Elle Style Awards Unfug or Fab: Katy Perry


This is Vivienne Westwood, whose gown I think did not fail Katy as much as her wig wrangler did (and if it’s not a wig, then… please fire your hair person, Katy, because it LOOKS like one, and a bad one at that). But let’s discuss.

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  1. Kate

    The wig can go, but her makeup looks pretty luminous, especially in the last picture. I like seeing her with a more natural look.

  2.  Molly


    It’s like she was visiting her Gramma, noticed that she was going to be late so she grabbed Gram’s curtains and wig and rushed over, changing in the car on the way.

  3. ohsohappy

    The fabric and floral print are just lovely, but the design is so random. It looks like one quadrant each from four different versions of this dress were meshed together into what we see here.

    •  HelenBackAgain

      Yes. To me, it really does look accidental, and not in a fun way. Maybe if the contrasts in cut had been a little less, well, contrast-y, this could work as a rare example of deconstruction that I’d like. As is… it just has an identity crisis.

  4.  Nora

    I think it’s the combination of the mussed wig, her face in the first photo, and the way the dress is off the right shoulder, but the whole look together says something like, socialite of a certain age stumbling home after a night on the town. If the right shoulder were like the left (or the left were like the right; just having one of each isn’t working for me), and the hair didn’t look like she just got out of bed, she’d be fine.

    • Maria L.

      I kind of like the whole package because it looks like she just stepped out of a Fellini movie – and you’ve just outlined part of the plot!

  5.  Mina

    There is something about this dress that is aging her. The bodice needs work. Why did anyone think putting that bodice on KP was a good idea.

  6. Lisa

    The hair is nutso, so I can’t really decide if I like the dress. It’s not awful, could be good, with the right styling. But the hair is overshadowing the entire look.

    • Tiffany

      I agree. I wish I could see the dress on someone else.
      I don’t think Katy has the best face, but usually she makes up for it with hair and make-up. I think this hair style is bringing out the worst in her face.

  7.  Carolina Girl

    On a positive note, her makeup is lovely and her shoes are nice.

  8. Christy

    I think her stylist must have just watched a marathon of MASTERS OF SEX.
    Good in theory, but the wig brings the whole look down.

    • Noodle

      At first glance at the thumbnail in the first photo, I thought she was Lizzy Caplan. (Who is also very lovely, and should also not have this hair.)

      • Jojoli

        I thought the same -she’s emulating Lizzy Caplan’s hairdo. But I think Lizzy C. looks incredibly amazing with that hairstyle, incluid the irregular fringe; now, Kathy Perry curiously can´t pull it off at all, even though it can be said they have quite similar features.

  9. Wildviolette

    She’s so pretty. I wish she would give up on the whole “Human Cartoon” aesthetic. (And maybe dump John Mayer, because OMG you guys, he is so gross.)

  10.  cath

    I like the bodice, odd asymmetrical shoulders and all. But I agree that the wonky hemline doesn’t quite work. Maybe the right half needs to end in a drapey curve, rather than a right angle? That might be a bit twee, though, and also make the skirt look like a pair of leg curtains. Maybe it just needs to be a bit shorter and come right around under the left side.

    The wig, though, is awful. I feel like she was going for a young Elizabeth Taylor or Sophia Loren look, but swung wide and missed. Properly executed, though, I think it would have been a nice idea.

  11. nobody much

    eesh. Bad wig, bodice made for an A or B cup, bad hemline. I agree with the makeup – it’s really nice.

    • ceedeegee57

      I think you nailed it, it’s not that the bodice is mis-designed, it’s just too durn small for her. I think the hem could be saved, it’s like one iteration shy of where it needed to go.

  12. SPJava

    I love the dress though I would not be one to wear it so overflowing at the bust.
    The wig without question is very unfortunate. Couldn’t Katy have just worn her own hair up; whatever her own hair looks like; I’m not sure I know. She may be all Helen Lawson (Susan Hayward) of “Valley of the Dolls” under there.

  13. Alicia

    Aside from the wig, I’d ditch the asymmetrical bodice and have both sides like the right. And they’d fit. I’d also get rid of the illusion that the skirt is tucked into her undies.

  14. Jacquilynne

    I feel like there at least 3 and possibly 4 really nice dresses in that dress. The problem is that they’re all in there. Pick either bodice and either hemline and go with it and it’s probably good, maybe even great. But as it is, it looks like someone bought a Mix and Match pattern from McCall’s and didn’t realize you were supposed to use the same option for both sides of the dress.

  15. Jen S. 2.0

    It’s not that I loved the dress, it’s more that I couldn’t focus on the dress because I was so distracted by the bad wig. What IS that?

  16. Chappy

    Wigs – ick! The thought of one makes me gag.

  17. Caitlin

    You guys…I don’t think its a wig…

    • Heather

      That ALSO looks wiggy to me. And if it’s not, then FIRE YOUR HAIR PERSON KATY.

    • Lindy

      I don’t think it’s a wig, either. If you go to zoom you can see her scalp at the part. I think it’s just an unfortunate hairdo with too much hairspray.

  18.  MissElaineous

    Is someone re-making The Flintstones again? Meet the new Betty Rubble.

  19. MsSLC

    She looks like she’s been dragged backwards through a hedge

  20.  HelenBackAgain


  21. lynn

    Elizabeth Taylor comes to my mind immediately. She could have worn this just fine. Katy Perry – not so much.

  22.  Nikki

    girl what is on your head

  23. TonyG

    “It’s like she scalped a Madame Alexander doll and then trimmed its bangs with a serrated knife.”

    That is not to be read while eating mac and cheese.

    Clean-up at cubicle 9!

  24. Art Eclectic

    Looks distinctly like a Walk of Shame outfit after an all night bender ending in someone’s hotel room and dressing quickly in the morning hoping to get past the valet stand before the photogs spotted her.

  25. sacchrainkiss

    When I glanced at this and thought it was Marion Cotillard (or however you spell it) I sort of liked it. But then I took a better look, saw that it was Katy Perry and how odd the dress is and I’m not so sure about it.

    • Gypsy Danger

      Marion would never wear this! I have a big girl crush on her. She wears the odd weird thing from time to time, but usually she is flawless.

  26. susie

    Call me crazy, but I think the whole thing works, including the hair. This is Katy we’re talking about people, so we measure things in terms of progress from what has come before.

  27. Sandra

    Why can’t both halves of a bodice be the same EVER anymore? This looks really sloppy.

  28. Bella

    Is there something wrong with wearing a nice, well-fitting dress these days? Must they always be cracked-out, over-exposed ugly pieces of draped fabric that try to pass themselves off as dresses created by men who hate women? Are there no designers who actually like women and try to accentuate their beauty and femininity without resorting to crass manipulation? And do the wearers of said concoctions have any brains?

    End of rant.

  29. BrownEyedBetty

    Confession: I like this dress. Which is weird. For me. Since I rarely go for Westwood and hardly ever endorse KP. So you’d think that together they’d be an epic Fail for me. And yet…. she’s making this work. Apart from the Headsuit. That’s gotta go.

  30. Tasha

    I love the dress but it feels a little ‘blah’ and twee on her. Put it on Juliette Lewis and then we’d be in business! Also YOU CAN AFFORD BETTER WIGS/HAIR KATY! It looks like a cheap Betty Rubble costume.

  31. Bottle Ginger

    She’s wearing a corset!

    Look, you can see the ribbing and the lower edge in picture #1!

  32. Natalie

    I love this dress but it does not fit her. Her boob should not be under her arm pit. I think it’s a lovely dress though.

  33. Bess

    Looks like a hooker. Sorry.

  34. Rose

    I’m getting a frightening Miss Hannigan vibe from this…

  35. Laura B

    The hem bugs me on the dress, but mostly I was distracted by her Hot Sticks hair. Anyone else remember these?

  36.  Alli

    I quite like the dress, maybe with a little less boob if anyone had asked me about it (spoiler: they didn’t) but that hair or wig or roadkill rodent or whatever it is–is awful.

  37. jesica

    I think it’s adorable – in a “the sister from dirty dancing” kind of way!

  38.  Sharon

    For some reason, I am thinking of Anna Magnani in “The Rose Tattoo”.

  39. Lisa

    It’s like a college production of cat on a hot tin roof

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