Fug File: caftans

Fugs and Fabs: Couples at “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” Premiere

LIEV: Hi, I’m Liev Schreiber. On TV I play Ray Donovan, a Hollywood fixer.

NAOMI: Hi, I’m Naomi Watts. I should have hired him.

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Well Played, Cloris Leachman

I am not kidding when I tell you this:

When I am Cloris Leachman’s age, this is EXACTLY what I will be wearing. Sure, she’s on the red carpet at an event, while I will be out on the lanai shaking the last of my boxed wine out of its spigot and into my mouth — possibly before falling into the pool (don’t worry, my pool boy will fish me out using one of the tiki torches) — but still. She is awesome. Long may her caftan wave.


Project Fugway

I am pretty sure she didn’t mean to wear this to an event:

I am pretty sure she ACTUALLY meant to wear it to a tequila-tasting party held on the back deck of her former college roommate’s vacation house in Lake Havasu.  After her Heidi Klum Presents Heidi Klum’s Kaftans For Chico’s premiere party. Twenty years from now.

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True Fug

Those of you who follow us on Twitter (we’re @fuggirls — follow us for many many MANY thoughts about the Olympics, as well as ruminations on crappy television and information about, say, what we dreamed the night before. [I just dreamed that Michael Phelps and I had a super serious conversation about his relationship with his high school girlfriend, Janelle from Big Brother, which clearly means I should stop eating pigs in a blanket before bed.]) know that I have cut the cord on True Blood in a DVR-cleaning blood bath (no pun intended) that also took the lives of Bunheads and The Newsroom. It’s true: I am no longer hate-watching anything.  Janina Gavankar here is one of the reasons:

I mean, not her AS A PERSON — I am sure she is lovely — but my god, every time the show cut back to her story (or, frankly, any other of a number of other story lines, given that this season is all about pairing up characters I like [say, Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin] with people who are KILLING ME WITH THE DULL (this whole Lilith thing]), I just wanted to fast-forward. Kind of like she may want to fast-forward her life through the time she wore this caftan with those booties. It’s okay, girl. Tomorrow is another day.


VMAs Well Played: Beyonce

First of all, I’d like to note that I am ENRAGED and STUNNED that Beyonce did not pull out some maternity hot pants for this event. You KNOW she thought about it.


Varsity Fugues

So, here’s the thing: Ali Larter is looking great post-baby.

So why would she go from this, which casually shows off the enviably trim bod that inspires the rest of us to do crunches before bed (for like a day, until we decide we’re too tired), straight to Caftan City?

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Fuggers and Sisters

You have to hand it to Rachel Griffiths.

When she decides to take the caftan out of the lanai and onto the town, she commits.