The Recent Fugs and Fabs of Diane Kruger

Fug Nation Bumpwatch — officially declared at the Golden Globes — is still on.

[Photos: Getty, PacCoastNews]


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  1. Sandra

    I have quite a collection of striped shirts myself, GFYJessica. Maybe we can have a sub-colony in the FugNation Compound.

    • Stefanie

      Ill be there too. I’ve never met a striped shirt I didn’t have to have.

    • Kate

      Joining Clan Striped Shirts as well!

      •  Amy

        Me, too! AND I just found a striped t-shirt with polka dots on it – my nirvana of patterns.

    • Nicola911

      My husband has put me on nautical stripe lockdown. He even averts my eyes from them in stores. It’s an expensive disease with no known cure.

    •  kickassmomnyc

      Me too!! I’m addicted to St James in particular, but I’m a sucker for any nautical stripes.

      Can I post this?

    •  Wenchie

      Me too! It looks like we’ll have quite the population in our sub-colony. :)

    • Alisa

      I’m going to need a whole suite at the compound for my collection of stripe shirts! Blue and white, grey and white, black and white… So many stripes, I love them all!

    • witjunkie

      I will also come to the Colony. And really, I don’t need to be wearing horizontal stripes but Can’t. Stop. I just bought (another) striped cardigan yesterday. I’m going to wear it to work tomorrow, I can already hear the sarcastic barb from my coworker.

  2. swellcatt

    I think you are completely right all counts. She’s probably not showing a lot but enough that if she wore something body con it’d be over. I hope they are expecting I love her and Peter Bishop (sorry. He’s Peter to me…FRINGE FOREVER!)

    • AnniLau

      I was never able to watch Fringe, because Pacey’s face annoys me. I don’t know what it is – I don’t think he’s ugly or anything – the mere sight of him just fills me with annoyance. Timothy Olyphant too.

      • Gypsy Danger

        I am very pro Josh Jackson and a FRINGE lover, but I get the Timothy Olyphant thing. I feel the same way about Dane Cook. Completely irrational. His face always looks so smug.

        • Victoria

          Timothy Olyphant just reminds me of Bill Paxton and especially his character in “Aliens” in which he was all “game over, man” and a whiny little bitch in general, and thus I can’t handle anyone who reminds me of him. Also Bill Paxton in “Weird Science” and the whole “served in a dirty ashtray” thing. I might need therapy.

    • lynn

      FRINGE FOREVER – amen and you are preaching to the choir :-)

    • ortenzia


      I am going to lose a lot of money in 2014 if that pale, candy pink takes over the clothing world. I love it and must have it all. ALL.

  3. jerkygirl

    Such a pretty, pretty lady with such strange, strange taste in clothing. :D I love the pink flats on the blue and white shirt/pink capris outfit though.

    • jerkygirl

      Replying to myself to add: I’m actually a fan of hers, but I can’t understand exactly where she’s going with some of these outfits, such as powderroom wallpaper up there. It’s almost (I cannot believe I’m about to say this) like some of (please do not throw anything sharp) Lindsay Lohan’s strange outfits made up of pieces that I don’t even know what they are and why they’re on the same body at the same time. They don’t have the same aesthetic of course (Diane K. being a person who always looks clean and like she actually tried) but I have the same kind of “what exactly is happening here?” reaction to them. I don’t understand, I’m sure I’m missing something, but I love her anyway.

  4. donna

    In Germany the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the opposite hand than in England etc,
    (I hope that makes sense), she could then actually be wearing a wedding ring…

  5. Annie E

    She’s just so cool.

    • Brenna

      She really is. I love that in the blue striped shirt/pink pants shirt, she’s wearing two highly identifiable designer items (the rockstar flats and the quilted bag), but she still makes them look normal and not like she’s trying to throw every label under the sun on her body. She just makes it all look so effortless.

      • marylou bethune

        Even when she picks out an outfit that makes us wince a bit, she is still beautiful and she has Style and verve. Love her and Pacey.

  6.  Laura

    Gonna need more info on this email from Pacey’s mom, please! :)

    •  KLeewrite

      Right? I need to know more about this. I love the idea that Pacey’s mom reads GFY, probably so she can revel in all these women professing their love for her son.

  7.  deee

    What is it about nautical striped shirts? I also can not resist. I am actually wearing one right this second.

    I think La Kruge looks a little wan or peaked or some other old fashioned word that means pale. Morning sickness? hmmmm.

    • Lizzy

      I was thinking the same thing – several of her expressions seems to say, “Get this darn picture over with so I can run to the ladies room!”

  8. andrea

    She’s totally pregnant. I’m skinny and wear body-conscious, very tailored clothing, and when I was <18 weeks along, I totally pulled the sh*t she's pulling as far as clothing–hiking up the waistband just a little higher, drapey sweaters that obscure my waist, etc. It's a crappy phase–your shape is not distorted enough that you actually look pregnant, and you don't REALLY want to buy slightly bigger clothes just yet because you'll outgrow them in a month, anyway, so you go through your closet and get creative. Hooray for them!

  9. gayle

    I totally missed the bump watch alert, but this pleases me because they are adorable and I seriously want to see her maternity style

  10. junior

    Picture #7 is Kirsten Dunst. I’m not saying the caption is wrong. I’m saying, for one second, Diane Kruger physically became Kirsten Dunst and someone was lucky enough to capture the exact moment the transformation was complete. Also, she is clearly pregnant.

  11. Sajorina

    I love her and her style! She makes whatever she wears work for her and I like all of it, the beautiful and the quirky! And who wouldn’t love Pacey’s mom? She gave birth to him and brought him to us! She MUST be a delight! Plus, I do hope these two crazy kids get married and have kids someday… That gene pool needs to continue! By the way, more press = more Pacey!

  12. Kit

    Her outfit in slide #6: heaven! I’d wear that head to toe, every day.

  13. Kate

    Her face looks a touuuuuch fuller than normal…not in a bad way, just in a possible eating-for-a-healthy-baby way.

    Fingers crossed for a Kruger/Pacey baby! (can they please name it Pacey?!)

  14. Kate

    The baby in my belly started jumping around as soon as I looked at these pictures. From this I conclude: Diane Kruger is pregnant and my unborn child has psychic abilities.

  15. Jen

    As much as I enjoy Kruger (and esp. Pacey!), most of what she wears is of the “Well, I could see wearing that coat with a pair of jeans, maybe, but it’s interesting” variety, not an “I want to steal that look!” variety. But the look in #6? I would wear that whole thing, every day. Or at least on weather appropriate days; it could perhaps alternate with the striped shirt and pink capris, which I would also wear.

  16.  Steph

    Of course Pacey’s mom is delightful. She (as well as Pacey) is from Vancouver. We’re an awesome bunch. :)

    I covet that purse in slide #2. Come to think of it, I don’t have a nice grey purse… anyone want to loan me like, $20,000? (Guessing.)

  17. :paula

    My goodness that is a large automobile. They are clearly gearing up for an enormous family. Possibly of Ents.

    • ginger

      That car is a Mercedes. She has a contract with them. She is promoting the brand by using their car. And it´s rental.

  18. Cat

    The only outfit I really love is the striped shirt/pink capris look. That I would wear in a heartbeat (sans white quilted Chanel)! I kind of like the patten on the first look (powder room wall paper indeed) but not the overall look.

  19. CJ

    Can we please not use the word “bump” to describe a woman’s (possibly) pregnant belly? It’s annoying and stupid.

    • Kate (another one)

      Do you have another proposal? As a pregnant lady myself, I like bump because it distinguishes baby-ful-ness from my belly, which could be attributed to sandwiches.

      • Kate (another one)

        In case that first reply sounded snarky, I am really curious what we could use instead, and am open to options if you have some.

      • Pregnant Kate Too

        I too am fine with “bump.” Because it is indeed a big bump. And I can’t think of another word that is equally descriptive.

    • Victoria

      “Bump” is mostly just twee to me, which makes it stupid. But it’s not a hill I’d want to die on. That would be “RiRi” and “Queen Bey” and the like.

  20. Katie

    Those outfits in 4 and 7 and doing serious things to me. LOVE.

  21. hillary l.

    I’m usually indifferent to celebrity spawn, but this one? All kinds of squee.

  22.  Guerra

    I just love her & if she is indeed pregnant, I know she’s going to bring it! Fashion wise.

    • ortenzia

      I’m loving the new flock of hollywood ladies who are preggers but (a) bring it, fashion wise (b) not bring it, talking wise. You do it right Kerry Washington, new interview Sienna Miller, possible Kruger.

      It makes me want to put out the fires Malin Ackerman’s headline on People “everything and nothing surprises me about motherhood” makes me want to set.

  23. witjunkie

    That bag in pic#3 is cute, AND so are those shoes. And that’s the handsomest I’ve seen Pacey look in a while…not that he doesn’t always look cute, but he looks grown up and handsome there.

  24. ginger

    Diane Kruger is not pregnant. She gets drunk at every party she attends lately.

  25. Dee

    She was drinking booze and downhill skiing at Sundance last week (not at same time), two activities I wouldn’t do if I were pregnant. I think bump watch may be just wishful thinking, but fill your boots lol. She looks good in this outfit, but I don’t think anyone else would.

  26. Erin

    Fug Girls, you have astounded me with your womb soothsaying in ages past, therefore I shall not go against you in speculating that there’s a wee Witter on the way. I also will not go against you in saying that the quilted Chanel with chain strap isn’t my thing either.

  27. Susan

    my sister worked with Pacey’s mother a million years ago at Holt Renfrew in Vancouver. That was when Pacey was just a wee Pace-ling. Apparently Mama Pacey was really nice, and her boy was well manned, cute and keen to be an actor.

  28. Louise

    Those hot pink Valentino flats…divine!!