I assume that is Anya Taylor-Joy. I mean, I believe it; the photographer says it is, and so does pretty much the rest of the Internet, and it looks like her. But this outfit is so dramatic that it could also just as easily be Elle Fanning, or a body double, or just a rich lady who’s obsessive about sunscreen and large brims and who also maybe uses her hat as a travel yoga mat. Someone on Twitter, I believe, said she looks like Samantha Jones in Los Angeles, and I think that is ABSOLUTELY correct and hard to top. I actively discourage any other projects in the Sex and the City universe, but if anyone DID want to make Have You Met Miss Jones, about Samantha’s rise in the New York PR world — or, better, a film about the making of Sex and the City and the various tensions igniting there — then… well, I don’t know that I would cast Anya Taylor-Joy, but I WOULD call her about costuming.

Anya took off the Kim Cattrall cosplay eventually:

Celebrity Sightings Ahead Of The 77th Annual Cannes Film Festival

It is a whole different vibe. It’s Charlotte York Interviews for an Internship During High School. We don’t need a Sex and the City one-woman show, either, but it’s intriguing to know Anya could cover at least two out of the four.

[Photos: Jacopo Raule/GC Images]