FINALLY all that pesky SAGs coverage is over, and I can focus on figure-skating — nine of hours of which I had languishing on my DVR for far too long this week.  This would normally be the part where I wonder, dramatically and with many many CAPS, how’s it’s possible that US Pairs AND US Ladies are looking so lackluster lately. PEOPLE WE PRODUCED BOTH MICHELLE KWAN AND A GIRL WHO HAD A DUDE WHACK ANOTHER GIRL IN THE KNEE WITH A TIRE IRON. What I’m saying is: we traditionally have a little more verve that what we’re putting out of late.  Look alive — the ice dancers are showing you up, BIG TIME. Ice dancing, by the way, and men’s — about which I feel much less gloomy — to come TOMORROW. And the non-American skaters, we’ll tackle come Worlds. Until then, please join me….