The Great Fugsby

There are a lot of things I like about this dress — sleeves! pattern! — but the fact remains that basically I super super hate it:

Chop it off at some point, and I would have put it to a vote, but I needed to take a stand. This SHEER LEGS AHOY LACE SEE THROUGH thing has GOT to end. At its rare best, it looks “surprisingly decent,” but generally it falls somewhere on a spectrum ranging from genially snoozeworthy to outright hideous. Those aren’t good odds. Would you undergo elective surgery if the doctor told you that in the best case scenario, the surgery would change literally nothing but that it was more likely that he might screw up and accidentally take out your entire brain while he was in there? I’m just saying.

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Comments (21):

  1. goldfish

    It’s like a stick puppet. There is no other reason for so much coverage down there.

  2. Willow

    This summer is going to be The Actual Worst because of this damn trend.

    • LT1

      Also because walking to work the other day I passed two women (not together) wearing skin tight/super shiny, Sandy-at-the-end-of-Grease pants. Not a good trend to come back either.

      • googler

        I was on a bus once where a woman loudly said that she was “sweating in places that weren’t even ladylike”. Now that’s all I can think of when I see those types of pants. Dear god please don’t let this be a SUMMER trend.

  3. Billie

    Such a scroll down fug, the top of that dress is gorgeous and has so much potential.

  4. Lauren

    I just bought a skirt and dress in this style…not lace, but see through with a miniskirt underneath – I like it!

  5. mary lou bethune

    When you have gorgeous hair like she does, why not just wear a kelly green sheath and let the chips fall where they may.

  6. Linda

    Just cut off the lace leg curtains, and it’s a win

    • Courtney

      Agreed! Everything else looks really lovely otherwise.

    • Erin

      My thoughts exactly – the top part of this dress is soooo lovely. Just make it a bit longer, hack off the hideousness at the bottom, and we’re good to go!
      In other news, her hair really is fantastic.

  7. TaraMisu

    UGH I so agree, the see through/sheer whatever has got to stop. Also, shooties.

    Just chop this off a little above the knees and un-sheer it (I know, that’s not a word grammar police)

  8. Helen

    From the waist up, I love it, and that poppy-colored lipstick is fabulous on her. How about a knee-length skirt to match? And better shoes (which would not be difficult).

  9. lindsay

    take the top and tuck it into a bright pencil skirt and i am in love. as it stands i am in LOATHING.

  10. qwertygirl

    Another vote for hacking it off. I really like the top, but the bottom is just a world of No.

  11. MKKS

    I saw the lace on the bottom on a throw pillow today. I loved it on the throw pillow. But it was lined, to be fair. Even the throw pillow knew that lace needed to be lined.

  12. Leah

    There are FLOWERS IN THE LACE!?!?!?!?!

  13. Sarah

    I actually like this long and she is managing to look tall in it (which she is not). However, the lace has got to go. I’d like to see it opaque black with scattered flowers all the way down.

  14. witjunkie

    Jessica, you have articulated it perfectly. I’ve seen, what, 100 of these damn sheer skirts over the last year or 2? On this site alone. And I can remember one (1) that I thought was pretty. I don’t remember who was wearing it. The ODDS ARE NOT GOOD, event-attenders, that you will end up looking fabulous. Quit letting your stylists bully you.

  15. Elizabeth in SF

    What I want to know is “Genially Snoozeworthy” going to be the aunt no one wants to sit by at formal dinners in your long-running English soap opera?

    • Vandalfan

      But General Snoozeworthy is in the library, with the port and the dog on the rug.

  16. Tamburlaine

    Isla doesn’t look that happy with the dress herself (at least in this photo), judging by her expression. This would be so pretty if the skirt was opaque.