Thematically Played, Reese Witherspoon

Reese and Rob are off hawking Water For Elephants — the movie, of course, although I assume they also support keeping our planet’s pachyderms properly hydrated. And Reese seems to have picked a theme, and that theme is, Modified Sweetheart Necklines. A much better theme than “meat panties” or “glass antlers,” I think you’ll agree, and yet: Let’s examine the execution to see if she nailed it or should’ve explored a little more variety.

[Photos: Flynet and Getty]

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  1. Willow

    Outfit 1 : I like it, even though it looks really stiff and reminds me of the felt topped card table my gran use to. Her face suggests she had the makeup gun set to hooker though and it kind of ruins the simplistic pleasure of the dress.

    Outfit 2 : I will never be OK with straps that suggest you just had a romp in the limo. better makeup but her hair looks like it is trying to run away.

    Outfit 3 : I like it, it isn’t setting the world alight but it isn’t burning my retinas either.

    Outfit 4 : It’s a little heavy looking but her hair is at least balanced.

    Outfit 5 : The coat is amazing and the booties do look really good with it, but that is the point of booties, they are a winter shoe, I think we need to tell the rest of Hollywood this.

  2. Kate

    I just love the different translations of the movie title in the background…”Agua para Elefantes”…”De L’eau pour les Elephantes.” For some reason it makes me giggle.

    Also, I will take that coat, please.

  3. Lina

    Ooh, the Posen is great, especially in teal (she always rocks teal). The McCartney is dreadful — what is up with Stella’s complete failure at design lately? I haven’t seen anything wearable from her in several seasons now. The black is awesome, the red is boring, and the coat is good but it’s the entire outfit built around the coat that wins. And it does. I would wear the hell out of that if I could wear heels.

  4. InTheIndustry

    I think they all STINK!!!!

  5. gladly

    Your band-aid mystery is one of the reasons that I love this blog forever. Also, if Stella McCartney can’t design a dress that flatters Reese Witherspoon, I don’t think she should be trusted to design anything. Hang it up, Stella.

  6. anne

    Oh boy, that teal thing: If you’re a petite person with a great shape, why would you choose to wear something that makes you look like a bulky piece of furniture??

  7. Carolina Girl

    I like the coat and the booties, but if it’s cold enough for her to wear that, why was the woman behind her in low-heeled mules and no hose/tights?

  8. Lynne

    I passed over this slide show a few times because I realize Reese is starting to bore the crap out of me. Truthfully, I really only looked at the thumbnails. I glanced at the coat in the final picture but it only made me think of how much better Kate’s coats are. In conclusion, zzzzzzz.

  9. Alice

    As much as I wish the McCartney fit better, I have to say I love the color. Reese works color so well.

  10. word

    Can we just talk about how amazing her hair is?

  11. megs283

    if you want to still wear a coat… come to Massachusetts! ugh.

    She looks gorgeous, though I agree that the red was too matronly. It made it look like she has flaws to hide (which she doesn’t).

  12. Kris

    Not sure about you guys, but my “everyday casual” does not involve a double breasted coat, tights, and Louboutins…

  13. Rayna

    The teal Posen is my fave, although the LBD might be a close second.

    Reese does classy NOT trashy so well, maybe she could offer workshops to those who need it, ahem!

  14. Kris

    Love the teal, the black and, of course, the coat outfit. The blue, though, makes her look fat, when girlfriend CLEARLY is not fat! The red is just MEH.

  15. Mongerel

    Don’t forget to read about the elephant’s fashion, too (she got ‘bedazzled’ with stun guns and bull hooks)

  16. Lynne

    Holy crap, Mongerel. That’s brutal. Not a very definitive statement from the trainers either.

  17. Christina

    LOVE the first teal one (the fit, the colour, everything), and her pretty makeup and curly hair – just perfect!
    Not a fan of the second – colour is good but the fit is all wrong, not flattering at all.
    The black one is fine, very nice but a bit dull.
    The red one is lovely, but IMO could have been maybe more fitted? Think that’s why it looks a bit matronly despite lovely cut & colour.
    And finally – that coat is pretty cute, really suits her. And her hair is looking great in general.

  18. Sajorina

    I feel your pain, Heather; I love coats, but I live on a tropical island! I love that one Reese is wearing too! And, I like every look here, but the 2nd one! I agree, I love Reese, but she should mix it up!

    And, I always thought that Rebecca Mader would play the role of GFY Heather on “Go FUg Yourself: The Movie”!

  19. Pebbles36

    I hope you’re not suggesting that she’s part Hobbit and needs to shave her feet…

  20. yeahandalso

    when has Stella ever designed ANYTHING that isn’t horribly unflattering. Remember the swimsuits with CROTCH PINEAPPLES?

  21. Kama

    I am sure this has been brought to your attention, but bandaid is present in black dress photo. So I am going to blame her foot dilemma on the Louboutin’s she is wearing w the red one that comes next.

  22. Adrianne

    I spotted the bandaid on her foot in the black dress =D I dont know how everyone else missed it but its there, So yhe culprit must be the black peep toes with the red dress, which i think both the dress and shoes are very unflattering, im sure it wasnt worth the blister. =)

  23. Adrianne

    Oh never mind someone got in before me, Im not a genius OOOPS

  24. Bambi Anne Dear

    I was just going to say “For God’s sake, cover up!” I’m so sick of bare shoulders. But then came the coat and I chilled. Not overly keen on the thick hose and the shoes are harking back to something from the mid 80s but………..

  25. vandalfan

    It’s her hair I enjoy. The first and last looks are great, but the straight, flat-ironed styles, although beautifully colored, look thin.

  26. MA

    I never noticed this before, but in the first picture she looks like Rebecca Romijn a bit in the face, no?