Fug File: Grammys

Fugs and Fabs: Serayah at the Grammys and Fashion Week

We chatted with her briefly at Fashion Week, and as of Friday, she hadn’t picked out what she was wearing to the Grammys and said it’d be a day-of, last-second decision. How do we think she did?

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Grammys Fug or Fine: Ellie Goulding in Stella McCartney

I can’t find a photo that QUITE expresses visually why I wasn’t too hot on this. On TV it looked weirdly baggy in her midsection and wrinkly throughout, which is KIND OF visible here, I suppose? But there is a quiet elegance to the front of this that is generally absent her wardrobe, so points for restraint, right?

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Grammy Awards Well Played: Ariana Grande in Romona Keveza

If I divorce my own personal feelings about Ariana from this, I have to admit that it is good:

58th Annual Grammy Awards - Arrivals

Like, if Katy Perry or someone had shown up in this — not that I love Katy Perry, particularly, but you feel me — I am sure I would have given this an unmitigated praise hands emoji. So I have to give Ariana credit (and she apparently had a rough night, and was booed) and say…fine. Fine. Well done. You earned it.

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Grammys Weekend Fugs and Fabs: Andra Day

She was really magnificent on stage. There were times when I genuinely thought she was trying NOT to sing Ellie Goulding right off it, out of courtesy.

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Grammy Awards Fug or Fab Weekend: Zendaya

Zendaya’s Grammys look is a salute to David Bowie and it’s really extremely cool. I’d argue that ONLY she can pull off what is essentially a mullet. Well, Zendaya and a couple of hockey players, but hockey players are rarely style icons.

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Grammy Awards Fug Carpet: Beyonce in Inbal Dror

I know, Beyhive, I know. The Beygency is going to put me back on the Watch List. It will not appreciate this.


But I feel like Beyonce’s outfit does not sufficiently appreciate her.

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