing the robot.][Commence an afternoon of doing the robot to “Another Day In Paradise.”][Berate self.]

[Insert photo credit.]

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, Splash]