Okay, Tika, let me have it.

You gave us a golden panty-sheath the other day at another Sparkle event, but this appears to be drama of a more opaque variety. I’m curious. Let’s turn you around — you’re like a matador baiting the bull up there, and I don’t want to find myself suddenly snorting and scraping at dirt.

Wow. Hmm. There is… huh. She’s definitely commanding this, but the mathematics of slit + plunge may not quite work out here in her favor. It’s a lot. Add in the pleated and elaborate cummerbund and how Dynasty-stiff the bodice looks, and I’m feeling a little bit like she’s the high priestess of an alien race that came here to find out if we’re all like Lady Gaga and is terribly unimpressed that we’re not. What do you think? Am I being too harsh? Is she working it, or are you itching to give it a tweak?

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