Unfug or Fab: Christina Hendricks


Well, look: Compared to what we usually complain about with this one, Christina’s dress certainly isn’t as bad as it could be. But it’s not better enough for me.

It’s a glorified nightie, basically. So nothing is oozing out, and it’s nipping in at her lovely waist and hips, but… I can’t articulate it. Something still just isn’t right. Maybe it’s that the overlay doesn’t need to be longer than the slip dress. Maybe it’s that the slip dress might actually just BE a slip. Maybe I don’t like how the cummerbund is nuzzling right up between her boobs so that they’re suddenly shaped like a giant sleep mask. I don’t know. My instinct is… I wish this were a strapless dress under a sheer overlay that stopped at the same place the actual skirt does — kind of like Middleton’s wedding gown, except less fancy and more appropriate for wear outside an Abbey — or even just a strapless dress with a sheer jackety-type thing that stopped at the waist and didn’t extend down the skirt. Know what I mean? I just… I think she tends toward EXTRA, in a way that steps all over her natural assets.

But I’m putting it up to a vote because it’s entirely possible that she is doing fine and I just can’t see it through my ARGGGGH-tinted glasses.

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  1. wildviolette

    I think she is a lovely woman, no matter what she is wearing. I would have gone with higher, more fun heels to make this a teeny bit less matronly.

    • ruby

      I agree, SUPER high heels would have made all the differene, especially if they had a pop of colour in them. Those shoes are downright 1992 prom ugly.

  2. Sandra

    Nope, you’re right. It’s less awful than usual for her, but still not actually good. This is Miss Kitty’s Go-to-Funerals dress. The shoes aren’t helping. I’ll assume that the shininess of her face is a lighting issue. The hair looks lank.

    Also, we’ve heard a million times how hard it is to dress her figure, but I call shenanigans on that. There are styles that look great on her. She wears them all the time at work. We’ve all got those secret, hideous, I-loved-it-so-I-bought-it-but-it-looks-dreadful-actually-on-me, fashion mistakes. But usually we leave them in the closet when we step out of the house.

    • Ken D

      She appears to have put on several pounds. Could that have something to do with the difficulty in dressing her?

      • Claire L1

        As a woman whose body type is very similar to hers…. I have NO problem dressing and dressing well in things that flatter and fit. Do I find them in the first store I come to? No. Do I have to try on several styles and sizes? Yes….. and I get massive pay off.

        I’ve actually said before that I wish *I* could take this poor woman shopping….. she might not be in “designer” duds, but she’d be so friggen VaVoom she’d make Sharon Stone’s GAP shirt look like a Givenchy gunny sack of stupid.

        We “fat” girls actually can rock.
        ( note the quotes around fat…. because I really don’t consider her or myself as “fat”)

        • Jeanette

          Hey Clare L1 – I’d love to hear your tips and styles for Christina actually…do tell. I’m guessing it involves tailering and nothing loose fitting? (as a girl with a sort of similar figure also)

        • Claire L1

          @Jeanette…. always tailored… I can wear an A-line skirt IF, it is tailored at the waist and it must always be with a body conscious top. All of my dresses,except one, are tailored, and that one I wear with a belt to accent my waist.
          The problem is that when you have a large chest and large hips…anything that stands out, away, from them just makes you look round. For years I worried about people ‘seeing my fat’….and the truth is, I was hiding my shape.
          For me, pants are the hardest. I look for at the waist with a fluid drape ( not necessarily wide leg….but think pants that fit more like a long, slim skirt).
          I love jackets and blazers, but they’re hard. The best thing to do is get them to fit your shoulders and then take them in to have them nipped in at the waist.

          Something else that Christina does ( that drives me crazy) is wear Spanx when she needs not to. As a bigger girl I’ve found that Spanx makes me look really weird. I think they work on thinner women who are hiding small bumps…but on us bigger girls, we look like we’re squared off. Instead, I look for underthings that just look smooth under my clothes. *I* don’t need to be smoothed out….my underpinnings do. ( does that make sense?) I’ll so much as purchase tights in a size too big ( so no waistband line) and cut them off to wear under jersey. No lines!

          Never underestimate the magic of a good bra! That is first and foremost. You can fix all kinds of issues with a good bra ( and sadly the good ones aren’t always pretty) . Lane Bryant has a “Back Smoothing” bra that is AMAZING…. not just at smoothing but at being undetectable under the thinnest of Ts. But bra shopping is an alllllll day adventure the first time out. Take your favorite most flaw showing top with you….. make that the blouse/top which judges all bras.

          That’s something else…. for being such a girly girl….I wear Ts A LOT. Fitted T’s can be dressed up with the right accessories. AND, they hug your curves. I am particular to GAP and Banana Republic….but there are times I can find the nicest colors at Target. I like V necks….and they can be taken away from the casual sporty look with the right necklace. I am a bit broad shouldered, so they narrow me a bit. The truth is… you know which neck fits you best. So which ever is your thing will work….as long as it’s the right size ( not too big) and you accessorize.
          Cardigans are a great way to stay warm and look good. They fit closer to the body than regular sweaters.
          I tend to wear a lot of knits on top and wovens on the bottom.
          JC Penneys ( I know, right?) has the most fabulous selection of pencil skirts. Everything from simple to some really fun Mod-ish color blocking.
          Unless the trend fits into my style (body type) I don’t do trend when it comes to cuts. Skirts just above or just at the end of the knee work perfectly on me…. but you might have a different preference in length.
          Once you figure what works for you, fits into your life ( for instance I love heels but I teach special education…. so I am the flats girl), and makes you happy then shopping is pretty easy. I can appreciate things and know “nope, not for me”….and be OK with it….because not everyone can wear a wiggle dress, and we can. ;)

        • Donna

          Can I come along on the shopping trip? I’m built the same way, and I would so love to dress her so she looks good. She’s beautiful and has a great figure, and tends to wear things that look better on the less endowed. I would love to see her in things that are less fussy and more classic; something beautifully cut in a gorgeous fabric that skims her body. She doesn’t need fussy clothes to look good. I know lots of people are going to cringe, but she’s got the right shape for shoulder pads. Preferably shoulder pads that just go up, not further out on her shoulders. They would give her a longer line from the outside of her shoulders to her bust, and that would make her easier to fit.

          I love your analysis of what looks good on — well, I guess it’s what looks good on you, but it sounds right to me. I wear v-necks and scoop necks and stay away from round necks unless I’m wearing something over them. Extra fabric just makes me look like I need extra fabric. Just to make it more fun, I’m also short AND short-waisted, so pants legs with any kind of flare make me look dumpy. Shoulder pads actually make me look thinner. The 80s were the decade for my personal body type!

        • Claire L1

          See Donna! That’s the trick… what works for your body! Oh, we could so have a girls day and make Christina look so fabulous

  3. Gine

    She always seems to wear what is, oxymoronically (pretend that’s a real word) frumpy lingerie. This is both too reminiscent of a nightgown AND too dowdy for her. It’s just a weird combination.

  4. BrownEyedBetty

    My only reaction is Macro, not Micro: this is MATRON all the way. And very Widow-y. don’t think it can be un-fugged.

  5. valueofaloonie

    Top Half: right. (well, right-er than usual)

    Bottom Half: wrong.

    Generally, I think it’s the other way around for Christina.

  6. Kathleen Trail

    It’s the Joan-smirk that’s getting to me…. She looks so much prettier when she just smiles. God, I sound like somebody’s Meemaw right now.

  7. Jasmine

    I actually like the top, quite a bit. I think it would have worked a lot better if the bottom were fitted, and cut off maybe just a touch below the knee? I’m thinking a pencil skirt, definitely with higher heels. Girl can seriously rock a pencil skirt.

    Can you tell I just started watching Mad Men from the beginning, and so, so badly just want her to dress like Joan would?!

    • Kris M

      I second the pencil skirt. This is a scroll down fug, I didn’t even notice the straps until they were mentioned.

      • Other Emily

        Yes to pencil skirt! And spikier shoes with a bit of color for interest and to break up how black this is. But I don’t mind the top a bit, and it looks like it fits her very well. Part of the problem with the bottom isn’t just the fit, it’s the see-through. I might even be able to like it if it were just opaque, but I”m not sure.

  8. Shelley

    MUCH better than boobs spilling out. Much. But this looks very “I bought this off the rack at Lane Bryant”.

  9. theotherjennifer

    Do you think maybe it’s because she dresses so well for work that she kind of lets herself go when she goes out – her hair looks awful in this photo and I hate that whole outfit – soup to nuts to those bows on those crappy shoes.

  10. Bella

    I like it except that the skirt and overlay should not be two lengths. Pick a length and stick with it – preferably the shorter one. But this is better than usual.

  11. annie

    I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her bust gets so much attention but look at her skin! She’s seriously glowing. (and I think the dress would be much more flattering if it were a bit shorter)

  12. BeanFug

    Christina has a nice curvy figure.

    Curvy ) ( not curved ( )

    However, the problem with this dress is its design is the type that gives more volume and curves (especially the bottom half) to a woman who has little to no curve and wants to look more womanly feminine.

    Christina doesn’t need any help in this department. This dress, which is better than some of the things she’s worn recently that mostly suffered from poor fit, actually fits, but just gives her *more* of what she already has *plenty.*

  13. francesca

    Less va-va-va-voom and more va-va-va-vomit. This dress does her no favors and as we all pretty much agree, her favors are lovely indeed – curvaceous frame, gorgeous skin, beautiful coloring. This dress just isn’t up to highlighting those attributes.

  14. Zuzzie

    It’s the length and the shors that kill it. Kill it dead.

  15. Kit

    Compartively speaking, I love it. No complaints here.

  16. filmcricket

    This suffers from a common problem with Ms. Hendricks’ clothes: it’s too fussy. Even when the fit is good, she so frequently chooses dresses that have so much *stuff* on them and it’s like, Christina, those are for little stick figures who need to maintain the illusion of shape. *You* are, and always will be, more fascinating than whatever you wear, so keep it simple and let your face and skin be the stars.

    I actually don’t mind the bodice; she’s well supported and the tulle, while annoyingly ubiquitous lately, draws the eye up to her lovely face. It’s at the waist where this all falls apart: the two-tone black, the lace, and especially the longer sheer overlay which doesn’t work any better on this ’50s silhouette than it does on the micro mini or granny panty gowns we’ve seen lately. Get rid of just that, and add some fiercer shoes, and we might be in business.

  17. ChaChaHeels

    First, she seems to choose a lot of frilly dresses: they feature sleeves that are puffed at the shoulder, or gathers and shirring at the waist, or pin tucking or ruching anything that makes a lot of fabric look full, gathered, and voluminous. Then she usually applies that somewhere where nothing on her body needs the added expansion those details provide. On top of everything, add the element of sheerness and uneven hemlines and wrong collar/bodice/neckline details, and you have the opposite of everything Janie Bryant sets out to do for her in her Man Men wardrobe. The result is she ends up looking like a barmaid ready to retire after her very last shift–hair collapsing under the humid steam and smoke, shoes for hurty feet, and pale washed out make up. Matronly, for sure.

  18. Nanc in Ashland

    Love the sleeves and neck but the skirt takes it down–it doesn’t match the rest of the dress. She needs to embrace the full on 50s vintage bombshell look. Plain pumps would work better and some killer Coro costume jewelry–maybe one of their big aurora borealis bracelets and a real pop-of-color pocket book.

  19. Eliza Bennett

    it’s too long. And sheer in weird places. But, you know what? Considering the horrors she’s perpetrated before, this is a great big FAB from me. Considering the icky efforts from Ke4SHIFTha and others that y’all have given a well played bc what they did before was so vile, can’t we give the woman a round of applause?

    • Eliza Bennett

      Figured it out! She should wear the top with flare leg pants in a rich, bright color and slightly contrasting clutch. Even the shoes would be less heinous then. OK. On to world hunger.

  20. maryse

    it’s just so incredibly sad. and i hate those shoes.

  21. Leah

    Regardless of what it is or isn’t doing for her figure, that’s still a damn ugly dress. She’s doing the full Stevie Nicks.

  22. Christian

    I wish she would wear, you know…colors.

  23. Willow

    I’ve decided that her biggest problem is the fabrics she chooses to wear, she just can’t get away with heavily detailed pieces with lots of lace and beading, they just make her look lumpy, and she most certainly isn’t lumpy!

    It’s the simplicity of her Mad Men wardrobe that fits her so perfectly.

  24. hillary l.

    Spaghetti straps and Real Boobs don’t mix – it just causes the eye to stop at the breast rather than continuing up to the shoulders. Christina needs looks that make her shoulders the widest part of her, rather than her chest. A strong shoulder, an open neckline, a defined waist, and a structured fabric – all of these need to be on her shopping list. I want her to go shopping with Octavia Spencer so badly! Octavia would be able to look at this in the early stages and say, “Girl, no.”

    • kickassmomnyc

      You are so right. More structure, less frou-frou, sleeker, stronger.

  25. Sarah L.

    She always looks like she’s dressed for the fancy, Western bordello.

  26. fiatluxury

    I think her hair looks really pretty. And speaking as a redhead, I cut the girl some slack when it doesn’t, because redheads have less actual hair than non-redheads. True science! we are doomed to thin hair (well, like the 85% of us that don’t have that bristley thick ginger awesomesauce hair.) And if she’s not really a redhead, i don’t wanna know about it. As for the dress: agree that the top is better than the bottom half, and that maybe she should go more tailored on the bottom half.

    • hillary l.

      Christina’s been dying it since she was 10, because she was obsessed with Anne of Green Gables. Which, honestly, is also awesomesauce. If you’re going to go red, at least do it inspired by the best redhead in literature :-)

  27. vandalfan

    It’s Better, but still Not Quite. The spaghetti straps do not allow for a proper substantial bra. The sheer sleeves with a solid top, OK, but that’s all the frou-frou she needs. Unfortunately, the dress keeps going and going, to rival a mourning Gunne Saxx with the sheer and the lace and the satin and the dropped waist and handkerchief hem and all that yadda.

    And I just want to smack whoever gave her those rotten little slippers.

    • anonymoose

      I’m just glad the shoes disguise Christina’s stomach-turning bunions. The shoes may be ugly, but they are doing a public service!

  28. TonyG

    I rather like this.

  29. CJ

    Is this from the Stevie Nicks QVC collection?

  30. Liz985

    Love the top — fitted, everything covered. Biggest complaint? The gosh darn shoes. I think this may be the only pair that she owns (or it’s her go-to shoe style, so she owns several). Ugh. This dress could have been saved by better footware that pulled it all together from top to bottom.

    • Liz985

      Actually, now I’m worried about the dress. Looking at it more closely is that….just a regular black slip underneath the overlay? It looks suspicously so.

  31. Mahastee

    This is a scrolldown fug. The whole skirt area needs to first decide what length it is (I vote knee length) and then lose some fullness.

    The shoes need a higher, and possibly thicker, heel and to lose the silly little bows. If it’s a comfort thing, she could always make the big entrance in some fab high shoes and change into the kitten heels later.

  32. kickassmomnyc

    Grandma? Is that you?

  33. Claire L1

    I think she suffers with the “the more fabric, the less it will look like it’s me” thing…. I remember the giant t shirts I wore in my teens….. … and while I love frills….I share more than just the red hair with Christina…and frills simply do NOT work on our body types.

    I agree with the pencil skirt idea. I love the shape of the top, but I think it would be better if it were just a draped jersey material and the sleeves need to be shorter.

  34. MWynn13

    It’d be much better if the skirt was shorter, ended where the slip does, and she was wearing some cuter, retro ankle-strap shoes instead of those slightly too dowdy pumps.

  35. nmlhats

    Higher heels…and less difference between the length of the dress and the lining. Otherwise I like the look for her.

  36. Valeria

    Skirt: please hem the sheer overlay to the same length as the slip — always

    Hair: I’m personally not fond of the sort of loose-ringlet style. I’d like to see Ms. Hendricks in a smooth, sleek bob. And I wonder: would a style that keeps her hair away from her face be more flattering ??

    Silhouette: I’d rather see a va-va-boom figure encased in a structured dress with clean, simple lines.

  37. Anna

    She just needs higher heels! Would make all the difference.

  38. Janice

    I wish celebrities would get the message that at this late date, no one wants to see their underwear; at least if it is the wrong underwear. That slip under whatever is just trag.

    Knee-length, tea-length; commit already.

  39. Lily1214

    The dress is just plain dowdy.

  40. jo

    I think the problem is we all want her to look like Joan, but she’s wearing like an industrial girdle when she’s inall those gorgeous tight dresses – so she probably would rather be more comfortable when she’s off the clock! I would be thrilled to look like her either way!

    • Guerra

      I’m pretty sure there is a corset/ very structured under wear on her here that nip in the waist does not look natural

  41. Lion

    These gathered at the top sleeves?? It’s like they were trying to compete with her bosom. Dear me…

  42. Veronica

    The bottom’s the problem. If the dress smoothed down into a sheath, it’d be fine. Also, less obvious structuring around the torso might have helped.

  43. Poppy

    Either a longer skirt or a shorter one – past ankle length or 50′s length. The slip the same length as the skirt. No spaghetti straps, and higher heels.

    She could do with less fuss as well – simpler fabrics. I’ve got a very similar figure (big boobs small waist) and look much better when I go with striking colours rather than lots of lace and faff.

  44. Erin

    I think a colour would help. I’m not a fan of unrelieved black.

  45. Erin

    It is 100% the nightgown and sheer robe the ladies all wear on mad men. I feel like Betty Draper’s version is light blue. It just doesn’t work.

  46. Gal

    Whenever her boobs aren’t spilling out all over the place I think she looks fine.

  47. Evalyn

    She looks like she’s come off a busy shift at the Y’All Comeback Saloon, so she put on her comfortable shoes. When you have an hourglass shape like hers, it’s hard not to look stumpy. Two wasy to avoid stumpishness:
    1. Short OR long, not somewhere in between.
    2. Avoid fluff. Go tailored or draped, but not fluffed.
    Also, your shoes should matter.

  48. fritanga

    Strip off the sheer overlay, lengthen the skirt a little bit, and by GOD, get RID of those cheap-ass open toed shoes. This dress cries out for fabulous high heeled pumps (perhaps in an interesting contrasting color?) or pretty, interesting high heeled sandals. Why oh WHY does she love those grandma peep toed shoes so much?

  49. Jo

    Nice tips ClareL1 -thanks. Agree, the lower half is too voluminous & flouncy. Can’t she put the Mad Men stylist on retainer?!

  50. Susieboo74

    I LOOOOOVE THIS GIRL! GREAT HAIR GLORIOUS BOD AND BAZOOKAS TO DIE FOR! But what the hell is wrong with her wardrobe? I would love to dress this woman the clothes dont fit her right and the colours are not right!……sigh!

  51. anonymoose

    Brava @ Clair L1 and Donna! Work it!

  52. Mitch Watt

    I’m certain that (due to her contact with Johnnie Walker) she NEEDED to bare at least 70% breast at all times, now she’s doing a 360 and trying to cover up 110% of her breast…

    But points must be awarded for her great hair colour ( not style)

    p.s Puff sleeve? Really? EURGH.

  53. Rhona Nolan

    I think I wouldn’t hate if it had a pencil skirt. Though I still think she can do better….

  54. sizzy

    My reaction: “I saw Christina Hendricks’ Humunga-Chungas at the event-thingy, but I didn’t see Christina. Was she there?”

    Also: Somehow those boobs in that dress make her look fat. I think: “Accentuate the waist, take advantage of your va-va-va-voom hourglass figure. And dress very simply (with interesting yet undistracting details) because honey, your body announces itself all on its own.”