The Fugpire Diaries

I can not sincerely fug this, given that I am delighted by how utterly OTT it is:

In all sincerity, what else do you wear to the Soul Train Awards? She is bringing sparkly Disco Realness, and she looks exactly like the girl with whom you strike up an intense but short-lived friendship at the bar while you’re both waiting for your Harvey Wallbangers. She tells you everything that’s wrong with the dumb guy she brought to the party, and you explain to her how irritated you are that your lip gloss just exploded in your purse. You part as friends and then are really, really excited to run into each other in the bathroom later. We all know that girl. She’s fun.

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Comments (34):

  1. aa

    but what is going on with that hair?

  2. Suzie

    I kind of dig all of it.

  3. pantsonfire

    I’ve given her a fun pass before, and I’m mostly gonna give her one now. Girl has FUN with her fashion. It’s contagious.

    I was assuming that the wind was blowing and causing her hair to do what it’s doing, but if it’s styled that way, it needs work. Also, the slit needs to be about 3 inches less (more? sew it up three inches).

  4. Ines

    yes, the slit is definitvely to high but the ensemble is fun and i really like the hair and make up on her

  5. rax

    I think she looks awesome. I could ever, ever wear something like this, and I love looking at people who can. And also, she is insanely pretty.

    Is that an ankle strap of her shoe though?

  6. glee

    She looks gorgeous. I might have not had the slit so wide open, but perhaps it’s the Angelina effect.

  7. epigirl

    Is it sequins!? I’m in.

  8. pidget

    She IS incredibly beautiful, and is proving that pretty + sense of fun = wear whatever the heck you want. She really can carry off all sorts of potentially alarming silliness.

    I can almost imagine her thinking of two random ideas before an outing, and using them to create a costume: Diana + throw rug = this. What a game that would be…

  9. Kat

    Am I the only one who thinks she looks a lot like Hayden P. in the face? I feel like they could be sisters from another mister.

    • Mara

      No, you’re not the only one. I spent a waking night after my first TVD episode trying to figure out who it was she reminded me of :)

      …(of whom she reminded me? Never mind. I’m following Austen’s example. Prepositions represent!)

    • mara

      My first thought was when did Hayden P. go Brunette! Until this moment I didn’t realize they looked alike. That being said, given the usual wackadoodle mismatch nonsense this girl normally covers her beautiful self with, this is actually sort of good. It’s the kind of wacky that is completely coordinated in way that makes perfect sense. The hair is crazy awesome.

    • ErinE

      I am only commenting because I also wanted to say she looks like Hayden’s twin! So weird!

  10. Gill

    This just blew past ‘fug’, did a screeching U-turn all the way around ‘what the’, and has braked in ‘legitimately awesome’. (Although I agree that the slit could be a couple of inches shorter.)

  11. TonyG

    She is seriously working the Diana Ross hair circa 1983 — you know, the hair that refused to become wet and beaten down even in the torrential rains and winds.

    She’s also working the Diana Ross heavy eye make-up from that era.

    Just to be clear: Diana Ross would never wear that dress though (The slit? Yes, Ms. Ross would do that…But, that big day-glo flower pattern? Never!).

    • Gigi

      Totally thought of Diana Ross when I saw this photo. Well done interpretation.

  12. slr

    I think the hair and the Warholian pattern and even the cut of the dress is all very DIana Ross at Studio 54 and great for the event.

  13. roser

    OMG, I had a dress with that flower pattern on it in the ’90s! I think she looks terrific – the slit may be a bit high, but she’s pulling it off.

  14. Art Eclectic

    Put me in the column for awesome, too bad about that overdone slit.

    • Bambi Anne Dear

      Agreed. I love the whole look except for the split. It’s too high up for her hips so the line is completely thrown out of whack.

  15. Nancy

    “utterly OTT”…………ummm, compared to many dresses with sheer hideosity going around lately, this dress is positively demure. I mean, C’mon, we can only see one leg, NO ass, NO crotch, NO boobs (not even side-boob action).

    • Jessica

      OTT doesn’t necessarily mean she looks trashy (I don’t think that at all). I meant that in the sense that this is a whole lot of look.

      • Nancy

        I see what you mean Miss J. I regret that her hair is not fully Diana Ross, a gloriously even head of curly fro would have been C’est CHIC (I would have Le Freak’ed).

  16. alannaofdoom


  17. Bottle Ginger

    Love the whole look!

    And speaking of vampires, I wish Kristen Stewart had worn this to the “Breaking Dawn” premiere. If you’re going to wear something inappropriate, it should at least be fun.

  18. CranAppleSnapple

    She looks like all of the Pointer sisters and a Hawaiian shirt after a trip through Brundle’s teleporter.

  19. heather

    It’s a whole lotta look, but she’s rocking it, and it fits the occasion. Good on her!

  20. Samara

    This is STELLAR. Under-30s, more of this please.

  21. Tracey

    I have no idea who she is, and it shouldn’t work but it does! Love it!

  22. Sajorina

    I read somewhere that she got engaged… True or not, can you imagine her wedding dress?! That’s an episode of Say Yes To The Dress I’d want to see!

  23. Ingrid

    All I can think of since your commentary is RuPaul saying, “Shantay you stay” because of her serving some awesome sparkly disco realness . . .

  24. Isabel

    Excellent! I’m also intrigued by the rings she is wearing on her middle digits. I want those, please.

  25. Lily1214

    This is actually refreshing. She’s not wearing the tacky see-through black stretch lace. She looks great.

  26. Jill

    you are wrong. for once she looks freaking awesome! look at her hair – great! her dress matches the hair perfectly, and the colors in that fabric look good with her skin tone! red lip is yummy, shoes are okay, and the only minor problem with this is that she is not tall enough