In which I say aloud to the TV, “BRIAN JOUBERT IS STILL ALIVE?!” As I mentioned in my post about the pairs, I got tired of waiting to bring you SKATING SKATING SKATING, so we’re breaking this out into a whole bunch of coverage this year. As I ALSO mentioned in my post about pairs, most of the Americans have already been discussed after Nationals...but that turned out to be a lie in this particular case, because I wanted to show you the back of Jason Brown’s Prince-themed costume and also we have to talk about Poor Jeremy Abbott, the Edith Crawley of figure-skating. ALSO we have to talk about WTF happened with Plushenko. Men’s skating rarely has so much dramz. ALSO ALSO ALSO, as usual, this is a melange of Winners Plus People I Thought You Might Want To See. SKATING!

[Photos: Screengrabs by my own bleeding hands, but these are marginally better than the pairs ones; again, apologies for our annoying photo situation in terms of sports coverage at the moment.]