Again, I continue to be distracted by all the posters. “ROB YOU ARE MY LIFE NOW” is … full of feeling. It’s the “now” that gets me. I want to know what made that person decide, “Okay, screw it; before he was just a hobby, but NOW he is my life. IT’S TIME.”

Maggie Grace seems similarly bored with the actual fashion proceedings, and I don’t blame her. Being in a Twilight movie, and at the premiere, as anyone other than The Big Three — okay, The Big Three plus the other Cullens — must be an exercise in humility. Because, through no fault of your own, NOBODY is there to see you. But Maggie, we see you. And we wish you, as a lovely lady with lots to offer besides an ability to have Liam Neeson rescue you from certain doom, had chosen something else. The pink lipstick is entirely too perky for a dress in that hue, and as much as I have established today and forever that I love that color… oy. The front is like a BeDazzled sneeze, and the skirt is trying to direct traffic up your birth canal — which in addition to being logistically challenging, would be a most unwelcome surprise for you. That is not where one invites a traffic jam. Nor traffic, nor, traditionally, jam. Just to be clear.

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