Fug File: secretly awesome

Delightfully/Cracktacularly Played, Alan Cumming

On Friday (I think), Alan Cumming tweeted that those of us Fashion Police folks who prefer our men to wear standard black tuxes ought to hold on to our pencils, because the outfit he had planned for last night’s Versace party was insane and delicious. (I am paraphrasing.)

Say what you will, but the man DELIVERS. I believe I may currently be hallucinating this entire thing, in fact.

PS: Alan, I love you on The Good Wife. Is there anyway that your character can hook up with Carrie Preston’s character and go on to rule the universe with your totally opposite styles of awesomeness? Just wondering.

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Emmy Awards Scrolldown Well Fugged: Thomas Jane

I can’t decide if Thomas Jane is a comedic genius, or if he’s lost his mind. Because he has gone from wearing no shoes at all…

… to poultry feet. I am pretty sure this has something to do with why the chicken crossed the road; I just can’t decide if its family should be pressing criminal charges.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


Amusingly Played, Ron Fugsley

Forget whether or not I’m on Team Rupert (although I am). I want Rupert on Team Me. I want him to show up to important events in my life, like a book signing or my kids’ birthday or the day I finally beat Angry Birds Halloween Level 10 and achieve my OCD goal of having three stars on every Angry Birds Seasons level, wearing an “I *heart* GFY Heather” t-shirt that he made himself, because he cares that much. I won’t even mind if he does it in that hair, or with those Ray Bans With A Secret (all will be revealed in the slideshow).  That Draco Malfoy is a lucky guy.


Fug Love

This isn’t really a scrolldown fug (because it’s fugly everywhere) so much as it is a scrolldown fun. (Yes, I went there.)

Chloe Sevigny

Oh, CHLOE. You are hilarious. Your cuffs are stapled where your pockets should be, and you look like a magician’s assistant at a Siegfried & Roy-themed burlesque joint. If this were eligible for Fug Madness 2011 — which, like Aubrey O’Day’s Cancer Pants, it sadly is not — then you would have it sewn up; alas, we’ll have to wait until next year to know how this little number affects your chances. In the meantime, before you conjure a tiger from your nostril or make your own nethers disappear, could we get our martinis? Thanks.


The Social Fugwork

I didn’t know much about Brenda Song prior to The Social Network — I also just typed her name as “Brenda Snog,” who sounds super fun! — but now that I’ve seen her walking down the street in a leopard caftan, I know one thing about her for certain:

I love her, and we’re probably soulmates. SOULMATES OF CRAZY.


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