Fug File: CFDA

Fugs and Fabs: The CFDA Awards


*SEE? Not an Urban Fug Legend. “Don’t forget to go back and write the intro to that post, Jessica,” I told myself. BUT I DID FORGET. And now, Fug Nation, I am leaving for you here the rare but real “I ACCIDENTALLY PUBLISHED ‘words’ POST.” I do think this means we all get cookies or something now, though.

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CFDAs: Fugs and Fabs of the Rest

Sorry, stragglers. It’s not personal. We’re just tired. PLENTY of you looked cracked-out enough for us to celebrate you on your own, but isn’t it nice having company sometimes?

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CFDA Awards Fug or Fab: Emmy Rossum in J Mendel

I was about to comment that she almost could have worn this to the Met Ball, and that’s true, but I LOVED that Met Ball dress and would never have wanted to replace it.

Emmy Rossum in J Mendel at the CFDA Awards (1)

This is clearly related to the J Mendel that Anna Kendrick wore to the Oscars, except I wish Anna had worn this one. The bright spot of that dress was the back, and, indeed, the back of this one is kind of great, too:

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Fugs and Fabs: Models at the CFDAs

It’s hard to argue with Naomi Campbell. Actually, that’s probably true on several levels.

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CFDAs Fug Carpet: Jaime King in Calvin Klein, Plus Other Fugs and Fabs

Hart of Dixie is back for only ten episodes next season, which might therefore be its last. If we are to be denied Lemon Breeland on a weekly basis, then Jaime King at least needs to promise to keep leaving the house. Deal? Deal.

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CFDAs Fine Carpet: Jennifer Hudson

I am kind of loving these outside photos, because they’re adding some nice drama to looks that could use them:

Like this is fine, but SHE looks powerfully bored by it, and, thus, so am I.

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