Unfug or Fab: Tika Sumpter


Okay, Tika, let me have it.

You gave us a golden panty-sheath the other day at another Sparkle event, but this appears to be drama of a more opaque variety. I’m curious. Let’s turn you around — you’re like a matador baiting the bull up there, and I don’t want to find myself suddenly snorting and scraping at dirt.

Wow. Hmm. There is… huh. She’s definitely commanding this, but the mathematics of slit + plunge may not quite work out here in her favor. It’s a lot. Add in the pleated and elaborate cummerbund and how Dynasty-stiff the bodice looks, and I’m feeling a little bit like she’s the high priestess of an alien race that came here to find out if we’re all like Lady Gaga and is terribly unimpressed that we’re not. What do you think? Am I being too harsh? Is she working it, or are you itching to give it a tweak?

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Comments (30):

  1. Eliza Bennett

    oh lawd. no no no no. never. So High Priestess of Naughty Mrs. Claus’ cult.

  2. Talley Lach

    I’m itchin’ to tell her to stand up straight. If you’re gonna put ‘em out there for all to see, own it, don’t slouch like you’re afraid of what you’ve done, even if you are.

  3. Sandra

    Boobs OR legs, dearie. Not both. The front of this thing is particularly unfortunate because the back of it is great.

    • Dazie

      I concur. A simple top, perhaps with a draped boatneck, lose the cummerbund, keep the daring slit and the fab back.

  4. Stefanie

    I actually like this is a weird “It’s Friday and I might already be drunk” sort of way.

  5. AliceBlue

    It’s very … red.

  6. Carol

    People of Earth! (Meaning either add a ray gun as an accessory for the full alien queen look, or make the top more humanoid, such as a nice halter neck.)

  7. Sunny

    Strangely enough, it look as though she put the dress on backwards.

  8. Sonya

    Yikes! Looks better from behind.

  9. Anna

    You know what’s weird? I think she might have pulled off the whole shebang if she lost two things: the incredibly awkward seam down the front (who thought that was a good idea?) and the weird cumber-bow. Take those two things out, and I don’t have nearly as many problems with the dress as I do now. Would it still be daring and a bit garish? Yes, but this is Hollywood and she could work it. As is, that seam just makes me want to hit the designer.

    • MKKS

      Good point. The crotch bisector seam should not exist. And if the front was more sort of V than boxy U, she MAY have gotten away with it.

    • Elle

      My first reaction was exactly the same.

  10. Erin

    I kinda like it. The colour is great on her. I do think it would work better with less boob.

  11. Siobhán

    Less boob and sew up the slµt cut, then we’d be in business.

  12. Alayne

    Maybe if the dress didn’t blend in with the carpet…
    I do like it from the back. But the front is just TMI.

  13. Regina

    Tell her to stand up straight.

    Get rid of the split in the skirt and I think she’s golden.

  14. Susan

    I am itching to give IT and HER the old heave hoe. She needs to just dissapear altogether.

  15. TonyG

    She is definitely working it. The arms akimbo and the runway no-smile face tells me she knows it too!

  16. Art Eclectic

    I’m on team boobs OR legs. This would have been outstanding without the slit.

    Love the color.

    I’d also add some sparkly earrings and a bangle or two.

  17. vandalfan

    The straps squash her ladypillows and look like the part of the roller coaster seat that they pull over your head and fasten between your legs to keep you from flying out when it turns upside down. If only the straps fell softly, with caplet like sleeves, to a nice V. She could even keep the leg slit, the center seam, and the twee navel bow.

    But she must change her hair. A ponytail is far too casual, too Kardash.

  18. Sarah

    Lose the slit or move it to the side and it’s fine. The back is awesome, but the front loses it with the plunge and the slit basically parallel (well, I’m never a fan of front slits anyway. Put those things to the side).

  19. gryt

    She’s dressed as a christmas present.

  20. Ghanimatrix

    Why did she point her boobs at her toes? Or is that just an illusion caused by the hideous dress?

  21. Francesca

    Is it working? Yeah, it’s working. Working waaaay too hard! A softer drape, less linebacker shoulders would improve it vastly.

  22. Fashion Form

    Red is amazing! The red color looks so wonderful…

  23. yeahandalso

    From the front it looks like a cheap satin knock-off of the Versace that January Jones wore to the Emmy’s a year or two ago.