Sisterhood of the Travelling Fugs

Alexis Bledel, so pretty, with such shiny hair:

And with an expressive face that says, “did this look better as a bedspread? DAMN IT.”

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  1. Mouse

    Are those panels SHEER!?!

    • Jennifer

      That was my first thought, too. Oh, RORY…

      • Sandra

        Me three. And that right there tells you there’s something wrong with this outfit. Besides the fact that it doesn’t fit her.

  2. linda

    is that a trick of the lighting or is that a teepee of her ladyparts?

  3. Geemee

    Did her auntie crochet that for her? Horrid.

  4. LG

    If it was a color (shades of blue? green? purple? anything!), and if it didn’t compel me to stare for far too long ladyparts-ward trying to figure out if those are just shadows or if she’s a fan of keeping things natural Down There, I wouldn’t hate it.

  5. Lizzy

    It’s just too long for her, but then I love Missoni, even in pastels I would never otherwise look at twice.

  6. AJ

    Rory no!

    Honestly, with some tailoring this could work.

  7. jjdaddyo

    So I throws her down on the Motel 6 bed and… hey, where did she go?

  8. cpro

    I like it! But it needs to be a couple inches shorter.

  9. Jade

    I agree, some trimming and a full colour would do the trick.

  10. Jasmine

    Oh man, this could be so cute if it was fitted to her and not so long. Like as a mini it might be adorable.

    I miss Alexis, why hasn’t she been around?

    • maxameliana

      yes! a mini with awesome shoes and mayyyyybe a different color palatte, and we would have had a win

  11. amys

    That is some terribly unfortunate pattern-matching on the front seam. I think I’d really like this if it were hemmed above knee. Wow, she is so pretty.

  12. Elizabeth from SF

    While I always thought the afghan on the back of Grandma’s sofa was sort of defective (awfully breezy for something intended to keep you warm), it doesn’t really work as a dress either.

    Note to self, I really should phone Gran….

  13. Margaritaville

    The dress also makes her inner thighs look HUGE. Not the most flattering use of the material (leaving aside how butt ugly the material actually is).

  14. Liz

    I think this would actually be okay if it had a bottom–this, I sense, is how non-Target Missoni rolls, and I think I can handle that.

    And anyway, her fantastic hair covers many sins.

  15. vandalfan

    Oh, lordy, that kind of material is only taken well in small doses, like on a lapel and cuffs, or a belt and neckline accent. Not only is the beige terrifyingly see-through, but the zig zag pattern zigs right over her nipular area. The pooled hem clinches the draped bedspread effect.

  16. Heather

    I wish it were lined better. Her inner thighs should not be the centerpiece.

  17. Tracy L

    yeah, this dress is a NO. But her hair! Wow, it’s gorgeous!

  18. Denise

    Ouch. She is way too pretty to look so awful.

  19. Eli

    Logan needs to depart Lockhart Gardner and stage a fashion intervention in Boston, methinks.

  20. Hope

    naked. and definitely NOT in a good way

  21. Blanche

    Don’t fret, Alexis. Even though you forgot to extricate yourself from the fancy sleeping bag before attending the event, this fabric would make an ugly bedspread as well.

  22. Laucie

    Doesn’t look naked in full-screen. The colors become more unattractive as you scroll down.
    She should have stopped at waist level and then looked into pants.

  23. Jules

    It looks like it has a giant zipper down the front.

  24. Simone Amorim

    Here in Italy we love Missoni!

  25. Sajorina

    HOW CAN YOU FUG THIS? My indignation has made me all capsy! I LOVE IT! She looks BEAUTIFUL and that dress is DIVINE! I would just hem it about 4 inches and wear it in a second! OMG, Alexis looks AMAZING! I WANT! I COVET!!!

  26. NYCGirl

    What is going on at the bottom? It’s like footie pajamas or a sleeping bag.

  27. Gloria

    It is too long ans should be tigher at the hips.

  28. heather

    This would have been adorable if it were knee length, or just above the knee.

  29. TonyG

    I like it, though it could be shorter, and I don’t think it’s see through. I think the flesh color part of the dress just really matches her actual flesh tone.

  30. Mair Mair

    Listen, y’all, we all know that the Target for Missoni clothes sold out crazy fast. But the bedding stuff lasted a bit longer . . .

  31. Crystal

    I didn’t think it was possible, but the dress makes her look old…not just by merit of the print, but it’s so unflattering to her beautiful, ever-youthful face!

  32. quichepup

    It’s way too long, I wonder how she managed to walk in this thing. I vote for cutting off the bottom 3 ft and making it a mini. Her expression says “Yeah, I know. I know my lady parts are on show and I am not happy about it either.” I love her hair though.

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