Fug File: CFDA

CFDA Fug or Fab: Abigail Spencer in Novis

It’s driving me bonkers*, trying to remember where I’ve seen this dress before:


But regardless, I Have Thoughts:

a) It has A LOT going on.

b) Does it feel too informal for this event?

c) Do I CARE? Because it’s also extremely charming and she wears it well. Maybe I don’t care. Maybe I like it anyway. MAYBE I DO.

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*Thank you, Kathleen Trail, for reminding me it was on Zoe Kazan, where it was ALSO adorable! (Yeah, I just fully talked myself into it.)


CFDA Fug or Fab: Michelle Monaghan in Monique Lhuillier

So, I think this is what Ashley Judd HOPED she was doing, but wasn’t:


From what I can tell, the sides of this, after that band around her thighs, ARE in fact lined, so we’re not getting A Surplus of Side-Butt.  And while God knows I am so weary of The Sheers, I do think this is artfully done. It feels like the prettiest party dress at a really good Gatsby party (where, ideally, no one dies at the end and everyone gets to take home a gift bag loaded with men’s shirts). And, ergo, I have totally talked myself into liking this. What do you think?

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CFDA Fugs and Fabs: The Models

Other than Margulies and a few people here and there, the CFDAs were a shockingly pizza-free event. I was SURE it would be all Little Caesars up in here.

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CFDAs Well Played, Emmy Rossum in Dion Lee

Let’s start with something very important. Good shoes:


The front SEEMS slightly boring, perhaps, but then! THEN! The heel. Delightful and divine. (They are, for your shoe-ogling needs, by Paul Andrew, who was her date, and she’s got an even better shot of them on her Instagram.)

But about the rest of it:

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CFDAs Fug or Funky: Jemima Kirke in Rosie Assoulin

I think Rosie Assoulin is, generally, just not my cup of java. Plenty of people really like and respond to her designs, but I almost never seem to, and this might be another to add to that list:

jemima kirke CFDA Awards 2015

I can understand the appeal: It’s unusual, it’s trying something, it’s got shape, and for the love of nethers, it’s not trying to show us all of Jemima’s girls. And even though it’s more body-con than the pagan-ritual caftans she often wears, there’s still something about its spirit that feels VERY apt on La Kirke. There are a lot of reasons to suggest this colors me interested, and yet I still can’t help wondering if she wore that top because they told her they’d be serving lobster.

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CFDA Meh Carpet: Katie Holmes in Ralph Lauren

I do love olive green, and naps, and this is basically both of those things together:

katie holmes in ralph lauren

It’s… FINE, and she’s dressed, and she brushed her hair, but is this even remotely passing for the best or dreamiest or weirdest (or even riskiest) in fashion on a night meant to honor that? No. My money is on Katie Holmes glancing enviously across the room at Diane Kruger and thinking, “Why? WHY is that never me?” (Which would be awkward, as Diane is with Katie’s off-screen ex and on-screen love, Pacey, but it would be fair to have regrets about that TOO.) Imagine if Katie, just once, showed up in something like that red Prabal, styled with a Kruger-like updo. Our breath would leave our bodies and we’d be like, “FINALLY. IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING.” Instead… still waiting. You can do it, Katie. SURPRISE US. THERE’S STILL TIME.

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